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08/21/2021 10:54AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • Rest day but I’m gonna get my steps in at Target!

Tawnya S. , Jen W. and like this photo.


08/16/2021 5:54PM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • This is my 5th week back on track and my abs are coming in slowly!

Krystal B. , mitra m. and like this photo.

Kristen M.


Ana M.

That takes a lot of work! Amazing!

Krystal B.

08/16/2021 5:22PM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
What a Monday it has been… so let’s do a GIVEAWAY for a Starbucks gift card!!!

All I want you to do, is drop in the comments, one OR MULTIPLE things about yourself that you’re proud of! We spend far too much time talking negatively to ourselves without even realizing we do it! No topic. Nothing specific. Absolutely ANYTHING about you that you’re proud of.

I’ll go first! I’m proud of my consistency. My life has made a big change recently and I have not let that get in my way of my progress/exercises! I still am waking up and choosing me because I know nobody else can!

In 24 hours I’ll make a new post with the chosen winner to claim your prize!!! Time starts now!!

mitra m. , Ana M. and like this comment.

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Anna D.

  • I’m proud of my patience and resilience! Being a middle school teacher with a vulnerable population amidst a pandemic is no easy feat, not I give everything to my students and am left emotionally drained

andrea r.

I’m proud I’m at my lowest since high school!!


08/12/2021 12:51PM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • Came home from running some errands bc I was hungry- Turkey protein wrap, cucumber with salt & lemon and baked potatoes with some cheese! Delicious!

Kristen M. , Lindsay S. and like this photo.

Krystal B.

08/11/2021 7:50PM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • INSANE leg day today!!! Wanted to keep going but I knew I wouldn’t walk for 2 weeks if I did!!! Haha trying to hit legs twice a week! What did you all workout today? ????

Kristen M. , Chantell W. and like this photo.

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Tawnya S.

I worked out legs yesterday too and it was my 2nd leg workout of the week. My legs are jello to put it lightly!! LOL Today is upper body and I’m excited :muscle:

Stefanie L.

I played golf yesterday. Mellow but lots of steps and it was smoking hot out.


08/10/2021 7:23AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
  • Feels so good to be all Sweaty first thing in the morning!

Diba M. , Kristen M. and like this photo.

Bart a.

Nice way to start the day!!!!. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get up the motivation to workout in the morning, but once I am done with my workout and am all sweaty it doe feel amazing!

Tawnya S.

You’re rockin’ that Zyia!

Ana M.

08/09/2021 9:55AM in Move Your Body w/ Blood Sweat Finess
Hi, I just joined this DietBet but it didn’t ask me for my official weight or photo. It just says referees are reviewing it. Help!

Kristen M. , mitra m. , Angie , Tawnya S. and Diba M. like this comment.

Ana M.

Alright. It says my weight has been verified. It could be because I just finished another bet an hour ago.


Mine too! I was about to ask the same thing