ShapeItUp Sisters

HealthyLean in 2015 is about making new healthy habits with our bodies and brains. We are 2 women with 2 different body types and 2 different goals but we have 1 PLAN for 1 successful out come! Join our game today!!!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Any kind of salad & fresh garden veggies

Favorite Sinful Food: SUGAR AND CHEESE!!!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cardio & resistance training.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Create what works for your body!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Clean eating

Fitness/Exercise Apps: tap&track

Fitness Devices: Nike chip that I can run with my iPhone

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12/25/2017 11:26AM

shaha b.

01/10/2015 6:40AM
hi this howw to workout


01/06/2015 10:13PM
You don't look like you need to lose anything.I have been stuck at the same weight all year.Really need this to help me focus.With my son being so so sick, I have forgotten to take care of me and now I am paying for that.Like my doctor told me, focus on what I can control and let God take care of the rest.So let's get busy.

Joshy Squashy

04/29/2014 2:06PM
I went to Snow College with Steve. We called him "Abercrombie". lol I hope he doesn't punch me for telling you that. :)

Judy Butler

04/26/2014 8:29AM
Hey Carlie!!! Excited to see you on, now lets get Laurie to join. When I was out last week she said she would do a workout challenge with me.

Ilona likes this message.


04/26/2014 4:18AM
Love your postings and photos so I'm friending you. Have a great day!

Abigail V.

01/08/2014 1:06PM
Thank you for doing this with us! You are so beautiful and kind and you are my motivation!!!! ??????

Abigail V.

Disregard the ???? ????


01/06/2014 10:08AM
Thank you for being my motivation!

Amber J.

01/05/2014 8:18PM
Thank you for all the challenges you post! They push me a ton! Even if I already did my workout for the day, I usually get them in the evening while I'm doing mundane housework or just relaxing, and it reminds me to go the extra mile!


01/05/2014 4:43PM
Hey Carlie! Hope everything is in full motion on your end.
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