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Anna Banana

12/06/2020 7:58AM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Turning 50 this year and ready to look fit.
Started WW, took body measurements, took before pics, joined a StepBet challenge, and started a daily walking and weightlifting routine for accountability last week.
Lost 6 pounds and 3 inches!

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Seems you found a way that works for you

Zelda A.

Amazing good for you!!!

Fawn L.

12/04/2020 3:26PM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Today I crossed 71,000 meters rowed since Thanksgiving Day, as part of a challenge to row 200,000 meters by Christmas Eve. As soon as I cross 100,000 meters, money starts being donated, to Doctors Without Borders, for each extra meter rowed. This is helping me to lose weight and get to my goal. Yay!!
    Happy holidays!!


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Tisha A.

Awesome! Great job!!


What kind of rowing machine do you have? Where did you find the challenge?


11/29/2020 10:36AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
Guess what!!!! I'm going home!!!! I get to see my babies!!! I've been in here almost the whole game. I never even weighed in. Guess I can't not meet my goal if I never had a goal 😂 Did I mention I'm going home?!?! I get to hug my kids and see my dogs and my Christmas trees and my bed! I get to feel the sunshine on my skin!! Im so freaking excited!!

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Love you guys so much :heart::heart: Thank you for sharing in my excitement.
Roni, yes!!! All the important things!!!


Amazing news, safe travels!

Mara M.

11/29/2020 2:13AM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I know I would have given up right now if it wasn't for Dietbet. I'm not sure why though, things are going great and I'm still losing weight, but I am really struggling with staying motivated to track my calorie intake. Any tips?

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Tisha A.

I have a love-hate relationship with counting calories. Lol. I love NicolWithoutAnE's comment. Oftentimes I have found that some foods are more "expensive" than I had imagined. Counting calories is much easier with a tracker app like My Fitness Pal. It tells you how many you have left for the day as you enter/eat your foods. I also think Katie B has a great idea about entering your meal ahead to see how many calories your foods have that you are planning to eat. You can always delete what you don't eat or change your mind. Fantastic idea. I also read in a book (Fit Gurl by Melissa Alcantara) that you should just track them (your calories) without doing anything to change them for about 2 weeks first, just to see what you're eating..to see and learn how many calories the regular things you're eating are. It is very eye opening. For example, one of my favorite things to eat out is salad, but most restaurant dressing is extremely high in calories....like 200 calories for 2 Tbsp. I hate counting calories because it is time consuming, but I love it because I learn a lot, find it fascinating, and best of all, I get the best results. I hope this helps a little.

Fawn L.

Everyone is different and finding your motivation is key!! Accountability is my driver, so this really works for me!! Hang in there; you are not alone!!:blush:


11/25/2020 10:10AM in Thanksgiving Trim Down w/ KatiesLosingIt2019
The next game is set up to start on January 4, so everyone enjoy the holiday season and I hope to see you there!!


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Thanks for letting us know! Added to calendar.


Woohoo, can't wait to play again. After a nice break for the holidays lol.


11/25/2020 10:08AM in Thanksgiving Trim Down w/ KatiesLosingIt2019
Ok guys, here are the prize winners.  Congratulations!  Please send me an email at katieslosingit@gmail.com so that I can get your information and get the prizes to you.

Week 1 Step Challenge $15.00 Amazon Gift Card Winner:
Brittany K

Week 3 Water Chalenge $15.00 Amazon Gift Card Winner:

Healthy Swap Post $10.00 Paypal Cash Winners:

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Awesome. Thank you


This made my night, thanks!

Sarah S.

11/21/2020 7:08AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
  • #SaturdayShenannigans

    I defy anyone to be having a more pointless day. We have had a new bathroom installed (pics in comments). The fitter made so much dust taking up the old floor even the luggage in a cupboard is coated in dust. For the last 4 hours I have been removing dust from pretty much every item I possess!!! 😤😬

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Jennifer B.

Bathroom looks great!


Oh dear about the dust, but enjoy your new bathroom! :)


11/17/2020 10:45AM in Thanksgiving Trim Down w/ KatiesLosingIt2019

*** $10.00 CASH PRIZE ***

Good morning everyone, happy Tuesday! Share in a comment on this post your favorite healthy choices or swaps when eating out. Fast food or sit down restaurants...what is your go to healthy meal on the go? Two random players in the comments will win $10.00 paid through PayPal. Winners will be announced in the Prize Post the last week of the game.

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Kasandra S.

I love reading these comments! So many ideas! I don’t do too much swapping. I usually try to stay low calorie when going out to eat and just get a soup. Or if I do get a decent entree, I only let myself eat half! The other half I take home for a meal at a later date


Cutting spicy mayo out of sushi
cheerio has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 7.4 pounds
11/15/2020 8:51PM in Thanksgiving Trim Down w/ KatiesLosingIt2019

Total weight lost is now 47 pounds! Average is 1.9 pounds.

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11/15/2020 10:06AM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I HAVE to get back on track. Last year about this time I started my first transformer and did great for a few months and then covid hit and I got all kinds of derailed. I've gained all that progress back and then some, so I'm here to get control again.

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Well the important part is to realize your mistake and to get back on track


We’ve got this. Finding a community that will help you achieve your goals during a pandemic is a beautiful thing!
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