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Felicia K.

10/13/2019 8:26AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • GOODMORNING! It’s a beautiful Sunday here and we’re headed out to hang with friends and watch some more football!!!! Last night I cleaned and organized my whole pantry because it was becoming a cluttered mess. Whenever I feel like anything is cluttered or unorganized it makes it so easy to make excuses. Oh I can’t see the healthy snacks because they are buried under my husbands chips? Shucks 😂 SO DUMB!!! I got everything organized back into their correct bins including my healthier snack bin which includes bags of Angies cheddar popcorn, fiber one brownies, 100 cal pack of pretzels, granola cups, etc. So today I’m going to challenge you to get organized and ready for a fresh week tomorrow! Plan your meals, clean your fridge/pantry out, stock it up with healthy foods to set yourself up for success this week! Here’s my meal plan for the week! I want everyone to post their meal plan in the comments , and maybe give others ideas!! I’ll pick a winner from the comments tomorrow morning to get a set of my favorite organization bins!😍

    Monday- Chicken Stroganoff
    Tuesday-Sloppy Jo Casserole
    Wednesday-Taco Pie
    Thursday-Ritz Chicken + mashed potatoes
    Friday-Pounddropper One skillet lasagna
    Saturday- Tacos
    Sunday- Birds eye viola

    Egg sandwich, cottage cheese + fruit
    Felicia combo
    Pizza grilled cheese + salad and fruit

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Bethany M.

I only have to feed myself and my 2 kids which can make meals pretty easy because they don't eat much. I made a beef roast in the crock pot yesterday and I'm going to make the infamous white chicken chili tomorrow in the crockpot. Both of those should feed us for the week for dinner and myself for lunch.

Mona H.

I love this idea!

Breakfast: alternating between meal prepped egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches and prepped overnight oatmeal

Lunch: alternating between Slowcooker Lasagna w/ veggies and Tuna Salad Sandwiches w/ chips

Dinner: alternating between Lentils w/ Rice and Pizza Bubble Up

Felicia K.

10/11/2019 8:19AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • HAPPY FRIDAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! Focus on staying on track this weekend and pushing yourself into next week! I know the weekends are hard but keep checking back here for some inspiration to see what everyone else is doing to continue through the weekend! Even if it means getting outside and walking, anything counts. Have a plan for meals. We’re doing pizza night one night (2 ingredient dough pizza) and I’m excited to get our little man involved. Make it fun! If you have to plans to go out, plan your day around it! Plan what you’re going to get at the restaurant. Plan plan plan and be prepared for whatever comes! I want to do a $100 giveaway today! Just comment below and tell me what your main goal is for this weekend!💗

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Christy G.

Stay away from going to any restaurants. I can not stay on track when I go out to eat


My main goal is to get back on track and cut some carbs!!! I hurt myself at work yesterday and have been laid up in the bed since

Felicia K.

10/08/2019 8:06AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! It’s #transformationtuesday so feel free to post those transformations if you have one so you can hopefully inspire/motivate others!!!!😍 Today I wanted to talk about your WHY. Every DietBet I always make sure to touch on this because I think it’s so important. WHY do you want to lose this weight? What is that driving factor for you. For me it’s my son, and bring the best mom and wife I can be. Losing 147 lbs changed my life in so many ways, but most importantly I get to live a longer and healthier life for my babies. Whenever I’m feeling down or whenever I felt like I wanted to give up on this journey, I remembered my WW leader telling me “keep your why close by”. Now, it can be as simple as you want to fit into a pair of goal jeans, or you want to lose weight before your wedding, ANYTHING! I want to hear what keeps you going. Comment your “why” below and you’ll be entered to win 12 bags of Smart Sweets candy (flavor of your choice!)

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Samantha L.

To feel confident and happy in my own skin, and to look and feel great for my wedding in May!!! :two_hearts:

Samantha L.

To feel confident and happy in my own skin, and to look and feel great for my wedding in May!!! :two_hearts:

Jessica I.

10/05/2019 4:46PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • Made a batch of the skinnyishdish zero point marinara! Hands down some of the best marinara I’ve had!! I do mine over night and let it cool all morning - just bottled it up for the freezer!

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Katherine W.

I love this too but for our tastes I ended up doubling all the dried ingredients and garlic and now it’s just perfect for us .

Jessica I.

The jars are glass Ball canning jars. I’ve mostly inherited mine from my grandma but I know you can buy them at Walmart or hardware stores (like Ace or True Value).

Felicia K.

10/04/2019 7:35AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • Built bar giveaway winner is Carrie M! Congratulations! Please email me at feliciafitnesshealth@aol . com.
    ITS FRIDAY! Here is your friendly reminder that the weekend is JUST LIKE THE WEEK DAY! I know so many people struggle on the weekends with eating and staying active. Stay focused, stay busy and distracted when you can so your not bored eating (speaking from experience 😂) Have a plan for your meals this weekend so its easier to stick to it! You got money on the line!!!! As hard as it is, being CONSISTENT is what will help you not only see results, but continue to help build those habits that you are making part of your daily life/routine. Keep that momentum up going through the weekend and into next week! Keep checking in here for motivation and encouragement, it really makes such a difference! I’m giving away another $100 cash today to 2 PEOPLE just in celebration of this amazing group! I’m so proud of everyone here already and so excited to see everyone’s posts and how encouraging everyone is of one another! Just comment below and tell me how your going to stay on track this weekend!

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My hubs and I have committed to working out this weekend! I got groceries yesterday for our meal plan! We even compromised yesterday and I made homemade Chinese food. It was DELICIOUS and probably half the sodium/ calories of traditional!

Christin B.

I just got to my new city and state - been a stressful couple of days getting up here. I am going food shopping and it’s all new empty home with is good so I can just get good food!

Michelle S.

10/03/2019 11:50AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet

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Bethany M.

That's me just climbing the stairs at work!! Fortunately we all know that struggle here.

Nancy A.


Felicia K.

10/03/2019 7:01AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • Good morning everyone and happy Thursday! I love this photo SO MUCH. Remember that this journey isn’t just 4 weeks....it’s not just 1 year... it’s FOREVER! Build those sustainable habits DURING your journey so you can keep this dang weight off for GOOD! Because as exciting as it is to lose weight.....there’s nothing better than actually keeping it off. I eat foods I actually ENJOY and that I can eat for the rest of my life. I have had MANY days on my journey that I’m not perfect, days that I get fast food, days I don’t eat the best or skip the gym. But I am where I am now because I NEVER GAVE UP! I am going to be giving away 2 full boxes of my favorite protein bars of ALL TIME, Built Bars! All you have to do is comment below 1 of your FAVORITE healthy meals 💗 I will announce the winner tomorrow morning!

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sherri S.

  • Southwestern spaghetti squash is amazing. This is the recipe I use but now I skip the olive oil and use Pam and use kraft fat free cheddar cheese for a zero point meal. I add chicken or shrimp when I want a little more protein. I usually divide it into 3 or 4 servings and skip the broil part. I just heat in microwave and add cheese at the end. So filing and yummy!!

Lexis F.

  • I just made the BEST meal last night & everyone needs to try it!
    10 pts total (on ww)
    It doesn’t look like much, but it was so filling!

    Chicken, ranch, & bacon sauce
    2tbs Bacon bits (2pt)
    1/2 cup chicken broth (0pts)
    1/2 cup 98% Fat free cream of chicken (2pt)
    2 Tbs of dry hiden valley ranch powder (1pt)
    4 oz 2% milk velveeta cheese (8pt)
    Chicken breast (0pt)
    1/2 can of corn (0pt)
    4 points per serving.
    I used brown rice noodles 64g for (6pts)
    Y’all need to try this!! So so good & so filling.


10/02/2019 7:29PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • I went a little off track and had a Haagen-Dazs mini icecream bar earlier... if I didn't do my workout and take my puppers for a walk today it would've put me over. 😳
    Here's my sweet little gal. She's a deaf Boxer named Daphne (like the character from Switched at Birth).

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  • Her nose looks like a heart from above ????

stephanie p.

She’s such a cutie! I loved that show :purple_heart:

Felicia K.

10/01/2019 7:13AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • LET THE GAME BEGIN!!!! I thought I would start off the bet with $100 cash giveaway (PayPal or Venmo!) Listen up for the instructions. I want to talk about PLANNING. The biggest tip I give everyone is MAKE. A. PLAN. Set yourself up for success. Whenever I was in a funk on my journey or wanting to start fresh... I would clean out my pantry and fridge and RID the house of any temptations! Sit down, make a plan for the week. Write down what meals you’ll have M-F and write out a grocery list based on that. That way you have fresh groceries, fresh meals, and you don’t feel frazzled and unprepared. I PROMISE this can help you so much! I write out a list of my meals, lunch ideas, snack ideas, and put it smack dab in the middle of my fridge door so I always know what we have that I can grab rather than making an excuse and getting fast food! So tell me what YOUR plan is in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win the $100, I will announce the winner in my post tomorrow! I encourage you all to read through these comments to get ideas from others! And WELCOME AGAIN!😍

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Stefanie E.

I have made grocery lists and doubled up on recipes so half can go in the freezer and there are no excuses for not having any food at home. I prepped the fridge with easy grab and go snacks-hard boiled eggs, veggies, pre counted bags of nuts

Katie H.

My plan is to get rid of all the quick starchy snacks and go get more fruits and veggies! And ordering peanut butter built bars

Cassie A.

09/30/2019 8:53PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
Today is my birthday, so as a gift to myself, I’m joining this diet bet to get back on track after gaining back about 20 of the 100 pounds I lost within the last 1.5 years. I can do this!!!

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Felicia K.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: what an awesome gift to yourself! So happy you’re here!!!!!!!

Lindsey R.

Happy happy birthday!
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