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03/05/2019 6:49AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
I’m interested to know... have many people done one of these dietbet a before and actually succeeded it’s seems impossible tbh 🙈

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Amy C.

I’ve won two but now my body’s not shedding the pounds as easy so I can’t “cheat” anymore :weary:


I have won 3 of the 4 I played! You can do it. . . Just don’t fool yourself when you are taking in too much. A food journal like My Fitness Pal, LifeSum (my favorite) or Weight Watchers . . . Any of these will keep you on track and you will win! Good luck, Sam!

Nichole J.

02/26/2019 11:32PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
What an annoying time to contract a lung infection!
How do you all stay even a little active when sick?

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I’m in the same boat. Been sick since the weekend and haven’t done much exercise or don’t feel good to be cooking. Hopefully we feel better soon so we can beat the challenge.

Nichole J.

Thank you ladies!
I just get really frustrated when I get stuck in bed for days on end.
Sorry to hear you're in the same boat Sandee. Lucky for me a grocery store near me does cheap, fresh, premade salads which I find perfect for when I have zero energy to cook. I hope you feel better soon!


02/26/2019 4:22PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss !
  • 2 large eggs, (did not add one bit of oil** .. ) 1/3 cup Mexican blend cheese . & 1/3 cup pico de gallo . And some sea salt ...... Also , lunch consisted of an avocado toast like yesterday’s.

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Miranda H.

Ugh jealous! I love pico de gallo! Looks amazing


Everything was great ladies ! Thank you all


02/26/2019 2:12PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
  • Did horrible this weekend due to getting a cold. Glad I finally got a walk in during my lunch break.

Miranda H. , Neli M. and like this photo.

Miranda H.

Hope you're feeling better!


02/26/2019 9:25AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
I did so bad this weekend. I got a cold and wasn’t able to do any exercise. 😔

Neli M. , Allison M. , Kelly P. , Alexesq33 and Ben B. like this comment.

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Thanks girls.

Allison M.

Hang in there, stay hydrated, abd get some rest. You can do this!


02/22/2019 8:14AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
  • This is what my breakfast looks like during work days. An avacado toast & sometimes a yogurt.

Trish , Alyson and like this photo.


I love the flip yougurt


02/20/2019 3:16PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
  • My co-worker pushed me to do stairs in the parking structure on our lunch. My legs are beat! 👍????

Trish , Dariad and like this photo.

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Yes! Great work!


I don't utilized my stairs enough, thank you for sharing


02/19/2019 9:36AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
  • Hi guys I’m Sandy from San Diego CA & this is my 2nd dietbet. I’m excited & commited!

Trish M. , Tobi C. and like this photo.


Hi Sandy! I'm living in Wichita, KS. I'm from central Texas. This is my second DB this year


02/11/2019 10:46AM in Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!! - via iPhone
So excited I made it. It was a close one! Don’t give up. See you guys in the next one.

Syd Journey , Gab and like this comment.

Syd Journey

Awesome job Sandee!!! Yay!


02/08/2019 12:10PM in Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!!
Does anyone know what time is the latest to submit your pictures in on Feb 12th?

Christopholofigus , Nancy O. and like this comment.

Courtney H.

I believe it is midnight PST, BUT I suggest weighing in after potty and before you eat or drink anything in the morning.


It is midnight Pacific time on the 12th. (But I'm not sure what happens if you've waited until the last minute and they need you to redo your weigh-out.)
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