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Favorite Health Food: Beets

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weight lifting and rowing intervals

My Approach to Weight Loss: Logging every scrap of food / low carb

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Keto/paleo

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Calorie Counter by My Net Diary

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $851.71

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PANTHER accepted the challenge.
02/11/2019 9:33AM in VALENTINE'S FAT FIGHTER!!
The pot is now $6,890

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PANTHER accepted the challenge.
02/11/2019 9:32AM in Goal Crushing in 2019 with Ketogalsara
The pot is now $9,720

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Ashley S.

01/27/2019 5:42AM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via iPhone
I still have 3 lbs to lose so most likely not winning this bet but I am looking for some advice. I started this diet bet doing the masters chisel along with spin classes 5 days a week. I was following meal plan A with an additional protein added in. I lost 2.4 lbs the first week but have lost nothing since. I am so frustrated! I’ve tried drinking more water, I’ve stopped eating all carbs but the scale has not budged! Any advice would be appreciated, even though I won’t win this bet I am still trying to get to my goal weight which would be 10 more lbs to lose. TIA

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Ashley S.

Thank you all so much for your feedback and advice. I will definitely try some of this to see if it helps. Trying to get these last 10 lbs off has been a struggle!

Melanie J.

I gained when I did that program. It’s a build cycle. The weight is water
And muscle growth. Cardio will lean you out. Day after lifting always shows a pound or two more for me. It will happen,


01/20/2019 10:40AM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via android
I've been super sick with a head cold & bad cough. I was feeling very discouraged because I had the best of intentions with this diet bet but just couldn't workout with severe congestion. I weighed myself today & was pleasantly surprised that I lost weight! Also, I got my 1st workout completed in over a week! Not sure I'll meet my goal, but I was incredibly happy to have made progress!

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Hope you feel better.


On week 2 of the cold with constant coughing. On the plus I can't taste anything so I have gotten to needing 1 lb to hit my goal weight


01/19/2019 7:24AM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via iPhone
By the looks of it I don’t think ima loose the remaining 3 lbs I keep fluctuating

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Hannah L.

I'm in the same boat! Let's see if we can't turn things around in this last run.


Intervals..if you are doing steady state cardio (elliptical , treadmill, bike) and you are not losing then go with intervals. Warm up 5 minutes, then go hard for 30 seconds, then easy or one minute , then hard for 30 seconds and so on for 18-20 minutes. If you do it right you will be dripping sweat and your legs will feel like noodles. Eveeytime i do this i drop almost half a pound. Good luck


01/17/2019 7:37AM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via iPhone
  • Time to put up or shut up ladies and gentlemen! Keep it going! Enough with the “woe is me” card (I’m guilty myself). Let’s do it, or resign ourselves to remaining in bodies we’ll pay for neglecting, and missing out on the lives we want.

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Thanks i love this and wanted to call out the whining

Bonnie P.

01/17/2019 7:23AM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via iPhone
I’m a middle of the night eater. I’ll wake up, half asleep and go eat all the snacks. Any tips on how to get over this??

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Sleeping meds used to cause this for me. I switched meds. Also, it likely means you are under eating during the day. Give yourself something before bed that'll stabilize blood sugar. A teaspoon of almond butter, a half of an english muffin, 3 bites of greek yogurt with honey, even warm milk.


Why do you snacks in the house


01/16/2019 12:45PM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks
Y'all, I'm kind of nervous about the final weigh-in. My cycle begins around then and I ALWAYS bloat the first couple of days. Any tips (besides drinking tons of water) on how to beat the bloat?

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Rebecca A.

Fruit and fiber tend to help with bloat :thumbsup:


Dandelion tea is a natural diuretic