To reach a healthy BMI

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: I don‘t categorize my food like that.

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Nordic Walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat less, move more, always enjoy life

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Runtastic, Fddb

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $621.71

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
-0.3% Since last weigh-in-0.4 lbs
-2.1% 1-Month Change-3.7 lbs
+11.8% Lifetime Change+18.1 lbs

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07/08/2021 6:34AM in Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!
So, Round 1 goal seems reachable for me at 88% now, but if I‘ll make the goal in my kickstarter that ends the same day? Who knows, but probably not. First I was bummed about it, but know I think it was still a good investment in my health, because 80% of a goal is still a good thing, and I probably wouldn‘t have pushed myself enough to reach at least the Round 1 goal if it weren‘t for that kickstarter. So I‘ll count it as some sort of a win. And I‘m relatively sure that I would make it if I hadn‘t skipped workouts for all of week 2, which is motivating for the next Kickstarter I began yesterday.

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Vegan Dad

The one thing I don't like about dietbet is the time limit. Its necessary for the game, but at the same time it can make people feel like they have lost if they don't hit there goal even if the reality is progress. Good luck, I find that workouts help me more mentally than they do with weight loss. Diet is key for me. You can't out run a bad diet.

Keith A.

A couple of Kickstarters did motivate me before I got in multiple Transformers to do the same thing. The 4% was really stressful though, and even though I made it, I've pretty much ruled them out for the future.

One of the perks of membership is that you can be in Member Only games, and they either have longer time periods to reach your goal, or goals that require less to lose. You won't make much money on them, but again, it's not about the money, is it?!?

Mi'Oshi S.

07/07/2021 7:19AM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! June 15th Challenge!
Who’s got tips on period bloat? I think It’s going to be an issue for me during weigh in 😩

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Here it‘s also drinking a lot of water - helps with swelling/bloating and with digestion, which is also an issue for me during period.

Kayla F.

It's water for me too!

Jenn and Kandice

07/06/2021 2:42AM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! June 15th Challenge!
  • How are things going? Are you making progress with your goals, or is it time time to reevaluate?

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Making progress, but not sure if it‘s enough to win this. Although this morning, things looked not undoable on the scale. Anyways, readjusting is not an option right now, I don‘t want to obsess over what I eat, „everything in moderation“ has to be it at the moment.


Progress is slow. My body is at that point (and age!) where it likes to hold onto weight. I had to completely switch things up to see any weight come off. Hoping I’ll make the goal!

Keith A.

06/29/2021 10:35AM in Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!
  • Here's my story - I hope someone finds something in here that will help them, because as much as I want to lose the weight, I want to see others experience success as well!

    I've struggled with weight for most of my adult life. I have had times where I lost a lot of weight - I once lost 130 pounds using Nutrisystem, but for me it wasn't sustainable after I stopped getting the food. In 2018, I started a rigorous walking/running program along with counting calories and by July had lost 80 pounds, and then my knee crapped out, and not being able to run/walk - plus the depression that injury caused - meant the weight came back.

    I had my right knee replaced on December 26, 2019 - which turned out to be the best Christmas present I could give myself. Through rehab, I got back to where I could walk again without pain (although running was out, since that would wear the artificial knee out faster). In the hospital that night after surgery, I was weighed, and the number was 408 - the highest I had ever been.

    I lost a little of that weight during rehab, but needed more. On September 18, 2020, I started using Noom, and it literally saved my life! I was able to unlock some of the mental hurdles I'd had in my previously unhealthy lifestyle, and look at food and "dieting" differently, and the weight started coming off.

    I'd been in Dietbet games before, so I joined the giant Transformer that started on January 1 of this year - we are just a couple of days from finishing that one. During the six months of that Transformer, I've lost over 60 pounds, and the support from the group has been incredible!

    Today's picture is me down 106 from when I started Noom, and 122 overall. I have a long ways to go, but I believe I have the tools and the determination to get the rest of the weight off and start learning some maintenance! This game goes through December, and I hope we continue to share with each other, since it's much more fun to lose as a group!

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Thank you for sharing your story! I‘ve seen advertising for Noom, but hadn‘t heard of someone using it. Maybe I‘ll have to look into it...

Biking Syl

Amazing success!! And thanks for motivating everyone! That was so helpful in the past transformer!


06/19/2021 3:29PM in Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!
4th day, 4th workout, plus new running shoes because the old ones had become junky. Tomorrow night might bring a thunderstorm, so I did it tonight. Tomorrow morning on the other hand might bring a welcome number on my scale, so yay :-)

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Keith A.

Love getting new shoes, since that means I've worn out the old ones with lots of hard work! Good luck on the scale tomorrow!


06/17/2021 1:35PM in Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!
I did it, got my poles out yesterday and used them in the evening and tonight, so 2 days in the bet, 2 workouts. Hydrating went decently, too, but I‘ll drink another huge cup of tea now on the couch with my knitting.

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Keith A.

Excellent! You're already started creating new habits! Keep it up!

Jenn and Kandice

06/17/2021 12:35AM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! June 15th Challenge!
  • Let's talk a minute about exercise! What is your go-to workout? Please, give us some ideas of what workouts you like to do, that keeps you motivated.

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Mi'Oshi S.

I love vinyasa yoga but number one will always be dance

sandra t.

Walk, walk, and walk!

Jenn and Kandice

06/14/2021 11:41PM in *TRIPLE* YOUR WINNINGS! June 15th Challenge!
  • Yay! It's day number one!

    I'm so glad you're part of this awesome group. Some of you are beginning your weight loss journey, some are nearing the end, or maybe you're somewhere in the middle. Most likely you have a number in mind as your ultimate goal weight! But, no matter how close you are to that, a plan to succeed is so beneficial. My challenge for you is share your plan to re-inspire yourself and others, or sit down and form a plan if you haven't yet. If you're at the beginning think of just one thing you can do today to make yourself healthier as a starting point, no matter how small. That success will propel you forward. Think small goals that will lead you to your big goals! And just for fun let us know where you're from. I'm in Southern UT!

    Let's get going, and have a great game!

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Yaribel R.

Hey, I’m from NYC and my goal is to be consistent. I have a hard time staying consistent with food, exercise, etc. and I think consistency is the key to success :)


We r from all over, here in Harrisburg area of PA, really want to change things with my eating habits to better healthier meals & hope to get running again, COVID struck me bad 6 mos ago & my lungs taken time to recover but feel I'm ready as fast walking & biking