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Amanda M.

07/09/2019 2:44AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
So me and the scale are not friends for sure and it’s a love hate relationship. But as a NSV I have lost inches all over my body just wish it would show on the scale and I have noticed that I am getting stronger. #notgivingup

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I feel you. My body feels good and clothes feeling better but the scale has sucked before the 4th. I'm trying not to weigh daily but ugh I hate it.

Never give up. Humps and road bumps come and go. You got this. Keep going girl.

Amanda M.

07/09/2019 2:39AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!

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07/08/2019 2:47PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Roll call! Also, how’s everyone keeping up?

Jackie- Chicago burbs, down 2.6 lbs so far.

Currently egg fasting. Planning a 72 hr fast 7/28-30th @jax_wentketo

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Tee, down about 2 lbs, eating less and trying to mostly do it in 8 hour windows, exercising about 4 days. Wanted to increase my step count to 10k more days, but ankle was bothering me and only got 8500 steps one day, close enough, left the gym and was feet better the next day, did 17k steps yesterday with friends outside after work. Eating more fresh veggies and pickles, less high calorie snacks or late meals, smaller portion sizes.


Melissa-East Texas - down 1.2 lbs. Harder to manage around the holidays and I know it is my carb intake. We bought a huge watermelon and my husband isn’t a fan, so I’m the only one eating it and it busts my carb intake through the roof

Amanda M.

07/06/2019 9:38PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Omg this sucks the scale keeps going up. What am I doing wrong? I just can’t figure it out, I’m clearly loosing inches but not weight. Ugh

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Michaele M.

Gaining muscle mass?


Gaining muscle would be my bet. Have you been strength training this week? Also second suggestion to review your food logs.
Sometimes changing up either your exercise or what you eat helps. If you’ve had more-or-less the same types for foods for a week, your body starts to adapt.

Michaele M.

07/06/2019 6:23AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
So gained two pounds after weigh in, and lost it. Now to focus on the actual pounds I need to lose! I lost my last bet, not losing this one!!

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Amanda M.

That’s what keeps happening to me.


You got this!!

Amity H.

07/04/2019 10:24AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Finished my workout only to hear my daughters say ‘Mommy, we got 4th of July cupcakes.’ Moderation and watching my intake is the name of the game for these next few days. We have a birthday party to attend on Saturday and my birthday is Sunday.

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Amanda M.

Happy birthday


Happy Birthday!! :gift:


07/03/2019 7:08PM in Love Yourself to Health!
Your game has now been finalized. Congratulations to the winners! You earned a 77.9% return on your money simply by investing in your own health. Don’t you wish all of your investments paid out at that rate of return?

The $26.69 in winnings will be deposited as points into your account. They can be used for a new game, or you can request a PayPal payout and treat yourself–you earned it! Payouts process within 24 hours. As promised, here are the top player titles. Drum roll, please…
- Overall MVP: Sweetlybroken32
- Most Liked Player: Heidi P.
- Most Generous Liker: Camille E.
- Most Liked Comment: "I feel with my weight loss journey I'm on it has been A MAJOR roller coaster ride. I mean I NEVER put my full effort into it nor my time. I come up with every excuse in the book to get out of doing something good for myself. This weekend was the first weekend in a LONG time where I actually thought about what I was eating and actually watching it as well. Well I got on the scale this morning and I am at my lowest weight i have EVER been since i started my weight loss journey last April (334.6)!!!!!! I weighed in at 333.4 my heaviest weight recorded was 365!!!!!" by Kristy M.

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Amanda M.

Congratulations everyone we all did a wonderful job

Amanda M.

07/03/2019 2:17AM in Love Yourself to Health!

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Amanda M.

07/03/2019 2:14AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!

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07/02/2019 9:09PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
What did everyone have for dinner?

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A peach, cup of red grapes, string cheese stick, 3 radishes, and an peanut bar.


Homemade tinga lettuce wraps
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