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06/20/2021 3:11PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
So this guy 18 or 20 works at a grocery store I sometimes go to.
He is always very friendly to me, and he happened to be kind of chubby. Well, fast forward about only T W O months, and he is 100 percent thin and lean...not an extra pound on him anywhere. I almost didn't recognize him, except that he is so friendly to me and goes out of his way to say nice things to me whenever I shop in "his" store.
Once or twice I let it go by, just wondering to myself HOW did he take it ALL off...and so fast??? Well, this time I mustered up the courage to ask him! I told him that I have started to lose my excess weight and would love to know WHAT he did that was SO successful.
He took it as a compliment (which it was) and said that he stayed away from all bread and all sugar and anything fattening. He said that the weight FLEW off of him (maybe because he is 18-20 I don't know). And he said that once he got into a routine (mental and physical) it was easy. He also exercise-walked many nights (perhaps 5 nights a week)...I vaguely remember seeing him struggle uphill, very overweight and VERY sweaty. I didn't put it together until now, that this mystery figure was most likely him. Anyway, this gives me/us hope that WE can achieve TOTAL goal weight too....even though it will likely take us about a year or so, and not just 2 or 3 months :)

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Keith A.

I so wish I had really gotten serious about weight loss at that age, but back then I would take my weight off cutting wheat and hauling hay for my uncle. When that stopped.....well, basically that's when I started exploding!


He is actually completely right… cutting junk carbs like bread pasta sweets sugar sodas alone drops weight but if you watch fat content too you’re going to lose a ton
It’s just hard so no one does it


05/13/2021 12:48AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Just venting:
Im so not doing as well as I hoped. Im 8 weeks after giving birth to my second child. I want to lose weight and get fit mostly to feel good about myself and to set a better example for my kids than Ive had.
I purchased meal delivery service from a company that specializes in healthy weight loss
I did it already after my first kid and it worked wonders. However this time I cannot bring myself to stick to it. Every time Im tired/angry/sad/whatever I grab something sweet and surprise surprise the diet doesnt work then. So Im wasting money and not getting any slimmer.
Any tips to overcome emotional eating? :-(

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8 weeks pp is so early, your hormones and sleep is all over the place! Be kind to yourself x

Roselina A.

I agree with all of them! Give yourself some grace and some time! The weight doesn’t have to come off right away like society says.... now I remember being 8 weeks PP myself and being annoyed at what I just said when other people said it to me, but it’s the truth! I’m now 8 months PP and it’s definitely getting better! Honor yourself, honor what you have done! You will set an example to your kids by taking care of yourself and giving yourself grace.

As far as emotional eating. I think trying discover your triggers is a good start. If you can identify the root then you can work through it. Also finding other ways to feel better like maybe a walk? Or meditation? Do you need a quiet minute alone? Can you ask for help from someone else?

Protein protein protein. Is another tip. It will be good for your milk and help fight sugar cravings.

Also the meal service... does it account for breastfeeding? Are you eating enough?

Hang in there you are on a journey! But you will see light at the end. :)

Debbie M.

05/03/2021 5:35AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Can i ask why everyone talks about water intake. What does increasing water intake do?

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Haha not everyone. I never talk about it.

But if you’re interested, I feel like I operate my best at a base of 80oz when at rest all day.

Debbie M.

Thank you all.

Jennifer R.

04/23/2021 6:11PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Instead of trying to make individual fat bomb balls.
    I double the recipe, spread it on wax paper in a cookie sheet, and freeze.
    Then I cut them in individual squares and store in a freezer bag.

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Kayla W.

It’s part of the Keto diet. I was thinking of trying that diet, but just watching what I’m eating has been helping.


What’s your recipe
My life style is keto

Jennifer R.

04/23/2021 6:08PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • is a recipe I love...
    For all my fellow keto tribe members...
    (I use a monk fruit sweetener)

    If you like pumpkin pie and cheesecake you'll love these.

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Just saw this thank yiu


What is the amount you can eat? Do you know what the net carbs are? Or did you figure that out by taking all the net carbs from eat ingredient and adding them?