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Favorite Health Food: Chicken salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Icecream 😍

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Zumba and walking 🚶‍♀️

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat right, walk a shit ton

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

DietBet Winnings: $105.68

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09/13/2019 10:18AM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
  • Who knew healthy looked so good? 😍

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Megan Rae

09/13/2019 9:23AM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
Who’s doing Mm100? And who is stacking them? Iv been stacking them and getting frustrated with the scale. I feel great but the scale messes with my mind. And this morning I wanted to throw it out the window. Especially on days that I feel like I did so good! And then the next morning the scale won’t show that. And now I feel like I’m failing with joining this diet bet.

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amy f.

I am on most days ! Scale does up and down here

Joanne J.

I am doing it and I noticed that I need waaaaayyyy more water than normal because of all the muscle that we are building in the program!!!!!
Stay the course!!! you’re doing great!!!
You got this!!!!!

Chaya R

09/13/2019 8:11AM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
it's been 2 days that i havn't lost or gained anything...im kind of stuck, but i'm hoping to do my best this weekend and see results!

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Keep your motivation up! Sometimes it takes a few days of consistency for your body to drop some weight!

Mary Sue

Stay strong- you will see the results Chaya!

Ellen B.

09/11/2019 3:34AM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
Yesterday I had some chips and a cookie in the afternoon. What I am so proud of myself for is that I stopped eating them and then had my protein and veggie dinner and was done. In the past I would always say “well I blew it so I might as well blow the rest of the day”. I didn’t do that, I stopped wrote down what I ate and then Continued to drink water and finished my day with a great dinner and done.

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That's the hardest thing to do!!! Good job!

Shannon P.

Way to go!! :raised_hands:

Chaya R

09/10/2019 7:53PM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
what are some snacks i can snack on at night...between dinner and bed i have at least 4-5 hours...i get so hungry

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Drinking a lot of water plus non-carb snacks always works for me! Plus only eating until you're not hungry anymore. Yogurt, apple sauce, a fruit, some nuts, some cut veggies, salad, etc

Kelly T.

Try having hot tea if you are feeling like a snack or are having a sweet tooth. Dinner and done makes a big difference for me, I find if I’m eating after dinner it affects my weight loss. Don’t be scared to have a big healthy dinner. Full glass of water about 20 minutes before dinner lots of veggies and proteins to keep you full.


09/10/2019 7:07AM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!
Anyone doing Keto or low carb? I’m starting to feel like I should give it. I just want to get this weight off and keep it off.
Also anyone weigh in daily? I’m not sure if that is a good idea for me because I’m feeling a bit discouraged.

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I'm doing mostly keto. A bit of rice, cheese, chocolate & fruit. Whole foods & Low-Carb. No bread.

It is a huge help & my whole family actually did it for 2 years with major success. I am back at it & feel wonderful :) I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Erin B.

I've done keto before and had pretty good success (13# in 5 weeks). I'm trying to be more realistic and doing more low carb.


09/07/2019 7:40PM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
Anyone else on keto??
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I also do lo-carb. But not keto


I do! I think I’ll stick with it until I lose this last 10-20 pounds, then switch to Paleo.