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10/16/2019 6:20PM in Summer Adventure Transformer - Win A Camping Tent!
Well, I'm a more than a pound overweight. I'm close. (190.9!) But I need to be at 189.1.

For me, it seems like consistency is more important than willpower. Avoiding evil carbs each day isn't hard. But I have avoid those carbs every day.

Next round! Onward!

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Stephanie G.

I agree about consistency being crucial. Just making up your mind that you’re going to live this way for the rest of your life and recognizing a stumble as just that...a stumble...is what helps me stay on track and stay consistent.

Stephanie G.

  • And thank you for the compliment on my post! I am having a blast. I’ll try to attach a pic that shows my full progress from before I started Dietbet.

Taylor H.

10/15/2019 8:10AM in Summer Adventure Transformer - Win A Camping Tent!
I was doing this contest with my mom to keep each other accountable. Her credit card expired and without any warning or chance to give new payment they kicked her out of the contest. :(

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Corri F.

That happened to someone else a few weeks ago (I may have seen it in the Facebook group not here). They contacted support@waybetter.com, and they reinstated the person in the game. Good luck!

Sandy B.

Yes, I feel sure they will take her back! Honestly, they want the money! Email them and let us know!

Debbie K.

10/02/2019 9:34PM in Fatgirlfedup's Sept Slimdown
My new inspiration to lose weight is that I Want To Live!! I ate my emotions for the last three years since the break up with the man I thought was my soulmate. Food (mostly sugar) became the love of my life....only to realize I was committing a slow suicide by allowing fat to encompass my organs, destroying my knees and hips and causing myself to get diabetes!! I was in an abusive relationship with food!
DietBet, hypnosis, healthy recipes and my will to start living my life again and getting my health back are now my inspirations!

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Kelly S.

I can totally relate! Proud of you for making the changes you need - you're inspiring!

Debbie K.

Thank you Kelly S. and Sandy B!!


09/24/2019 10:50AM in Fatgirlfedup's Sept Slimdown
  • NSV for me today was honestly just putting on makeup. After my first kid was born I really let myself go. After my second was born back in March I was determined to let myself be a priority and to practice self-love. Learning to love myself, even where I am in my journey, is difficult but helping me keep going instead of hating myself and giving up!

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Melanie L.

You are gorgeous :heart_eyes: good for you!! Keep it up!

Sandy B.

You look so pretty! :two_hearts::blush:


09/22/2019 2:52AM in Fatgirlfedup's Sept Slimdown
Hi everyone, i won my first ever dietbet last game with Lexi and keen to be doing another one! Just a question, I'm away at the moment and have different scales, will it be okay to do my initial weigh in with different scales to those I'll be doing my weigh out photos in?

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Paige B.

Yes you should be fine. :)

Sandy B.

I had to do that in the summer and it was fine. :)


09/21/2019 7:34AM in Fatgirlfedup's Sept Slimdown
Just weighed in! Hate seeing those numbers but I hope to stick with it this dietbet!!! Can I ask for some advice? I live in a very small town and everyone goes to one of the gyms and they judge me. Yes I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was 12, yes I’m still big, you don’t have to tell me, but they do and I want to switch gyms but I don’t know if I should be strong enough just to go and tell them to screw off. What should I do? I absolutely love going to the gym I love how I feel afterwards but I don’t love the emotional hangover after words from these people putting me down. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated! It gets me blue and that’s when I eat 😔

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Corie L.

Can someone go with you as support for when you switch gyms?
Can you hire a personal trainer? Tell them how you feel and they can help calm your emotions. Can you hire a personal trainer to come to your home?


Thank you everyone for your advice :heart::heart: I really appreciate it:heart: I went for my first walk on a trail last night with my friend. We did 1.2 miles. We are planning on going again tonight. Love you all and thank you for the support :heart::heart:

Vera Valiance

09/20/2019 6:26PM in Fatgirlfedup's Sept Slimdown
Is it really worth doing a 6 month long challenge? $20 a month for membership??

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Kathy j.

U never have to pay for a membership! Save the money. The chance of winning a prize from them is so slim

Sandy B.

I would opt out of the extra “membership” fee. I thought it was worth the regular fee. For the final payout I made a lot - more than double the cost of entering. I paid for the six months upfront to get the discount and so I couldn’t turn back. :)

Melanie L.

Wwighed in yesterday for a game and im trying to use that weigh in for today.. how do i do that!? I cant find the option on thw app or website

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Melanie L.

Ohhh got it! Thank you! I will get on my lap top instead! Ty!

Sandy B.

I didn’t know to do the above so I emailed to ask if I could use yesterday’s weigh in, and they put it in for me and approved me! :grinning:

Jacie S.

Screwed up. Was so close and then i decided to invite ppl over for a bbq. Now im so stuffed im incomfortable and im definitely not making my weigh in #selfsabotage

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Sandy B.

You have till Tuesday. It’s still possible! Drink lots of water!!!


09/15/2019 7:44PM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S END OF SUMMER SLIMDOWN - via android
Its looking like this will be the first diet bet i will not win.... my 4 year old nephew passed away very suddenly and it threw me out of diet mode and i went to comfort food as i always did in the past to make me feel better... so disappointed in myself. Good luck to everyone!!

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My condolences to your family.:heart:

Betsy D.

Oh how awful, I'm so sorry for your loss!
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