Andi M

I want to be healthy for my family

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Greek salad

Favorite Sinful Food: cheeseburger

My Preferred Method of Exercise: hiking

My Approach to Weight Loss: macros

My Diet Plan: Mediterranean Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: FitBit

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
-0.1% Since last weigh-in-0.2 lbs
-2.9% 1-Month Change-4.4 lbs
+9.5% Lifetime Change+12.8 lbs

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Kari S.

11/26/2021 12:36PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
I'm really struggling mentally today. I've been having a really hard time losing weight lately which has affected my motivation. But last week was good- so good! I kept up with my workouts, my nutrition was 👌👌. Still lost ZERO pounds. But that's ok (I keep telling myself)- I just gotta stick with it. Then yesterday... I feel like crap, I'm super bloated. Mentally, I feel like the last two weeks were pointless. It's a struggle to do anything but scroll on my phone today. So here I am, half dressed in workout clothes in my closet. I know I should get outside to some fresh air, get my heart pumping and get some sunlight (it's 80 and sunny where I live) but am finding it difficult to put on my shoes. I hate this feeling. My heart says I've failed and to give up, my brain says "this will pass. Just put on the shoes and go outside. One step at a time." I'm sharing this in hopes that there maybe someone who feels the same as I do today and for them to know (for me too) that we are not alone. I typically only post my successes- but I thought today I should be real.

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Thank you so much for sharing. I feel like we don’t talk enough about this side of diet/exercise/life in general.
I want you to know that everyone feels this way at some point or another. Some of us more frequently than others. You are definitely not alone, and sometimes just the step that you’ve already taken of voicing your feelings can be so helpful.

Marlisa B.

Such a relevant post & such great responses! I’ve been feeling this as well & draw comfort knowing I’m not alone.


11/21/2021 6:39PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
I hit my round 2 goal a week late but at least I got there. Feeling like a winner even though I didn’t win this round.🏆 Now just have to find the motivation to find myself in the winners’ pool this round. Good luck, everyone!

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Andi M

Me too!!! Both rounds I reached my goal the week after


11/18/2021 6:27AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!

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Andi M

I’m so excited I won something!!! I can’t wait to try some new yummy snacks.

Jane S.

11/11/2021 8:30AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
This game has been so quiet! Is that because everyone forgot about it? Or because everyone is doing so well, they don't need any extra motivation? Or, are we just too busy?
How's everyone feeling about this weekend's weigh in?
I think I'm going to make it, but I'm going to have to be VERY strict with myself until then.

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Alice B.

I’m slowly inching my way to a better me… I hope you’re all hanging in there. Dieting is going great, exercising… not so much.

Norske Girl

I made it but it is tough. 3% for 2 months in a row is a lot on your body and mind. I am more of a slow and steady

Amanda F.

11/03/2021 11:01PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
  • Now if only I could eat them without pie 😂😂

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Jane S.

Maybe some kind of baked apples for dessert? Or a cobbler with minimal topping? Or you could go super healthy and add them to salads or oatmeal.

Andi M

I love to cut them up and sprinkle with cinnamon and pop in the oven for awhile. Makes the house smell amazing and tastes good.

Doc h.

10/30/2021 8:21PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Two weeks in this round, how are we feeling? I have about a pound and a quarter to make it, and if my trend keeps up, I should make it just fine!

How's everyone else doing?

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Jane S.

I'm on track, but it still might be a little treacherous at the end. Good for all of you who are already very close to the goal. I'm jealous!

Alice B.

Getting there ... but I need to push myself harder. After months of dieting, it is getting more difficult. I am not planning on giving up, though.


10/21/2021 4:48PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Super disappointed! Saved up some calories to have pizza from our favorite place tonight, haven’t had it in awhile. But it was way over cooked and really sparsely topped!! Argh. So not worth the wait 😩

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Alice B.

It will taste wonderful once you’re done with the whole dieting.

Mekenzie S.

:100: had this happen a couple weeks ago. Instead of opting for my go to I looked at the nutrition facts and chose pepperoni over my ranch pizza to save calories, carbs, blah blah blah. AND IT WAS NOT GOOD! Therefore it didn’t curb my pizza craving. I was so maddddd!


10/20/2021 6:40AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!

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Andi M

I’m a member and have updated my weight on Wednesdays with the picture and secret word, but this morning I’m not seeing that option


10/18/2021 12:22PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Dozen donuts on my desk for bosses day. Ate two out of obligation, then gave the rest to employees and students. I ate the Milk Duds too. Ugghh.

No sweets rest of week??

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Peter C.

Oh man. Milk duds are my nemesis!

Lea M.

Yeah, I'm not sure there is any winning over milk duds. One strategy I used when I was in an office setting was to take a cookie or donut or whatever and put it in a bag for later. That way I didn't feel too deprived and if I had a treat planned for that night or the weekend I had something good.

Lola S

10/14/2021 7:33PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
I won this first round of the Transformer, but it certainly wasn't because I was trying exceedingly hard. I won in the worst way possible. My husband of 26 years passed away suddenly last week from a heart attack. I haven't been able to eat.

I have tried to lose weight using Dietbet several times in the past, but I have never succeeded. Last month I decided that I truly was going to lose weight in order to feel and look better for both myself and my husband. I am going to continue on this journey, but I'm going to have a hole in my heart the whole time. I miss him with all my being.

You know how everyone always thinks it will never happen to them? That was me. We were building our dream home for our future retirement and life was exciting and we had things to look forward to. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. Be sure to tell your loved ones that you appreciate them and that you love them. You just never know what the next day will hold.

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Jason W.

So terribly sorry to hear of your loss. Sending my deepest sympathies and warmest wishes of peace and comfort.

Laurin F.

I am so sorry. I can’t imagine - and I can tell he was truly your soul mate. Keep moving forward in whatever way you can, not just in DietBet but in life. :heart:
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