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Tye Male

09/24/2021 4:34AM in Stick To It Transformer - Win a Cruiser Bike!
This morning I saw a number on the scale I didn’t think was possible six months ago, especially at my age (almost 60). I truly believe that health and fitness is an incremental game of little gains and periodic losses. When I don’t see immediate results it’s frustrating and I fell like giving up.

The DietBet has helped me with this. I REALLY don’t want to lose $175 so every time I feel like eating something I see $175 and typically win the battle.

But what about after the final weigh in? What is the motivation? For me, it’s six grandkids and my wife of 36 years. I want to be healthy for them.

What will be your motivation after September 29? I encourage you to start deciding today what that will be for you .

Best of luck everyone!

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Michelle F.

My motivation is being healthy and setting a good example for my my two kids (11 and 6) and enjoying the way my clothes fit on me as I lose weight. I also do not want to have to buy new clothes again because of weight gain.

Justin S.

That is great!! Yeah, I've noticed that I have much more energy to play with my kids now that I'm not lugging all those pounds around.
This has motivated me to pick up one of my favorite activities, bike riding, again! The kids are big enough now to ride with me, so that will be a great motivator going forward.

Jill Gets Jakked

09/20/2021 2:29PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a $500 Home Garden!
I fell apart. NOOOOOO! I nailed every round before this one - even making it past my 10% goal for this month, last month - but I fell apart this month. I regained some weight and didn't make my goal (but still qualified for the next round).

Anyone else have the same problem?

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I have missed the last two rounds by less than two pounds each time. Then float up after the weigh in, so I can sympathize. But I am recommiting to master the last round. Checking in mote regularly with the group and tracking my food, I think, ate the key for me.

Priscilla P.

You can do it!!!!

Brian S.

09/20/2021 7:24AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
  • Why do we fail?

    I ask myself this all the time. I'm in a constant state of trying to improve many aspects of my life. I probably over-analyze the world but I've come to two simple conclusions.

    We work on short term goals.
    We have trouble with long term goals.

    In college I'd start every semester wanting straight As. However I wouldn't attend class consistently. I'd wait till the last hour to do my assignments. I'd spend all-nighters preparing for a test. I never got straight As yet I consistently repeated this behavior from semester to semester while wanting straight As.

    We all want to be in better shape (It's why we're here). The week before Dietbets end many of us limit our calorie consumption to under 1000. We drink less water and dehydrate ourselves. We exercise for the first time that month and plan to keep it up. However once the Dietbet that month ends, it's another 3 weeks of off track till 1 week of maximum (and probably dangerous) effort.

    We have to stop the cycle.

    After this Dietbet will your weight bounce back up? I don't want mine to. I've been a slow riser back above 200 but I somehow seem to find myself there. I don't want to be 200. I want to remain 170 for the rest of my life. It may not sound like 30 pounds is much but I feel more alive and better than ever. I've learned how to stay at this weight and feel healthy. It circles back to the two conclusions:

    A diet won't change my life (Short term goal).
    A lifestyle change will (Long term goal).

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Lisa T.

Mindset and knowing goals and accomplishments 8s the battle. Very well said @brian s. It is worth it. I've adjusted myself to allow 2 days off after each goal is met but honestly I kinda feel like crap after I indulge. So then it's a smaller treat. The rewards are so worth the work and seeing people's posts are awesome :ok_hand:

Brian S.

You're making great process towards your goals Lisa! Keep doing what you're doing. Then after this Dietbet keep doing it. If you enjoy those two days off, then keep that up where you treat yourself every once in awhile.


09/18/2021 10:03PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
I went back to see my post last month saying the SAME sentiment as right now, a month later. I'm on track and eating right and I am getting more in shape, but somehow it is not fast enough progress to win each month's challenge...and that sucks! The other 2 transformers that I'm in, I am winning, but this challenge must have started after I already lost that 1st month's worth of weight, so each month's goal weight is LESS than the other 2 concurrent challenges. Really sucks.

I will have to "turn on the gas" in the end to win the final round HOPEFULLY. Noteworthy, Dietbet USED to have 3 transformers nearby in dates. And this time, there were only 2. If I remember right, I joined this one a full month later, AFTER already losing a lot "the first month". And that's why I always seem to be behind on this particular challenge. So stupid. O.k. vent is over! But SO frustrating to be doing great, and yet losing another month's challenge.

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Lisa J.

I’m in the same boat!! I started 2- then a months later started one- it’s definitely harder to make those weights- cause yes I had already lost some good weight in the first month!! I missed 1 weigh in, but have made the rest and am headed too #5 with just 2 pounds too lose in the next month!! Good luck!! It’s lots of hard work!


@Lisa J. I am DETERMINED to WIN round 6. Other than that, I don't know. That's awesome that you "caught up"...I still haven't.

Priscilla P.

09/18/2021 10:35AM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a $500 Home Garden!
Who else made it this weigh in round?!

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:raising_hand:‍♀️ 17.8 pounds gone. I’m. Good for this round and next month too.

Samantha B.

You guys are killing it!! Good job!!

Lisa J.

09/18/2021 6:10AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
It felt good to be able to weigh in the first morning!! Good luck to everyone!

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Tye Male

09/15/2021 3:58AM in Stick To It Transformer - Win a Cruiser Bike!
How is everyone doing?

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Michelle F.

I reached my goal. I’m a little bit under. How about you?


I was under, but went on vacation amd enjoyed it and now am 3 lbs over. Hoping to sweat it off before Wednesday!!

Sally L.

09/09/2021 6:00PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
Lost my other DietBet but still have a chance in this one

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Whitney P.

I'm in the same boat! Good luck to both of us next week!

Lisa J.

Darn it!!! Good luck on this one!!

Tye Male

08/20/2021 2:03PM in Stick To It Transformer - Win a Cruiser Bike!
One word: Covid. Yup, I tested positive this week. Since I had the vaccine, the symptoms are very minimal, sorta like having a mild cold. The worse part is the loss of taste and smell. You would think this would keep me from eating. WRONG! Now, I'm having to eat healthy even though I can't taste the food. Weigh is next weekend, so I'm all in, but this is a challenge. I already hit my weight last week, so the temptations are abounding. But I'm winning!

Don't give up now. A healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Lisa J.

Vaccinated and still got it :relieved:. Dang it!!! If it’s mild though that’s good! Had it last November and it was awful with a short hospital stay and home oxygen for a few weeks :disappointed:. It’s a terrible sickness! Keep strong!!

Tye Male

Lisa -I'm so sorry to hear this. People are not taking it seriously which is very concerning to me. I've lost three dear friends to it. Glad to hear you are upbeat and positive about it. Good luck and best wishes on the final weigh in!

Megan L.

08/19/2021 3:17AM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a $500 Home Garden!
  • Yesterday marked officially down 70 pounds since I started this weight loss journey. Today marks me hitting onederland for the first time in 5 years. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come

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Priscilla P.

High five! I hit onederland this round too!!

emily b.

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