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Losing the maternity leave weight

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Favorite Health Food: Veggies

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

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08/15/2019 4:49AM in WeightLoss 3.0 Summer Showdown
  • Poached eggs for lunch! Yum yum!

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08/15/2019 4:42AM in WeightLoss 3.0 Summer Showdown
13km run on Tuesday and 7km today. I’m trying my best to stay active and to stay away from the sugar! Is anyone else trying low carb? I’m trying to increase my veggies and stay away from the rice/pasta/bread.

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I'm trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible and stay away from rice and pasta. It's so hard because I love both! I still have bread but I make my own, it's high fiber and very low sugar.


I love both too! I could eat and eat and eat pasta! Homemade bread sounds delicious!


08/13/2019 3:02AM in WeightLoss 3.0 Summer Showdown
Hi everyone! Recently put on nearly all the weight I’d worked so hard to lose. I’m determined to use the last part of my summer holidays to lose some of it again. I’m hoping this will help keep me on track. Good luck everybody!

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Heather H.

I’m right there with you I’ve gained like 30 pounds that i had lost before :weary: i’m hoping this gets me back on track too!!


Fingers crossed for us both Heather! I’m so frustrated with myself but I know I have to let it go and just work hard x
Simba accepted the challenge.
08/13/2019 2:31AM in WeightLoss 3.0 Summer Showdown
The pot is now $1,260

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06/18/2019 2:04AM in SUMMER SHRED with GRACIE'S JOURNEY
I didn’t make it but well done to those who did x

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Heike G.

Next time x


06/09/2019 8:56PM in SUMMER SHRED with GRACIE'S JOURNEY
  • Home gym coming along! Motivating me even more for this and future diet bets! Let’s crush this last week!!!

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Love it!!!!


Wow that’s amazing!


06/09/2019 4:06AM in SUMMER SHRED with GRACIE'S JOURNEY
I'm so defeated. I have ran miles upon miles and have been eating well. Why can't I lose any weight?!

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I’m the same! 5 great runs this weekend but they do make me much hungrier!

Teresa G.

If you train really hard, for the first few days you will see your body retain fluids it's a natural defense mech, that your body does. Drink water, drop your carbs down to complex carbs only for two days and try to keep those under 45g. By wed you will see the drop. Just my advise, I'm not a doctor, please make sure that what I'm sharing is safe for your health needs.

HealthyHmongster ..

06/08/2019 5:09PM in SUMMER SHRED with GRACIE'S JOURNEY
  • Refueling during my 20 mile run today. Now I get to rest and recover the rest of the weekend! 🌞

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20 miles?!?!?! Incredible!


Cool picture!!!


06/07/2019 3:40AM in SUMMER SHRED with GRACIE'S JOURNEY
  • Chicken Caesar salad for lunch after an 8.8km run :)

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Gracies Journey

I love salads! Yummy!


That looks delicious!!


06/06/2019 9:06PM in SUMMER SHRED with GRACIE'S JOURNEY
I went from a dietbet straight into this one and I.lost 12 pounds but am.stalling now...any advice would be amazing! I have 5lbs to go to win thos bet!!!

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Alyce S.

Yeah your body has gotten used to your routine. Change it up and maybe try intermittent fasting?

Naomi A.

Make sure you're tracking your calories in an app and that you're measuring out your food. That way you'll know if you're eating more than you think by eyeballing your serving sizes, or if you're not getting in enough calories. If that's the case you'd be throwing your body into starvation mode and you won't lose til that gets balanced back out. Oh, and make sure you're getting enough sleep, too. :sleeping: Good luck!
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