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Ilana Muhlstein

02/02/2021 12:24PM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
  • ****ALERT****Getting close to adding my own $1500 to the pot to boost your earnings!!! Be sure to share that invite link with your friends, family and followers! I’m giving out private sessions to the top 3 people that get the most people to sign up using their link. Let’s keep crushing it and getting those on board who need to as well!!!

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Oh no! My friend signed up with a link from me! Wah!


LS, I had the same question. The $1,500 is not showing in the pot either.

Too bad that the host is not responding, and worse, not living up to her promise for motivation, recipes and knowledge sharing. :cry:

Stay strong!


02/01/2021 10:22AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
Interesting business model. Given that January is likely the time that Dietbet sees the largest proportion of new users. One would think that Dietbet would use that opportunity to make the user experience positive in order to drive more traffic throughout the year. Instead they take an absurd cut of the winnings and alienate a large percentage of folks who might have come back many more times throughout the year. The business might be doing well, but definitely seems like short term focus is hindering a large potential for growth.

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Grandi Gettindown

I have won bets before on here and knew that a win was maybe enough for lunch—a couple years ago. Now not enough for a bottle of water. I joined this particular one because of the bonus $5000 because I thought I might actually win a cup of coffee. Sigh.


It was way better a few years ago, the cut that Waybetter took was noticeably lower. Back then it was a fluke when you had a low win game, now it is the other way round. I am still coming back though - even if it's just a few $, it keeps me accountable.


01/31/2021 12:55PM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!

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01/31/2021 5:47AM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
Pardon my ignorance, but what's the 2B Mindset?
I know I could google it, but considering who the host of this bet is, I figured I'd ask here. 😊

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Elisha R.

Beach body nutrition program


Thank you all!!!! Sounds very interesting!!!!
Biba accepted the challenge.
01/30/2021 2:31PM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
The pot is now $41,160

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Cynthia B.

01/03/2021 7:02AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
Three pounds down maybe all the tracking in my fitness pal is doing it’s job so hard to stay between 900 and 1,100 calories which is what my body requires to see any loss and also tiny things throughout the day small snack type meals instead of regular meals it’s hard work and now to build in a little cardio In my basement.

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I agree with the ladies. I am on MFP as well and have never been under 1200 calories/day. Perhaps check your settings?

Good luck, all!


Ditto, long term MFPer, 1200 has been the minimum and that is not long term. Keeping low is not too bad now, stay away from carbs, eat lean meats and focus on white meat with lots of veg and no cheese! Once you get the basics you can start adding in small quantities of the bad stuff.


01/02/2021 6:35AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
  • That's my first ever 10-km walk...on New Year's Day

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Great job!


Great job!!!!