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Darin B.

about 8 hours ago in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • #BBM- been eating all the foods for a week. Had to give up my main vice, so carbs took its place. Back at it tomorrow.

    I really appreciate reading y’all’s posts even when I’m on the sidelines.

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Welcome back Darin and remember one day at a time!


about 13 hours ago in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • #Beard&BellyMonday

    Went and had a little man pampering action with the barber to clean up the beard just a bit.

    Back is stilled jacked, but, a little straighter than last week. Doc wants new images so I get to go lie in the stupid MRI machine again. 25 years since my first back surgery and countless MRIs through the years and I still hate that machine.

    I continue making progress on the game goal but the back put a little damper on that so who knows what the out come will be, but all in all,
    I’m content sharing all of my glory with my fatty fam once again.

    Keep rocking folks!

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MRI's suck!! Seriously that machine is just plain nasty. I saw beard oil in TJMaxx today. I had no idea there was such a thing. Keep that bearded chin up.:blush:


RESPECT THE BEARD! It looks Awesome!

Darin B.

01/16/2021 7:32PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • #SES

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01/11/2021 5:59PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • What a day!

    Almost forgot #BBM

    Sporting the the gym shorts and polo for that perfect COVID-19 job interview. 😂😂

Kirk W. , Jess E and like this photo.

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good luck!

Katie Mae

Sending good vibes your way!!

Darin B.

01/09/2021 10:15AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • 3 hour Finance Management class webinar 😩. I’m a wild man. Let me live through your fun Saturday!!

Lexie , Stirling and like this photo.

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I got groceries, watched football, took a nap and made chicken fajitas in the crock pot....how's that for fun??


Haha damn those CE credits, hope it wasn’t too painful

Danielle S.

01/08/2021 2:28PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • Super late #ThisOrThatThursday on a Friday afternoon...
    Hot chocolate or a margarita?
    It’s cold (at least by south Louisiana standards), so I really want hot chocolate. But it’s been a hell of a week (with ever-changing quarantine rules for students and a list that’s at 112–not counting the girls’ soccer team who just got letters this afternoon—after just 5 days back), so alcohol seems a good choice. Which calories do I drink?

SpoiledRabbit , Katie Mae and like this photo.

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Katie Mae

Don’t like margaritas so hot chocolate for me :grin:


This is what Baileys and Frangelico and any number of other lovely liqueurs are for! (Though perhaps better in coffee than already sweet hot chocolate, unless you make cocoa from scratch and can tone down the sugar.

Mn M.

01/08/2021 11:27AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • Friday food

    My pizza pickup took a left turn to Arby’s! What’s everyone want?

Katie Mae , Roni M. and like this photo.

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A Ruben and curly fries! The new sweet potato waffle fries are good too.

Katie Mae

Loaded Italian for me plz


01/07/2021 9:27AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • #thisorthat

    Wet socks or pruny hands?

Danielle S. , Jen and like this photo.

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Both of these options, and pictures, give me heart palpitations and sweaty palms

Danielle S.

Pruny hands for sure. Wet socks are NASTY!

Stanley W.

01/07/2021 9:11AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
This or that super power edition!

Super intelligence
Super strength

Perfect body for the rest of your life

Danielle S. , Jen and like this comment.

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I’ll play odd man out and say strength > intelligence. Doesn’t mean you’ll end up super dumb, and lately I’m ok with average. The super smart are oftentimes misunderstood and alone. Normally I’d say that’s ok, but 2020/2021 have proven, that feeling of isolation is bad news long term.

Danielle S.

Intelligence and body. Don’t want to be accidentally crushing things if I had super strength, and the only way I’d want to live forever is if I could take my family along, too.

Kristin K

01/07/2021 8:37AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack

Danielle S. , Jen and like this photo.

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Hahaha. In all the times weve played this, no one has asked this before!

Nipples for me!

Danielle S.

Nipples. I’m with everyone who mentioned being able to tuck that away in a bra:joy:
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