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Syd Journey

05/22/2019 11:55AM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$
  • **Pinned Instagram Post**
    Hey Strong Squad! Go ahead and post your Instagram below so we can check out your page and support you! Also feel free to tag me on your IG posts and stories! I love seeing your progress :) My IG is @syd_journey. Use #sydsdietbet <3

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Krystal B.




Syd Journey

06/17/2019 9:10AM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$
  • Can someone please tell me where the time has gone? Because I cannot believe that we are already going into week #3 !! I hope everyone is staying focused and motivated to get through these next two weeks! I know we can do this Strong Squad! First off a big congratulations to our two winners of the Food Tracking Challenge: Lauren Nichols and Natasha (verified DB member). Also another congrats to our two weekend challenge winners: Kathy Desir and Kelly Marie. Winners please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com to claim your $10 Amazon Giftcards.

    Since Im very much a creature of habit, you will notice that I like to repeat some of my past challenges since they help so much!! Plus this next challenge involves a pretty awesome prize if I do say so myself! So, here we go! The WATER CHALLENGE! I attached a chart to help anyone that is not sure how much water they should be drinking daily. Personally I try to hit 100 ounces which includes water, sparkling flavored water, tea, etc. This challenge will go from Monday-Sunday or Saturday if you are in another time zone. One winner will get a 21oz Hydroflask water bottle of a color of their choosing! Another lucky winner will get a $10 Amazon Giftcard. You can post daily that you met your water goals or wait until the end :) . Completely up to you! I will check the DietBet and Facebook wall daily so feel free to post at either. Winners will be chosen Monday morning 6/24/19 PST. Lets get HYDRATED!

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Water challenge completed EVERY week... it's just a norm now :)

Mary M.

my water challenge has been completed daily in case i forgot to post this

Syd Journey

06/10/2019 8:31AM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$
  • Good Morning Strong Squad!! First off WOW! I am absolutely blown away by how many of y’all participated! That makes me so incredibly happy and inspired! So thank you :). Here are our three winners from the challenge: Elisabeth King, Smurf, and Clark P. Also congratulations to our weekend workout challenge winners: JulieAnn M and Sass. Winners please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com to claim your $10 Amazon Giftcard. Im so proud of everyone that participated! We made it past week #1 !! Awesome job everyone!

    Now onto the next challenge. This is something I struggle with a ton as Im sure others do as well: The actual diet portion of weightless. So hopefully this challenge will help all of us stay on track for week #2. The Food Tracking Challenge! This week I want for all of us to track our eating. You can either write it in a personal journal, use My Fitness Pal (thats what I personally use) or any app you choose. You can do a simple “ I tracked my food today” or you can use screen shots or even pictures of your meals. Feel free to post daily or you can wait until the end of the week to let me know you tracked everyday. Im fine with either :) Post on the DietBet wall or the Facebook page as I check both places daily. I will go ahead and pick two winners this week for a $10 Amazon Giftcard on Monday morning 6/17/19 PST. Good luck everyone and stay strong! We got this!!

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Paige H.

I love tracking my food, I do it every day!!

lisa s.

I track every day through my Fitbit app!
Megan accepted the challenge.
06/01/2019 4:30PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
The pot is now $165,720

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Syd Journey

05/10/2019 2:51PM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via iPhone
  • Weekend Challnege #3 is out early!! I’ll pick one winner for a $10 Amazon Giftcard on Monday morning 5/13/19 PST. I’m going to attempt sprinting on the treadmill so wish me luck!! Let’s go Strong Strong !!

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Darlene F.

I tried out curtesy lunges and one leg elevated hip raises ...I enjoyed adding variety, but I seriously hate lunges :joy:


I used the battle ropes for the first.

Syd Journey

04/29/2019 9:08AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$
  • Good Morning Strong Squad! I hope everyone had a great first week! I am absolutely blown away at how many of you really took this challenge seriously! It makes me so happy to see how active you all were. I was unfortunately sick last week with a horrible cold, but Im ready to get back to the gym! It was super inspiring to see you all really go after it! Proud of everyone :). With that being said, I want to give a big congratulations to our three winners of the week #1 challenge: Ashlea M, Samantha F (verified DietBet member) , and Rebecca Killoran. Also another big congratulations to our Weekend #1 Workout Challenge: ChunkyCanuck. All winners please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com to claim your $10 Amazon Giftcard.

    Now onto our next challenge! Another fan favorite. Drum Roll PLEASE …..THE WATER CHALLENGE! I'll be giving away two prizes during this challenge: One $10 Amazon Giftcard and a Hydroflask 21oz of your color choice. I attached a chart for you to see how much water you should be drinking daily. Please hit your water goal every day this week. I always notice a difference when Im fully hydrated and I hope you will too. It's so important to stay hydrated especially when we are being so active. So let's do this team!! I will go ahead and choose two winners Monday morning 5/6/19 PST. Feel free to share your progress on our Facebook or DietBet page. I will check both places daily. LETS GET HYDRATED!!!

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Cari P.

I seriously don't think I've ever drank this much water in my life, but I got it done and feel great!

kathy b.

130 oz in today

Syd Journey

04/22/2019 8:56AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$
  • HERE WE GOOOO!!!! Day after Easter and a Monday too??? Perfect time to get going with this DietBet game. Who else is ready and excited to start?? I know I am! After all the fun treats I had yesterday, I am beyond ready to get my booty back into shape. Before I get into our first challenge I would like to announce our first winners for the “Early Sign Up Reward”. Congratulations to Steph D. and Deana B. You both won a $20 Amazon Giftcard! Please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com to claim your prize.

    Alright Strong Squad….FIRST CHALLENGE: The Staying Active Challenge. This is one of my favorite challenges to kick off my DietBet games! I challenge each and every one of you to be active for at least 4-5 days this week (30-45 min workouts). You can do anything that gets your heart rate up: walking, running, swimming, fitness class, etc. This is a great way to establish a healthy habit to help you reach your goals this game. If you are new to exercising, I would recommend starting off by walking for at least 30 min a day. Walking is a great workout and it ultimately helped me lose my first 20lbs when I started my weight loss journey.

    I will go ahead and pick three winners for a $10 Amazon Giftcard on Monday morning 4/29 PST. Feel free to share your progress on our Facebook or DietBet page. I will check both places daily. LETS GET MOVING !!!!

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Kayla B.

Rosio R.

  • Walking 1 hour outside with my baby


04/22/2019 6:26AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via iPhone
I took a few months off for medical reasons and the weight may have come back, but I’m not going to be discouraged! Excited to join Lexi’s game again and be in such a motivational community 😊

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You have the right mind set! Good luck!


04/22/2019 6:23AM in Syd’s April to May Slay Diet Bet $$PRIZES$$ - via iPhone
Weigh-in complete! Now to get my booty in gear to shed some pounds. Hoping to get in a good leg workout tonight!

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