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Favorite Health Food: Zucchini

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: HIIT, Hula Hoop

My Approach to Weight Loss: first calorie deficit, now have switched to keto

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Julia S.

09/07/2021 3:33AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
I can't believe it, I forgot to weigh in...

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I forgot on the previous round. It definitely sucks big time, especially when the weigh in window opens and you think you have so much time and at the end just forget... I'm sorry this happened to you!


Oh God .. it is really really upsetting. I did it for another game. They don’t change the rules for anyone.. sorry :cry:

Keith A.

08/31/2021 3:06PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • I've been quiet lately, and that means I'm probably struggling. I'm a little worried I'm experiencing some "diet fatigue" because I've been doing this for nearly a year now. I've also backed off my exercise schedule because of a crazy work schedule and the intense heat we've been experiencing lately. But these are just excuses, so I need NO MORE EXCUSES!

    So I'm re-dedicating myself to cleaning up my act, logging each meal again and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. I have a member only game weigh out tomorrow and Thursday and I have a pound to lose before then, so this will be a good test of my resolve!

    Oh well......

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Jenny D.

Ditto on Miranda’s post. I often get on here to see what you’ve said! Thank you Keith! Also agree with Julia - sometimes you just need a day or two to reset

Roselina A.

Have you ever heard of reverse dieting? It might be time to do a reverse so you don’t burn out and you can continue to make progress on your journey!

I get it! This is hard sometimes! The journey is worth it not to quit but it’s also important to be able to enjoy it. So if you need too. Take the time and energy you need to rejuvenate. And celebrate all the progress you have made over this last year!!!


08/31/2021 6:10AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Down 45 pounds! I haven't been this weight in almost 7 years!

    Hey size 12 ... how YOU doin'?

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Betsy D.




Julia S.

08/26/2021 8:28AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Does anybody here do weight training and has also experienced that in the beginning this stops weight loss or even has you gain weight? I'm a little frustrated, I started some bodyweight and dumbbell training, not even extensively, just 3 times a week for like 20 minutes like 1,5 weeks ago. And I didn't lose anything when before I lost like 2 lbs a week (keto). Is that normal? I'm afraid it could be it's not the workouts but that I have to adjust my calories again and I want to react accordingly as soon as possible

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Kathy G.

Agree with Rachel. Add a bit more protein. Her suggestions are great, and I will add one more PB2 or PBFit, whatever you prefer. I will add it to shakes and even to coffee. Can add water and spread it on celery or whatever you chose. I’d look at your fiber and water intake as well.

Dan B.

Since I tore my PCL during the first week of this competition, I have only been able to do heavy weight training and diet. It has been a struggle to lose the last few pounds. My weight has always fluctuated when I’m lifting heavy, mainly because of the water retention. Yes, muscle burns more calories but that is more if a long term effect, not really an advantage to trying to burn a few extra pounds in the last month of our competition. In my opinion, I would hold off on the dumbbell training, but continue the body weight training (that always burns hella calories), just since it’s we’re nearing the end :)

Jessica B.

08/10/2021 10:08PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Finally back on track. Found my motivation for the last two months on top of an Austrian mountain... after 4 hours of climbing which showed me each of my kilogramm 😅

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Breathtaking view! I apparently need an Austrian mountain!


That is gorgeous!

Matthew K.

08/08/2021 8:25AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • I just realized that I'm no longer "Obese"

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Janet M.


Tara B.

I have a ways to go, but I’m well aware where that magic point between obese and overweight is as the last time I tried dieting I couldn’t get there. Congrats on passing that barrier!

Julia S.

08/05/2021 1:23PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • 38 lbs down since I started the transformer (picture on the left is my initial weigh-in, picture on the right was taken 5 minutes ago), 60lbs down in total. So proud and I won't stop until I reach my goal weight! Onto the last 20 lbs!

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Cristy H.


Kayla W.

You look AMAZING! Look at that transformation!


08/05/2021 11:19AM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • I still have about 15 pounds to lose to get to my personal "goal" weigh but, as I get closer, I honestly think I might take a break from the number game after this bet and work on building some muscle and not focusing as much in the scale. It's kind of scary to think I'm nearing a maintenance zone!

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Matthew K.


Kayla W.

GIRL!!!! You look AMAZING! Congratulations on a healthier you!

Keith A.

07/28/2021 8:49PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Sweaty, red faced selfie comes from walking just over a mile in my street clothes this afternoon during 106/115 index heat. Mostly just to show how crazy I could be, but also for a church project. Heading back out now at 10:45 to complete my steps for the day.

    A new NSV...today's pants were purchased last week, size 40 waist with no flex, after wearing 46 with a flex stretch waistband before losing weight. And they're too big! Time for 38's! The new wardrobe will be nice, but expensive! I also unsubscribed from a big and tall store email...won't need them anymore!

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Brittany B.

Congrats on the NSV!!! And for the accountability of going back out that late to complete your goals!


Wonderful! So happy for you!

Matthew K.

07/25/2021 3:37PM in Season Changes Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Another day trip to Mt. Rainier for hiking. Took my offspring with me this time. 15K steps & ~1200ft of elevation gain.


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Julia S.

Amazing! I'm so jealous of your beautiful nature.

Brittany B.

Offspring lol!
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