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Teresa C.

Menopause is changing my body and the pounds are creeping up. I want to get a handle on it before it becomes out of control.

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Favorite Health Food: Any vegetable

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Diet Plan: Paleo Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Couch to 5k

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $272.36

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03/10/2019 10:04AM in Lose Your Excuses with @Losinggravity!! - via iPhone
Personal thing here but since it has to do with my diet and how I struggle I wanted to write it down here:
Found out I am ill and must stop eating: sugar, milk, soya and gluten ... so basically i can‘t eat everything i like to zsually eat, even some healthy stuff...
otherwise I would have to take stronger and stronger meds over time and this is the healthy way to deal with it long term.

But there is something about taking the decision away from me that made me eat all the unhealthy shit I could get my hand on at the weekend.
I don‘t feel bad about it but I know the next few days will be hell since i have to go cold turkey and my blood is 90 sugar right now... But i won‘t give up this might be the motivation i need to get my weight down and my health up!

So i will work hard!

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Thank you Kim! I hope i will get used too it very quickly as well! Sugar has always been my kryptonite

Teresa C.

I have cut out sugar, grains and only occasionally eat dairy. Feel much better, and I hope you will, too. You can do it!

Teresa C.

03/06/2019 4:55AM in Lose Your Excuses with @Losinggravity!! - via iPhone
So... Gained 1.2 pounds from Fat Tuesday. Yikes.

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Its probably just bloat. Plus you still have 3 weeks. You got this girl!!!! :muscle::sparkling_heart:

Naomi A.

Not too bad for what's usually a pretty bad day in terms of packing on weight! You'll turn this around soon, I'm sure!

Jackie L.

03/02/2019 8:54AM in Lose Your Excuses with @Losinggravity!!
Hi all! I just finished Jamie Eason's kickstarter and lost over 13 lbs! I found myself today tempted to binge a bit this weekend and THEN get back on track on Monday. I hurried here to sign up for another DietBet so my final weigh-in would count as my initial weigh-in. Now I can't afford to splurge too much! Keeping myself accountable!

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That's awesome Jackie! From now on I'm staggering my games to stay motivated.

Jackie L.

I think I'm going to do the same. Waaaay too easy to get off track in the couple days between games.

Teresa C.

03/01/2019 1:32PM in Fresh Start February with Jamie Eason - via iPhone
Yaaaay! Finally verified! Woot!

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Teresa C.

03/01/2019 9:47AM in Fresh Start February with Jamie Eason - via iPhone
Ok- just submitted for final weigh in. .3 under! Woo Hoo! Now come on and verify me so I can eat lunch! LOL! Good luck everybody!

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03/01/2019 9:42AM in Fresh Start February with Jamie Eason - via android
Yipppppeeeeee an official winner....huge motivation for me...thank you Jame for fun game and a great group!!!!!!

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Teresa C.

Congratulations! How long did it take to be verified? I don’t dare eat until it’s official!!
Teresa C. has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 0.6 pounds
01/17/2019 6:05AM in Walk off the Weight for the New Year

Total weight lost is now 1,062 pounds! Average is 3.4 pounds.

Jane P

01/06/2019 3:00AM in Walk off the Weight for the New Year - via iPhone
  • Closed! Comment #16 - Emily H - you’re the winner! Email me at JLPerillo@yahoo.com and reference this DietBet- congrats!

    Sunday Qualifier Post!

    This (short) week we had 3 challenges to qualify for this 10 StepBet/DietBet credits giveaway, comment once for each of the challenges you did (naming the challenge) If you win you will have to show your screen shot!

    1 -25 Miles total for the week (Tues - Sun)
    2 - 10K by 12:00 (noon or midnight) from Wednesday
    3 - 25 Floors Saturday

    Don't worry, next week we'll have more challenges starting with the weekly goal going to 30 Miles!

    I will choose a winner for this Monday or Tuesday

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Emily H.

Oh yay!!!

Merri T.

Congrats :tada:

Teresa C.

01/05/2019 8:10PM in Walk off the Weight for the New Year - via iPhone
  • Off to bed. Night all!

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Jane P

Huge day!! You were super active!! Great week overall too

Connie T.

Doing great!:thumbsup:

Jane P

01/05/2019 4:00PM in Walk off the Weight for the New Year - via iPhone
  • Each night we like to come back in to our game for a check in. Let us know how your day went - on a Scale of 1 (not so hot) to 5 (yay me!) How did you do?

    And CLOSE YOUR KITCHEN - let's try to stop eating by 7:00 PM (or pick a time that works best for you) and give your body 12 hours before your next meal

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Connie T.

Good day, Challenge Completed, good on food, :zap:steps, kitchen closed early. I’ll give it a 5!

Darla C.

Good eating day. Work is very stressful. Having a hard time finding the strength to exercise. Congrats to those who did!
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