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Mireille A.

02/07/2021 10:15AM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Made protein pancakes today from 2 egg whites, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 100g of banana, and 30 g of fudge brownie protein powder. Topped with lite syrup at 50 cal for 2tbsps and some strawberries. Was actually really good!

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Lexy C.

Looks delicious!!

Jenna G.

Looks amazing!

Emma N.

02/07/2021 9:57AM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
Meals planned for the week. Now time to place my grocery order.

G - 4 ✔, R - 4 ✔, Y - 2 ✔, B - 1 ✔

B - G/R/Y/P tsp - Poached egg over asparagus on wheat toast w/side of berries
AM - G/R - cucumbers, turkey
L - G/R/Y/B/ tsp - spinach artichoke chicken casserole w/ side salad - recipe - https://pin.it/2ElybSh
PM S - P - grapes
D - G/R - steamed brocolli w/ grilled chicken

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Jenna G.

Do you have a recipe for the spinach artichoke chicken casserole? My hubby would love that!

Emma N.

Jenna G https://pin.it/2ElybSh

Lexy C.

02/03/2021 6:25PM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
Those who work out.. Do you consider yoga as apart of your weekly workouts or just extra/stretching?

I made a goal this week of working out 3 times this week and I did 21 Day Fix day 1 and 2 this week and today my work offered a yoga class. Do I count they clad as # 3 for the week or no?

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Renee B.

Same as above. I use it as an extra but necessary recovery day.


Personally, I count it. It doesn't typically burn as many calories as say cardio, but it's still healthy movement. And I always feel so good afterwards!

Helen B.

02/03/2021 5:51PM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Treated myself today! Thanks for the recommendation Ilana!

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Lexy C.

Where do you find this?

diana d.

I know you can buy them online....I’ve been wanting to try them.

Lexy C.

02/02/2021 8:19AM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
My goal this week is to work out 3 days and I just completed my 2nd day!!! Only 1 more day this week 😊😊

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diana d.

Congrats!! You can do it!

Jill G.

Great job! Keep up the good work.

Ilana Muhlstein

01/31/2021 3:04PM in Fearless February with Ilana Muhlstein
  • GAME ON!!! You bet I didn’t show up to brunch at my sisters house empty handed. Brought a broccoli salad that I knew I could fill up on. In it to win it baby!!! Who else is ready to slay this month!!!!!???

    Ps, I’m giving away 3 private zoom sessions to those who get the most people to sign up using their invite link! Last time I did that, the winners included people who only got 2 people to sign up so don’t be discouraged, send that link around. It adds more money to the pot and more inspiration for us to soak up. :)

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Robert W.

Go go


@Sunshine - you can do it! Check-in daily on this page for inspo, my fav piece of advice from Ilana is - dinner and done. I am an after-dinner/tv snacker so helps ne to brush my teeth and cut out mindless tv - read and journal in bed and keeps me out of kitchen. You got this!