So I can get back to doing hikes of 12-20 miles with 3,000 - 5,000 feet elevation gain.

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Favorite Health Food: Cherries

Favorite Sinful Food: Caramel ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Hiking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Very low added sugar and portion control.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Vegetarian Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, Lose It!

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02/26/2021 1:01PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
  • Here’s what I didn’t buy at Costco today, although normally I would. It would be my downfall. I’ve gone the whole month with no added sugar, except if one portion had under 6 grams sugar. This meant zero candy 🍬 cookies 🍪, dessert 🍨, etc.

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Leslie W.

Nice work!!! :muscle::muscle::muscle: I ate 2 of my daughters homemade cookies over the past week but I tracked them and still made my goal!


02/24/2021 3:36PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
  • Hiked in Ojai (CA) today to get this view of Topatopa Bluff. I’d really like to hike all the way up there, but that will be for another day. The group today turned around at 4.5 miles. So it was 9 miles, 1,700 feet gain, 1,100 calories burned.

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Leslie W.

I love the blue sky ...


02/21/2021 5:37PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
  • Did a very easy 3 mile beach promenade walk in Santa Barbara today. My App said 350 calories burned, but that seems far too high.

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02/21/2021 5:32PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
  • Yesterday I hiked Baron Ranch Trail to the very top (Camino Cielo Road). It’s a spectacular new trail on the Gaviota coast, CA. 13 miles. My GPS clocked 3,800 feet of gain, but I think it’s wrong. 1,580 calories burned, and I ate less than that on the hike. So it’s a win!

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Leslie W.



Thanks, Leslie. It really was, with the ocean, island, and mountain views with perfect weather.


02/15/2021 8:22PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
  • Had a quick morning hike on rolling hills today. 6 miles, 1,300 feet gain, 700 calories burned. It was great to be on trails that were new for me.

Deneen L. , HEATHER R. and like this photo.

Mary K.

I’m loving your pics and looking forward to warmer, sunnier weather here on the other coast. (I’m currently laying in bed listening to the ice on our roof crack and slide off).


Oh yikes, Mary. I remember those days from Scotland, where I grew up. I planned to live in a Mediterranean climate, and chose this area, which suits me to a “T.”


02/12/2021 10:37PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
Just about 1/2 way through the game, so you've still got time to make your goal! What are you doing this weekend to contribute to your success?

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Upping my workouts and sticking to my clean eating!

Kevin S.

Cut out pop and no sugary snacks. Also no snacks after 6pm until breakfast. Much better diet and is working! Should hit my goal down 12 pounds tomorrow.


02/12/2021 10:22PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
  • Today we hiked in Circle X Ranch, CA, to a very exciting rocky outcropping. It involved going off trail, scrambling up rocks, and route finding. 8 miles, 2,000 feet gain, 1,000 calories burned. And I’m managing to eat a lot less carbs.

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Mary K.

Yay!!! How are you finding fat-fueled workouts? Once my body is adjusted I love the feeling that I can go forever, but it takes so few carbs to knock me out of ketosis and 3-5 days of eating low carb to get back.


Thanks, Leslie and Mary. I’m actually eating carbs for breakfast and lunch on hike days. On other days I’m having just one serving of high carb food like grains, bread, pasta. I’m not doing a Keto diet. Too hard as a pescatarian. I’m also lowering dairy.

Leslie W.

02/08/2021 6:17PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
  • Ok, anyone else have a rough patch with the super bowl? Fir me it was pita chips & hummus. On the plus side, I made a healthy beef & bean chili and cold veggie tray, and didn’t put out cheese and crackers this year. CAR WASH to remind us that every moment can be a new start. Today I narrowly avoided drive-thru and came home for lunch!!!

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I've only a vague idea of what the super bowl is, but I managed to get myself in a rough patch anyway :)


Who knew a car wash could be so beautiful?! Good job staying away from fast food, Leslie!


02/08/2021 3:52PM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
  • I did 4 hikes last week, and am now taking a 3-day break. It makes it easier to do intermittent fasting when I’m not headed for the hills. Don’t need to carb load in the early AM! Here’s a pic from our drive home after hiking at Circle X Ranch. Deer Creek Road, Malibu, CA. Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands on the horizon.

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02/07/2021 8:32AM in BET BIG FOR FEBRUARY - 2X WINNINGS!
The first week was successful. I dropped six pounds by continuing to avoid sweets and eating minimal carbohydrate. I also stuck with an intermittent fasting schedule that includes 16 hours without food. I eat one main meal and snack within my eating window.

I don't expect next week to be as substantial. Hopefully it warms up, because I have to kickstart my metabolism, so I can sustain about 1.5 pounds per week.

I admit I'm pretty sedentary, but my focus is on controlling my input. I am experimenting with movement and burning calories by increasing how much I do each week.

Another aspect of my program is tracking. I weigh myself and check my blood sugar daily and log my food. It's easy to slip when I don't pay attention to what I am doing.

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Mary K.

Looks like we’re on the same “program”. Definitely agree about tracking! Great job!


You’ve inspired me to pay more attention to what I’m doing. Well done on your program and weight loss!
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