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Kay S.

01/20/2021 3:07PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • That’s fine. I can share. It isn’t like you have multiple dog beds and all the furniture to use. Oh wait…

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Paislie B.

I think dogs think we are playing when we are exercising. They have no clue that our exercise time is equivalent to their bath time:joy::joy::joy:

April M.

My girl does the same thing whenever I try to exercise!!

Michelle W.

01/04/2021 11:45AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • I am going to try and do meatless Mondays. Today for breakfast I made a soy chorizo kale scramble. I love how flavorful chorizo is! This time swapped my usual pork with soy. YUM!

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Kay H.

I’ve never had soy chorizo! That looks good!!

Kim H.

I love it too! Beyond meats breakfast sausages are pretty good too.

naomi l.

01/04/2021 10:10AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Meal prepped for the week and ready to go!

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Michelle W.

What are the meals in the back? Love this!!

naomi l.

Roasted vegetables and rice! For the boyfriend, who likes to cook his meat to order.

Lita M.

01/04/2021 10:03AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Today would literally be day 3 of my 30 day yoga challenge and I'm already dying! I'm so out of shape it is not funny. I'm going to sit on my yoga mat and just breathe and call it day 3!

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Michelle W.

Sounds like a good plan. I signed up for 30 days of yoga but cannot do it everyday. So, I committed to doing all 30 days but with a frequency of once a week or more if I’m up for it. Will aim for twice a week. And then maybe next year I’ll up it again!

Steffi R.

I'm doing Yoga With Adriene's 30 day yoga challenge right now (as well?). She always talks about how important showing up is, so I think showing up even to just sit and breath is huge! :). Good job :thumbsup:

WayBetter Kristin

01/03/2021 7:48PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • I am so excited to be kicking off the next amazing 6 months with all of you! 🎉 As our friend Rich said - wouldn't it be amazing if we ALL reach our goal by June!?!

    There are a lot of new people here, so I'm going to share a few tips and answer some of the questions that have been asked.

    💌 Questions or Help
    If at anytime you need technical help or have questions, please contact support@waybetter…

    🎁 Prizes
    The prizes in this game are available to all of you - even if you aren't a member or don't win a round. They will be randomly selected at the end of each round and announced by DietBet. International players are also eligible to win! Members have a shot at game prizes AND member weekly prizes!

    👍 Weigh-in
    If you haven't done so already, you have until day 14 to submit your official weigh-in. So keep inviting those friends - this is a record breaking game!!!

    Ok everyone! Let's do this! 👊🎉

    Share where you are from, and throw in a random fact about yourself too!

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Colleen G.

I’m from Michigan! Need to get back on track and get rid of the Covid 19 I gained!

Hannah U.


Annie J.

01/02/2021 1:22PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
To help keep me accountable, I want to share my goal for this month: be mindful of portion sizes and drink more water.

I definitely found myself plating tons of food over the holidays, definitely more than I needed, and continuing to eat even when I was full. There were so many times where I felt so uncomfortably full and I don’t want to keep doing that to myself.

I plan on only plating appropriate portions and to be more mindful when I eat, which includes asking myself “why do I want more?” if I feel the urge to get more food.

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Good plan... I need to work on eating more slowly. Someone suggested putting my utensil down between each bite so I am going to work on that.

Hayley P.

I do that too!! I sometimes I’m like “is my tongue hungry or my stomach”?!? But it can be so hard. I’m making a more conscious effort to do that too. And that it ok not to finish the plate if I’m full

Michelle W.

01/02/2021 11:06AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Hiked 6+ miles on the last day of 2020 on the trails next to home amd then hiked 6+ miles on the first day of 2021 in Joshua Tree. Great way to turn the calendar to a new year!!

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Marla D.

What a great way to start the year!

Serenity G.

Wonderful picture! What a great way to enjoy your surroundings

Sam I Am

01/02/2021 10:44AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
I joined Noom last April and lost over 25 lbs by mid June. Then I get a phone call that my mom is dying, and spent 3 months stalling my weightloss. In September I injured knee, and slowed my exercise. I have gained back almost all of my weightloss since them. My knee is still getting PT, and I am determined to get back to it. I turn 50 this year.

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I’m so sorry about your mom. That would throw me way off track too. Hugs!

Michelle W.

I’m sorry to hear about what you went through with your mother. :yellow_heart: I had knee issues mid 2018 and then spent all of 2019 trying to get moving again, while also accepting that there would be no more jumping and running for me. Accepting that allowed me to commit to at least walking some. Harder initially with my knee but PT did help. Start small. Any progress is progress! I went from walking slowly for about 1.5 miles to now walking/hiking 10Ks regularly. That progress has been so rewarding! I look forward to adding more strength activities in addition to my walks this year. Let’s make progress together!! :blush:

Danny C.

01/02/2021 10:27AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
I usually bike and do a lot of floor work (planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, etc) for my go to exercises. I recently broke/dislocated my elbow and am not allowed to put weight on, or hold weight with, that arm. Going have to get creative to get back on track.

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Pam S.

I have two ganglion cysts on my right wrist, base of my thumb. My right hand is basically useless. I feal your pain.

Michelle W.

You got this!!!


01/02/2021 10:20AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Just submitted my starting weigh in, honestly ashamed 😥 heaviest I've ever been outside of pregnancy. 2yrs ago I was my lowest weight of 208. Had lost 52lbs. Now I'm 255. Im ready and in need of a big change! $195 on the line, hope it's a big enough motivation ❣️ (not to mention my health!)

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Don’t beat yourself up!!! The number on the scale isn’t the most important thing. :)

Polona R.

Im exactly where you are - heaviest I've ever been when not pregnant.:unamused:but we'll both reach our goal weight, ok?
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