Niki S.

Get to a good place and be healthy

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Favorite Health Food: Fruit

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cycling

My Approach to Weight Loss: I'm going to become the best me possible

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Keto

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $468.14

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Niki S.

03/25/2020 7:23PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Won my first transformer in Feb 2020 and played a 4% game after and failed miserably and gained about 10lbs in the process. Time to become refocused on my journey! Good luck all! 😊

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Janet G.

Same here. I won a transformer and then gained a bunch of weight. Good luck to you!

Niki S.

03/05/2020 7:38PM in February Fat Fighters!
  • Once again I’m drenched thanks to Spinning! #SweatySelfie

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02/23/2020 8:38PM in February Fat Fighters!
Welcome to the dietbet game! I'm your host, Michael, and I'll be posting tips and advice along the way.

I let all my dietbet players download my E-Book, "The Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss" for free. Go to and use code "dietbet" at checkout to download your copy for FREE!

I wrote this book to help people just like you learn how to lose weight yourself. It teaches you in basic, easy to understand language how to lose weight and why it works. I hope it helps you guys out.

Let's start with introductions! Tell me where you're from and why you're playing this dietbet. I'll choose a random $10 winner next week!

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Kimberly G.

Hi there everyone! I’m Kimberly G from Fort Worth, TX. My BFF Jessica V and i discovered DietBet about year ago and after some great initial successes took some time off... and of course the weight started creeping back on. So we’re back, working to hold one another accountable but loving the extra accountability and commitment from being in a DietBet.


Kristen from Louisiana! I joined DietBet to hold myself accountable as I make fitness a priority again!

Niki S.

02/19/2020 5:46PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Told myself I would do better this round but maintained the same weight (exact weight needed) to win. Disappointed in myself for not losing more but happy that I was able to at least maintain and for making the weight!

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It's a victory nonetheless. And they all count. Proud of you.

Niki S.

01/20/2020 3:48PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Holy moly. Made it by the skin of my teeth. Literally the exact weight I needed to be. I know where I can do better plan to crush this month and beyond! Who is with me?!

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Absolutely. Just have to maintain now. We got this!

Christine W.

I hit mine exactly as well. I’m so excited to finish this thing.


10/20/2019 2:01PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Holy crap made it by .2 lbs! Whew!!

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Niki S.

Me too by .2! Lol


Congrats! Round 2 fail for me! Watch my Round 3 comeback, though! lol

Julie H.

10/19/2019 7:58AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Whoo hoo made Round #2 by the smallest margin 🎉🎉 on to Round 3💪

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Julie H.

LOL my margin was .1 :see_no_evil:

Niki S.

I was .2! Lots of walks and healthy eating to bring it home leading up to weigh in!

jennifer m.

09/25/2019 3:52AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Is there not a weekly prize this week? It will not let me submit my official weight this week.

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Niki S.

I was thinking the same thing and we all would have weighed in between last Thursday and Friday which would mean we are already in this week’s draw!


Niki is right, our official weight submission doubles up for this week’s submission based on what it said when we first started this competition

Chelsea B.

09/18/2019 10:42PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
What’s your favorite gym exercise? Something that you can’t do at home. I’m looking for a way to justify a gym membership this winter. I usually do YouTube fitness-yoga, aerobics, or trampoline jumping as well as long walks.

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Alivia F.

No need to justify. If you want to go to the gym then go.

Mel Danielle

I go to the gym because if I try to workout at home my dog and Kid think I’m playing and want to jump on me the whole time. Not that I don’t enjoy it but it gives me time to myself

Niki S.

09/16/2019 6:30AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
We are so close to round 1 being over. Whatever your reasons for being here you are here and we all got this! #itsalifestylenotadiet #healthyliving

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