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LaToya R.

09/26/2019 5:50AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
I need to hit my 10% goal by the end of round 4 so that I can focus on maintaining throughout the holidays instead of trying to lose during such a crazy time. Guess I’ll have to step up my activity because I don’t think I want to change my well groomed eating habits at this point. Good luck everyone. Keep pushing.

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Joy H.

That’s my goal as well!

Kristi G.

Does anyone have some solid advice for me? I started my journey at 314 lbs about a year and a half ago. I am now 175ish lbs. I am 5’ 8’’. I want to get down to 170. These last few lbs are HARD. I exclusively calorie count and do 5 days of working out (one Beach Body on Demand workout and usually one run). my goal for this DietBet is 170.9 and my goal is 170 period for before skin removal surgery. I don’t know if I’m not eating enough or what I need to do differently. I don’t drink anything but water and coffee and as of today, I’m goving up my Splenda and Ice drinks. Help. I eat between 1100-1400 calories daily. MyFitnessPal has me needing 1500. Thanks guys.

Morgan S. , Lace and like this comment.

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I would think you might need to increase your calories to maintenance since you are so close to your goal. You could try increasing your cal intake to 1500-1600 and see if that helps. I know Beachbody has a good way of calculating which cal bracket you should be in. If you need help with this you can send me a pm on instagram daytoday_momwellness or fb Jenn Marino. Good luck I know those last few pounds can be tricky. I’ve been sitting at the same weight for 2 weeks now too.

Joy H.

It’s counterintuitive, but I agree with Jenn. Adding calories has helped when I’m training hard. How’s your energy during the day and speed/endurance during a workout?


  • GIVEAWAY TIME! I'm giving away 1 power airfryer to one winner and one power airfryer oven to another! As you know this is my favorite kitchen gadget that I strongly encourage you to add to your weight loss journey as it's been a game changer for me personally. We cook anything from french fries, healthy crab cakes, sweet potato tots, chicken wings, to steak even! To win let me know your favorite chicken gadget for your weight loss journey below or your favorite food to make healthy by Wednesday August 28th at 8pm eastern. Good luck! All winners chosen at the end of our game!

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Melissa S.

My favorite healthy gadget is my crockpot! It helps me stay on track and not eat out when fast food is tempting me after work. So nice to know I have dinner all ready to go!

Kara A.

This post didn't show up in the app and i hadn't checked here for awhile. My favorite gadget is my crock pot.


Celebrated my sons first bday and my daughter’s 8th bday yesterday. I ate the food and the cake and drank the soda! I don’t feel too bad because I had such a great time with family and friends! Just gotta get back on track tomorrow! We can do this guys! 👍

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Joy H.

I think that was wise. A birthday party won’t wreck your progress. My ultimate goal is to have an 80/20 diet when I’m at a maintenance weight. Good job!

Vanessa T.

  • I woke up and decided to check the scale this morning. To my surprise I lost 2 more pounds 🙌🙌! It might not be where I want to be, but I can't remember the last time I've seen this number.

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Joy H.

Kudos! Keep up the good work!

Vanessa T.


Joy H.

08/23/2019 5:58PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
  • I’m in two move competitions, and my neighbor is really taking it seriously. It’s been really motivating! Idk if we can keep it up.

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Jessica K.

Ooh I like that watch! Which one is that?

Joy H.

Apple Watch

Alice S.

08/23/2019 5:36PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
  • Hi everyone! Excited to be trying DietBet for the first time. I lost 60lbs (almost 30% of my weight at the time) 10 years ago and have kept off all but about 6lbs, need to lose that and maybe another 15 so really hoping this will motivate me to do so! Meanwhile here’s what I’m faced with at work every day- our break room table is always covered with yummy gifts from clients such as in this photo with my lunch in the corner! I love my clients (I’m a veterinarian) but this doesn’t make weight loss any easier! What do others do to avoid office temptations?

Brittany S. , Sue and like this photo.

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Keep your own healthy snacks and treats around so eat while others are munching on those ones.

Trail mix, carrots and celery, cherries (and other low sugar berries) etc

You can do it! Every donut and pastry not eaten is 30 - 60 min of extra calories that don’t need to be burned off


Ask folks to change. Put up a sign that says, “We love it when you bring us treats, especially the fresh fruit and veggies! Thank you so much!”

Tracie F.

  • I always find meals more satisfying when they look pretty. I could have just thrown a couple hard boiled eggs and whole radishes on the plate,but it looks more filling and appealing to slice them and arrange them. #farmersmarket #prettyplate #marketfresh

Sabrina P. , Maria H. and like this photo.

Joy H.

You eat with your eyes too! That is pretty.

mariah m.

  • So I weighed in and I’m 63% down however the weekend is my weakend. So fingers crossed I can keep myself on track.

Miranda , Joy H. and like this photo.

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3 years on my journey and the weekends are still the ones that get me bad! Last weekend I went into binge mode and put on about 5lbs. Granted though mostly water weight, it is a set back and doesn’t come off as quickly as it comes on. As of today I am still working on getting rid of 1 more pound. Trying to be conscious this weekend so that I can make headway! Good luck to you as well. We got this!! :muscle:

Joy H.

I’m with you. I can undo my progress. We can do this!

Joy H.

08/22/2019 4:55PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
  • So far this week, we’ve eaten really healthy! I had my glass of wine for the week tonight— I almost made it to the weekend ;). (The picture is the veggie base that we use in lieu of pasta for chicken meatballs, marinara and cheese.)

Laurie L. , Karen J. and like this photo.

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Joy H.

Hi Heather! It’s really easy: a bag of frozen pepper and onion mix with a bag of frozen spinach. (Sometimes we add mushrooms or other veggies that need to be eaten). We add dried minced garlic. We then place cooked turkey or chicken meatballs evenly spaced. Next, we pour marinara sauce around the meatballs to cover the vegetables. Finally, we top with low calorie mozzarella cheese and broil it on 500 for a couple of minutes. It’s one of our favorite weekday meals!


I’m always looking for new low carb dinners. Thank you! :heart:
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