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02/01/2021 7:29PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Is anyone else incorporating yoga in their journey? For years people told me I should take it up and I resisted, sure it was not for me. Then for some reason I decided to try it and the second I stood on the mat, I knew I was going to love it. I've done it every day for 22 days so far. I'm following Yoga with Adriene (Home, 30 days). It's great for beginners and I feel like the connection to self works really well with losing weight/getting in shape

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audrey l.

Yes I have done yoga for about ten years now. It’s the only thing that I consistently stick to. I usually go to a studio for hot yoga but will also practice at home.


On and off. I feel better about getting sweaty with weights and cardio, but sometimes my body needs the gentle, calming yoga time too :blush:

Heather M.

01/18/2021 6:49PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Wild caught salmon with a pineapple-mango salsa, couscous and artichoke for dinner...delish!!!

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Heather M.

Thanks ladies :) I found 4 of those plates at a resale shop years ago and this is the last one. I've been craving an artichoke for a couple weeks and finally found some at Fred Meyer yesterday. I steam mine for about 45 minutes with the stem side up. You have to trim off the spiked leaf tops as well as most of the stem and about an inch of the top and then rinse it out well. I make a mayo/worchestershire dip and try not to use too much. Oh and then you pull off leaves and just eat the bottom fleshy portion....and then there's harvesting the heart. Boy it's hard to explain! Maybe watch a YouTube video if you haven't tried it yet. I think they're worth the trouble :)


With your lighting, I thought the artichoke was some chocolate contraption at first and I was like, "that doesn't belong on this site!!" How tasty would that be, though? yum

Felicia K.

  • HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!! Starting off week 3 and I want to know what your going to do this week to push yourself!!!

    Whether that means an extra 10 minutes on your workout/walk, hitting a water goal each day, sticking to your meal plan, etc. What are you going to do this week to show yourself how capable you really are? STOP making excuses , STOP looking back and look FOWARD. If you’ve been struggling the first half of this DietBet, that doesn’t mean your down and out. How much progress can you make physically and mentally in the next few weeks? Not ONLY striving for that 4% goal, but striving for a better you. A you that is READY to make 2021 the year you don’t give up on yourself.

    My goal this week is to get 20 minutes on the stairmaster each day I workout ! I’ll be posting proof here to keep myself accountable. I want you to write your goal in the comments. I will pick one person to win a pair of Apple Air Pod pros!


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Tammy D

I will be staying on track with my WW points and tracking everything. I’ve stuck to it this far and am just one pound away from winning this DietBet. I want to CRUSH it!!
I’m so tired of losing and gaining the same 30 lbs! :weary:

ashley s.

I have 2 goals... my physical goal is to make a commitment 30 minutes of exercise 5x a week. My job is stationary and this is very important to me. My second goal is mental. I am trying to train myself to not focus on dates and timelines. Getting healthy isn’t a race. If it takes you 3 months or years, I need to make sure I don’t give up because all of those times I have up I would have crossed the finish line by now. It’s about a lifestyle change- not a race to fit in an outfit by a certain date.

Felicia K.


    Starting week 2 of the DietBet! How are we feeling? Even if week 1 didn’t go the way you were hoping, every single day is another day to do this. To do what you’ve been telling yourself you’re to do

    If not NOW then WHEN?! Get your meals set, move your body (even if it’s a 20 min walk), and STOP making excuses. The only thing standing in your way is yourself. Stop expecting perfection and just START. If you think you did something to “mess up” you didn’t. Excuse. Just KEEP GOING

    Let’s kill this week. And when I say that, that is whatever that means for you. No matter what you’re doing just be CONSISTENT. You WILL get to where you want to me

    Comment below your goal for the week and 2 steps your going to take to accomplish that goal. I will pick 2 winners from the comments to win a pair of Apple AirPod pros! LETS GET IT!

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Sarah D.

My goal is to drink a 100 oz of water each day. I am participating in a waybetter hydration challenge and having my husband help me as an accountability partner to achieve this goal!


My goal this week has been to keep my water intake up. I do really good when I always have a cup in my hand... last week I did 140 oz a day , just to keep me fuller and I kept busy. So this week, I am trying to keep up the 140 oz and add more walks.. it's getting warmer and the sun is shining, so an extra dose of sunshine is coming my way!! Good luck all with this weeks goals!!

WayBetter Kristin

01/07/2021 2:28PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • I'm blown away by all of you! It's incredible to have nearly 11,000 people all working together on their goals, and have $2 million to share as a reward!   

    How amazing is that!!  

    Congratulations on another $2,000 worth of prizes added to this game! You all deserve it!  

    In this first week we've shared where we are from, a random fact about ourselves, and what we're doing to nourish and move our body... Since we're talking about prizes, what is something on your wish list to help you reach your health and wellness goals? Also share if there is something that you are loving lately.  

    Way to go everyone! You're doing so great!  

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Lady Di

Wish list. Gaiam subscription, new cookware


Def any kind of back friendly workouts like a bike would be amazing! I’m loving my new yoga mat!


01/02/2021 11:13PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Hi all. I just joined today but I haven't had the chance to submit my initial weigh in. I'm not seeing where it says it needs to be submitted by. If I do it tomorrow morning, am I good?

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WayBetter Kristin

Yep! You have until day 14 to get your official weigh-in submitted! You got this!

WayBetter Kristin

01/02/2021 8:46AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • You guys! 🎉 The pot just hit $1 million!

    You all are so amazing and we couldn't be more grateful for this community and each of YOU! It's incredible how many of us have come together to improve our health and cheer each other on. Way to go team! 🙌

    As a thank you to all of you and show you how grateful we are for the amazing DietBet community, we've added an extra $2000 in prizes!!! 💥 (Prizes include Larq water bottle, standing desk bike, squat machine, FitBit Versa, and air fryer!!)

    🌟 As long as you're in the game, you're eligible for the prizes, regardless of whether you're a member or even if you win the round! 🎉

    Congratulations everyone!! Let's keep it going! 👊

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kiley d.


Kadiezcha L.

Why is my initial weigh in still being reviewed ?