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Krystal N.

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Favorite Health Food: Raspberries

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal

DietBet Winnings: $1,353.73

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-0.1% Since last weigh-in-0.2 lbs
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-4.3% Lifetime Change-6.9 lbs

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Krystal N. has weighed in at 155.6 pounds, up 0.4 pounds
02/12/2019 12:05PM in January Fitness—Workout Headphones Giveaway

now at 46% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 1,056 pounds! Average is 3.1 pounds.

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Krystal N. has weighed in at 155.6 pounds, up 0.4 pounds
02/12/2019 12:05PM in BET BIG 4 NEW YEAR! 2X WINNINGS PRIZES!

now at 100% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 442 pounds! Average is 3.8 pounds.

Krystal N.

02/09/2019 8:16AM in Joyful January Transformer—Win a Peloton bike - via iPhone
Oh no! I forgot to write the weigh-in word on the card for the photo! Will they just reject the weigh-in or will I get another chance?

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Krystal N.

Thanks for your help! I did get an email back saying I need to weigh in again


I’m pleased they got back to you within timescales. Well done on the months progress :tada:

Syd Journey

02/06/2019 3:22PM in Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!!
  • Last Minute Giveaway Alert!! It has been an absolute pleasure being a host for all of you during this game! I always strive to be the best game host I can possibly be with every game. With that being said I would love some feedback from you all. What are some of the things you loved about this game? What are some things you think could be improved? Share some giveaway ideas you think you would like. More gift cards? Cash prizes? Fitness Trackers? Im open to all ideas! Ill be rewarding a $25 Amazon Giftcard to the response I find most helpful :) Please be as honest as possible, constructive criticism is welcomed! I encourage all suggestions as I want to make these games as fun and helpful as possible. You have all been fantastic! Thank you again for being such a hardworking and inspiring group!! Ill be picking a winner Monday morning 2/11/19 PST.

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Diane C.

Being held accountable with my hard work of exercise and watchful of what I put into my mouth. The scale never lies. :neutral_face:

Alyssa DC

I love the way we all interact here. It's truly inspiring. The giveaways and challenges are great motivators and help people stay on track and contribute to conversations. It would be great to see more talk from Sydney/host. I also think maybe little mini challenges (like over the course of a day or couple days within week) would be fun! Maybe a challenge to keep us motivated just over the weekend for example? I love these diet bets, but this is just my first one and don't have much to compare to
Krystal N. accepted the challenge.
01/19/2019 9:09AM in Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!!
The pot is now $39,780

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