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Jenifer Louise

I want to live an active life filled with joy, family and friends.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Fruit and Yogurt

Favorite Sinful Food: I don’t consider any food sinful

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Elliptical or any Cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: CICO!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Vegetarian Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Spark People

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $1,676.78

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0% Since last weigh-in
-2.4% 1-Month Change
-32.3% Lifetime Change

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Syd Journey

12/06/2019 2:08PM in Finishing the Year Strong with Syd Journey!
  • It’s Friday!!! Now is the time to do our happy dances everyone! For our weekend workout challenge let’s do some cardio shall we ?!! Complete at least 30-45 minutes of cardio either Saturday or Sunday to be eligible to win. I will be giving away two $10 Amazon Giftcards on Monday 12/9/19 for those that complete the challenge! You can post it here, the DietBet wall, or the Facebook page as I check all three places :). You can post a screen shot of your fitness tracker, a sweaty selfie, or a simple “I did my cardio today” will be okay with me. Let’s all have a fantastic weekend !

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  • Woot woot!!

Tarie K.

Cardio done both Saturday and Sunday. Whew!
Jenifer Louise has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2.4 pounds
12/05/2019 12:05PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies Holidaze

Total weight lost is now 104 pounds! Average is 2.4 pounds.

Caitlin H.

12/04/2019 10:31AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies Holidaze
I’m struggling guys !! Full honesty !!! What do you do when you need to find the pep in your step again ??

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Grace M.

To be honest Jennifer you're right. I just need to keep going!

Marivel R.

Looking through photos helps me. Doing before and after shows how the small changes I make help in the long run.

Normally, when I’m completely off track I start with the basics and work my way up. I tell myself just get to the gym. If I’m there for 15 min or less that’s fine. As long as I just get there.

I eliminate one thing to eat from my day. Whether it’s one soda or saying no to the donut. As long as I can do it for one thing then my mind remembers I can do it for two.

It’s such a hard journey but the fact that y’all are in the bet means you can still do it.


12/03/2019 6:32AM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!
If y'all would allow me to vent for a moment, I am beside myself.

Yesterday, I told my obese and diabetic (68 yo) mother that I won my challenge and her response was "oh good, you can go back to eating correctly". Unfortunately, I lost it with her and I am very upset with myself for losing it, but she just doesn't get it. I just can't talk to her about it anymore.

We started this year out in a weight loss challenge together, but she dropped out and left me to do it by myself. I've been watching my calories (every bite gets weighed and recorded), I've been intermittent fasting, drinking at least a gallon of water each day and I've been walking 10k + steps per day. She thinks and had told me she thinks that this is all wrong and unhealthy. She listens to Doctor Oz's advice. My own doctors are on board with everything I'm doing and have told me to keep it up. She is too bothered to record her calories, so she really doesn't have a clue how much she is actually consuming, which is far more than she thinks it is. I know this from experience now.

I have thankfully lost 16.3 pounds since the start of this challenge and I am going to lose 15-20 more during another transformer so that I am never overweight again. I'm 46 years old, I have to lose it now or I probably never will.

Thanks to everyone here for the support and encouragement. It makes it a lot easier to do this with others in the same boat. I hope to see some of you in another transformer when this one ends.

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Jacquellyn C.

She’s probably just projecting her guilt at you. Mother/daughter relationships are tough. I’m not someone to give much advice. But for your own sanity, see it for what it is. Give her grace and understanding. She may even be jealous of you. Great job!!


She isn't happy with herself and jealous of your success

Clara P.

12/01/2019 3:48PM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!
What percent of overall beginning weight do we have to lose to still be eligible to compete in the final pot for this month?

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Clara P.

Fantastic! Thank you :heart: But to win the month, you need 10% right?

Amanda P.

Yeah. To qualify for round 6, you need to have lost 6%. But to win round 5 and 6, you need to lose 10%

Karen K.

12/01/2019 12:22PM in reSOLUTIONs Reset — Win $5,000 in Prizes!
I stepped away from this challenge this time. So much going on in my life that my health coach said to step back from things. That being said, I’m happy that I didn’t really regain back up to 312 pounds. I’m a little over 300, but I haven’t really tried, so I’m grateful to not have those extra 10 pounds I had earlier this year. I have appreciated the support here and my slight depression is getting better. I look forward to doing another challenge here soon when I’m in a better place. God bless and good luck/congratulations to those of you who had success this time. I wish you a love-filled holiday season.

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Rebecca B.

Without mental health, physical health is worthless. Feel better, and the rest will follow when you are ready.

Colette S.

It’s important to recognise what’s right for you at the time, glad you know to take a break when needed. Hope you have a peaceful holiday time and thanks for wishing us on.
Jenifer Louise accepted the challenge.
11/27/2019 8:22AM in Pre Xmas Trim Down with Lish
The pot is now $930

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11/26/2019 5:26AM in Pre Xmas Trim Down with Lish
Would you guys be interested in setting a group chat on Instagram? Drop your insta handle below for you’d like so we can follow each other and DM me on IG to join the group chat! ♥

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Jenifer Louise

That sounds fun! I’m in! @jeniferlouise

Shirley R.

Great idea!!

Gabrielle B.

11/25/2019 7:08AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • This is the first bet I've won!!! So proud of myself ???? I'm not big on posting but thank you guys for all the motivation these past few weeks

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congrats!! make healthy choices during the upcoming holidays !!


11/22/2019 8:22AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • Breakfast today was eggs and some organic slices potatoes that I topped with sugar free hashbrowns! I also chose to season my eggs with some garlic and herb mrs dash salt free seasoning! Eggs have always been a staple in my diet and an easy protein source! Super easy, quick, and healthy! Yum!

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Natascha C.

I like the creativity with which you prepare your dishes!

Jennifer D.

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