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Anders R. has weighed in at 205.7 pounds, up 2.6 pounds
11/16/2020 6:05AM in Get Healthy with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese

now at 26% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 13,171 pounds! Average is 2.8 pounds.


10/13/2020 5:23AM in Stay accountable with GetfitwJessica
I’ve really had to work hard at the end of the last 2. My first two were stupid easy. This one... well. We will see.

I need to sustain my intensity better.

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You are not alone.... let's do this.

Anders R.

Know the feeling - just ran 10 miles - lets see if it helps :thumbsup:


10/08/2020 3:22PM in Stay accountable with GetfitwJessica
I only just got glasses for the first time in 50 years about 18 months ago, for close up work, as I was having to hold my phone at nearly full arms length to read it. Glasses worked a treat to fix that.

Even before my diabetes diagnosis on 17th Sept this year, I'd noticed my eyesight getting noticeably worse, since about start of July. My phone was now blurry at ALL arm lengths, and I could only read it at arms length even WITH glasses! Doc advised me that diabetics can lose their sight, so this rapid change was quite worrying.

Since August, I've (mostly) changed my lifestyle, changed my diet, and started to REALLY intelligently supplement, and obviously started statins and metformin from 23rd September.

And you know what? I can again read my phone WITHOUT glasses at normal distance, and even quite close with glasses. My eyes are now better than they were when I first got glasses! Next doc appointment is in December, for a HbA1c check, will bring it up then.

Has anyone experienced eyesight improving like this??

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Anders R.

That sounds wild !!!

Jamie B.


Jen B.

10/07/2020 7:08AM in Stay accountable with GetfitwJessica
11 days left. I’ve met 65% of my goal. How is everyone doing?

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I'm at 60% with ten days left. Perhaps a little behind but nothing to worry about just yet. Scale isn't moving but I need to stop checking every day - it's bad for me!!


Nice!! I’m at 90% I can’t walk much cause of my foot I have to really concentrate on my eating at this point