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I am just trying to be strong and healthy

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Favorite Health Food: Collagen peptides

Favorite Sinful Food: French fries

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Elliptical

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Vegetarian Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Spark People

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $789.24

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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0% Since last weigh-in0 lbs
-5.6% 1-Month Change-13 lbs
-20.6% Lifetime Change-56.8 lbs

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Jenna L.

08/14/2019 8:41AM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer
This will be my last Dietbet game...I can’t afford to play anymore games right now and feel my body takes awhile to lose the required weight!

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Jodi S.

I found Jens Journey Accountability Facebook group might help. I just joined because the #1 rule is no body shaming allowed. No money needed. :two_hearts::sunglasses::muscle:


There is also a challenge every quarter on the subreddit Loseit. No money, lots of engagement! Just google r/loseit. It’s a great community and there should be a new challenge in September or October.


08/13/2019 6:55AM in 509s DamnFine DietBaddies
Ok friends, share with me your best way to overcome a plateau because I’ve been basically stuck at the same weight since the first of August and I am LOSING MY MIND

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Kaajal Thukral

I agree with Patti. Intermittent fasting really helps

Amanda G.

I was stuck on the same weight for 3 days, did a 24 hour fast and adjust my cardio workout and now back to losing. Good luck


08/11/2019 11:54AM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!
I tried yoga today to try something a bit more restorative and relaxing since I tend to go full speed during the week. I liked it! Great for an active recovery day. What new fitness things have y'all tried lately?

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I’ve been loving yoga lately too! I’ve been trying all sorts of classes, my resent favorite is rope wall yoga.


Im now in my 2nd month and pretty much everything is a new fitness thing haha! If you told me in June that I would LOVE spin class, I would have LOL. Same with pilates, TRX and Bar Method! I love them all (with a healthy a dose of hate while I am in class but that disappears as soon it’s over). It’s a huge sense of accomplishment when I start and finish a workout every day!


08/11/2019 6:42AM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!
I FINALLLYYYY broken the 152 mark! I kept fluctuating from 152-153.6 ! This morning it was 151.2 !!

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Tina J.

Can’t wait to get there!! Keep inspiring us!


Congrats !

Kaajal Thukral

08/06/2019 12:31AM in 509s DamnFine DietBaddies
I am back on keto and that has been going well but I am struggling with my workouts.. I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks and I don’t know how to motivate myself :(

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Caitlin H.

Let’s get a work out check in going every day to motivate ourselves !!!! We got this !!!!!

Kaajal Thukral

Yes please


08/01/2019 8:32PM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!
  • Dinner tonight 3 scrambled eggs, carnitas meat and some grilled zucchini!! Post workout fuel at its finest! Eggs are a huge staple food in my diet and though my entire weightloss.

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Sarah T.

Me too! Love eggs!


This looks so good!

Danijela K.

07/31/2019 7:40PM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!
When does the weigh in start?

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Danijela , no need to apologize for asking questions. I too am new and still finding it hard to figure out how to weigh in tomorrow. We will learn! :clap:

Biking Syl

Pacific Standard time, Aug 1 and 2

Kim P.

07/31/2019 6:51PM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
  • I usually like a cocktail or a glass of wine after work. As a healthy alternative I made a zero cal “mocktail”. It looks so cute I forget I’m not drinking the alcohol!!

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Kim P.

I used a zero calorie berry flavored soda (pomegranate blueberry ICEE) and just added berries to a be cute. :yum:


Love it!

Jodi S.

07/27/2019 5:18PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer
Had a lump removed on Monday, a colonoscopy on Thursday, and my 18 yr old left for college today. Yes, I am eating a little more than usual, but not getting down on myself. I still hike my dog everyday, and I can get back to the gym on Tues, and salsa dancing on Wed, so all is as it should be in the world. 💕😎💪

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Jennifer H.

It’s so hard when they leave for college!!! Thanks for sharing. We are all trying g to do this, but life is still in session!


Hugs and happy thoughts sent your way. Keep hiking with your four footed buddy :feet:


07/24/2019 3:45PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer
I had my sister and nephews over for a few days didn't workout or but I did track what I ate...weighed in today at 301 i was 288 the day they arrived i gained basically 15pounds feeling so defeated i dont know how that is even possible i stayed below 1350 calories. I don't think it's water weight as i fasted a day before weighing myself 😣 have to loose 16pounds by next weigh in just feels impossible

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Jennifer H.

You may need more calories. Check with a doctor and use one of those calculators.

Candace C.

Whatever it is, it’s not 15 lbs of fat and likely once you get back on track you’ll see it dip again soon. Do you follow Cartergood on instagram? His advice & encouragement always makes me feel better when I’m coming back from some “off” days. Whatever you do - don’t quit!
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