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Jamie E.

12/31/2020 4:42PM in Easy Does It Challenge with Jamie Eason Middleton

Below you will find links to the workouts for Week 1 (click the exercise for the video demonstration) and an example of some options that we often eat in our family and that I often recommend because the recipes make big batches, great for eating on throughout the week and great for multiple family members.  

If you are someone who likes to count calories and macros using MyFitnessPal, here is a great online calculator to help you figure out those numbers.  Macro Calculator - Find carbs, protein and fat ratio (

Hopefully, you got to watch the video in my first post about focusing on sugars this week.  If not, I want to encourage you to take note of every bit of sugar that you eat in a day and write it down. Check packaging, use Google, ask Alexa…whatever you need to do to get a realistic view of the amount of sugar you eat each day and where it is often hiding.  We should aim to get less than 30 grams of sugar a day whenever possible.  Too much natural and added sugar makes it difficult to maintain or lose weight.  Some of the best sugar options out there for those who love sweets (hand raised) are Stevia and Monk Fruit because they both register as 0 on the glycemic index (a measurement of the rise in blood glucose up to 2 hours after consuming a food.)

I am excited to get started with all you tomorrow!  Please take note with the exercises that they are performed as circuits this week.  If you are a beginner, go through the circuit once.  If you are intermediate, tackle it twice and if you are advanced, perform the circuit 3 times.  Rest only a couple of minutes between circuits.  Let’s do this!!

Week One Workouts

Example Meal Options

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Lori C.

Yay! I’m a day late but starting today so excited and a total beginner as I haven’t worked out in so long

Vicki D.

Okay. Thought I was in fair shape, but these workouts kicked me!! :sweat_smile:. Question. When counting sugar grams do we use “total carbs” or “added sugars”? Good luck everyone!!!:muscle:

Maricel A.

11/08/2020 11:05AM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
  • I am tracking my weightloss journey on my Renpho Scale. I am loving the result :) it keeps me more motivated

kiley d. , Nicole and like this photo.

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Just ordered one of these scales from amazon! Excited to use it!

kiley d.

Are they that expensive?


11/04/2020 11:08AM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
2nd day in a row on the HIIT machine.. now nice big salad for lunch and plenty of water!!! I am determined!!

Mel , Julia and like this comment.


You go !!!


11/03/2020 5:40PM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
Just FYI to everyone, a few people are leaving this group, including myself. It’s extremely disappointing that the host isn’t posting or interacting with anyone even though she’s been on her other socials. I know someone already contacted customer support and it was very simple. I’m not trying to upset anyone I just know that I need and want and pay for more interaction and it makes a huge difference for me in being successful. I just wanna make sure everyone knows they can get a refund too if they want. I thought I was stuck in this one because it started so I just wanna make sure everyone knows they have an option to leave and get your money back if you choose.

kiley d. , SunnyPhx and like this comment.

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Well I wish you all the best - I just wanted to make sure everyone knew the options, like I said I just liked when the host was interactive especially when they’re paid to host ya know—I totally understand that it’s personal preference. Anyways, Good luck everyone!

kiley d.

That’s why we have a group! We help each other!


11/03/2020 9:55AM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
Have there been workouts or meal plans posted? I thought I read that in the description for this game.

Mel , kiley d. and like this comment.

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I want to know too. What’s going on


She's been posting post workout selfies from today. I'm very disappointed. This is my first time with this host.


11/03/2020 6:34AM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
I had a baby 6 months ago and I've been trying to find time for myself to exercise. The struggle is real! I am determined to lose this baby weight and the extra baby weight that has been lingering since my first child born 9 years ago 😆

Mel , kiley d. and like this comment.

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Same. I have a 9 month old and am trying to get back down to normal BMI before I get pregnant with #4. I find that exercise has much less to do with weight loss than calorie intake so I am tracking closely on myfitnesspal.


We got this hard work pays off :muscle: