I'm so tired of being out of shape! It has been 17 years since I felt good about my fitness, and, now that I am turning 50 (!) this year, it is high time to just do it!

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Favorite Health Food: Bananas

Favorite Sinful Food: Donuts

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Beachbody workouts, elliptical machines.

My Approach to Weight Loss: 21DF app, Beachbody coaches & challenges

My Weight Loss Program: Beachbody

My Diet Plan: 21DF

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, 21DF

Fitness Devices: Garmin Vivoactive HR

DietBet Winnings: $1,294.69

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11/18/2021 4:08AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
Ugh. The weight loss is getting harder. It came off so easy at the beginning. However, I do have a full menu for Thanksgiving that’s going to allow me to stay on my diet plan, so there’s that. What is your plan for the holiday? Do you have a way to keep it healthier?

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Nice way to take charge Likelizzy! We are going to my in-laws in Texas. Fortunately, they put me in charge of the veggies which means they won't be swimming in cream or butter! I'll be getting some kind of workout in beforehand which will help keep the metabolism up.

Anthony Q.

11/17/2021 4:41AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
Bad news, I did very poorly on my dietbet this month, again. My weight is exactly where it was last month.

The good news, my weight stayed exacatly where it was last month, despite avoiding the weekly accountability of weigh-in and pretty much throwing constraint out the window during Halloween and a birthday and while decreasing my usual exercise routine. :(

Here's to a new month, a more focused and successful month. 👏

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Hang in there! If you can get back the accountability it will really help you stay on track


Sounds like you’ve got a got plan to reset. New month!

Jillian H.

11/16/2021 6:33AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
I was so upset the first 2 weeks of this month the scale wasn’t budging, so I added the step bet and really focused on my diet.

I ended up skipping the 3rd week weigh in because I didn’t want to be upset.

I just weighed in 7 lbs down!

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Nice! Congratulations!

Melinda S.

Great job! You focused and stayed the course and it paid off.

Melinda S.

10/27/2021 4:34AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
My body is very sensitive to what I eat. It is very hard to eat healthy whenever the rest of the house is eating fattening food. Fixing two separate meals is tiring.

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Shelby S.

Maybe the whole house needs to get healthier too. They can fix their own meals if they don’t like what you make them. My family eats what I eat and make


Has your family tried spaghetti squash? That seems to be one thing that most picky eaters will love!


10/26/2021 7:58AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
I do not know what is up with my body. I lost several pounds, then gained several pounds back suddenly. Not doing anything differently...maybe it’s water weight but I don’t know why. Not like I’m eating potato chips.

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What Shelby said. For example, I took my bc pill a few hours late, went up 3 lbs for a week :sweat_smile:


Not getting enough water daily definitely affects me that way!

Anthony Q.

10/17/2021 5:24AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
Was a tough month 2, instead of losing the 4lbs I needed I gained 4 😒. Need to improve my eating game, I have a lot of catch up to do to still make the six month challenge, I can do it.

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Month 2 was definitely hard, but I love your attitude to continue to work towards your goals! Keep your Big Picture foremost in your mind! Good luck!

Melinda S.

You can do this!


10/16/2021 8:32AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
Had Thanksgiving last weekend and struggles to rebound all week. I didn’t eat bad but noticed my sodium intake was pretty high so I’m thinking that’s what has made the scale higher. I was about .5 over so I couldn’t weigh in this morning. Going to hydrate, eat well, and get a good night sleep and hopefully can have a successful weigh-in tomorrow.

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Great strategy! Good luck!

Michelle O.

10/16/2021 5:28AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
Holy crap... Made my goal weight exactly! That was a nail bitter. This was not a great month for me and a bit lesson learned that maintaining for three weeks and then hitting it hard to lose two pounds in a week is definitely not the best approach. 😂 Bring on round 3!

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Even still, nice work! I felt like I did the same thing - my weight was up and down 2-3 pounds constantly so I had a hard time figuring out what my final was going to be. A bit stressful!

Melinda S.

Way to go!


10/15/2021 11:06AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
Less than 1kg to go. I think I’ve never had the exact weight, tomorrow I’m going for bullseye :)

If everything goes well next month I’ll be down exactly 50kg in almost 3 years :O

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That’s awesome! Congratulations


Incredible! That is truly amazing!

Cari R.

10/12/2021 7:14AM in Block Party Transformer - Win a Backyard Party Package!
What does everyone do for weight loss? Ie; Keto, WW, etc? I have done Keto in the past and lost 24 lbs but quickly gained 1/2 of that back along with some medical issues. I am currently trying Noom and I am not seeing any results. It’s extremely frustrating.

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Kassandra P.

I'm on WW, it's the easiest for me (you can eat/drink anything) and it works.


Noom became a game changer for me, not during but after finishing the key programm of 3 months... I am counting calories and keep a deficit between 300 and 800. More gives me binge eating attacs... And I am doing various kinds of power yoga: centered calmness, stretching and muscel workout at the same time...
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