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Favorite Health Food: Chicken Fajitas

Favorite Sinful Food: sugar frosting n cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking n lifting

My Approach to Weight Loss: caloric deficit

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06/28/2021 11:31AM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
I failed!!!
I started lifting heavy the past two weeks and weight has gone up!!!

Completely bummed out but I’ve lost a pant size so something is working:(

Bummed but right now the scale is not a good way to track for me now :(

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Lauren F.

That is still a win!

Elle C.

NSV I had the same thing happen when I started, once I combined it with tracking macro I was able to gain muscle and lose fat but it was not easy. Props to you lady!

Sarah W.

06/10/2021 3:30PM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
  • Everyday this week I've gotten up at 6 for a workout by myself and then in the afternoon I had another workout with my little helper. 💪

    I'm stronger than my excuses!

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Nana L.

Little girl is soo precious

Sarah R.

Great motivation’


06/03/2021 11:41AM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
  • My hike today... I am dead

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06/02/2021 11:12PM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
  • My best day yet!!!!!

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Ty liz

Kirstin M.

Great job!

Magdalena O.

06/01/2021 8:16PM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
This is my first DietBet. Pretty nervous 😫

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You can do it!!!

Emma-Sabrina K.

Me as well.


05/31/2021 12:00PM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
So excited for this diet bet!!!! I’m in and excited to see everyone’s progress! Good luck we got this!

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Sarah P.

05/26/2021 12:16PM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
👋 from Australia!
Bet by bet I'm getting closer to my goal weight for surgery! Only 55 days until i see the surgeon for tummy tuck and hernia repair operation! #75HARD is keeping in me check I'm on day 26 today!

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Sarah G.

Fellow Aussie (living in the USA) here, luck to us both :)

Ash J.

Awesome!! Just bought the book!!


05/26/2021 11:55AM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
Hi Team! Happy to see everyone who is here already and some repeat players from previous games. May has been a hard month for me emotionally & mentally.. well in all honestly in every way possible it's just been HARD. I have been stuck in a rut. Good news is I have been able to keep up with my nutrition and exercise but it takes a lot to get me motivated. I know that the habits I have built for myself over the years are definitely what are keeping me in check and I am proud of myself for that. I am looking forward to this new month. A fresh start right after the holiday weekend. What's everyone's plans for Memorial day weekend? Hope its long and relaxing and helps you prepare for the next 4 weeks of our game. Make sure to invite a friend/family member OR even a co worker to join our game not only to boost the engagement here in our game but to help support you through your game. Everything is better with a friend by your side. Game starts in a few days make sure to write a bit about yourself and please update your display picture.

I wanted to share this quote by Joe Rogan that I read this morning. It truly makes so much sense and I am interested in hearing what your thoughts are on it. The more I read it and think about it the more it hits me. The one thing in my life that I currently take the most pride in is how I have been able to control my nutrition and this has truly been the hardest obstacle for me through my weightloss. I know now that I can control all other parts of my life. Assuming those parts are in my control that is :)

“If you can control what you eat, you can control all other aspects of your life.” – Joe Rogan

- Franny

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Sara B.

Love that quote! I’m also looking forward to a new month. Both my kids have been sick so this weekend has been exhausting and frustrating. Looking forward to next week and getting back into my routine.

Kayla E.

I’ve also been stuck in a rut for quite some time as well. I’m excited to start this diet bet to take control of my health and fitness journey.


05/24/2021 1:24PM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
Yay so excited to join! This is my second diet bet!!!! I’m hoping that this game will have more participation from host and players than my last one did!

Yay good luck to all!!!

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Jordan M.

My second one as well! Let’s do this :muscle:
Ketomorphisis accepted the challenge.
05/24/2021 1:23PM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
The pot is now $770

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