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Leila A.

I want to be more active, and be able to train in Martial Arts.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Steak 🥩

Favorite Sinful Food: Sushi

My Preferred Method of Exercise: weight training 🏋🏽‍♀️

My Approach to Weight Loss: IF, carnivore diet and calorie deficit

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Mediterranean Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, Happy Scale

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $437.16

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-0.3% Since last weigh-in-0.4 lbs
-6.6% 1-Month Change-8.8 lbs
-8.2% Lifetime Change-11.2 lbs

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Carmen G.

10/09/2019 10:11AM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
Does anyone knows when are we going to know how much we won?

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They have to leave time for anyone who has to redo their weigh in. But yeah, I keep checking in top:laughing: Until 30 seconds after my final weigh in, I am totally cheering for everyone, but then I just go, uhhh I hope the prize is high!!!

Kristina C.

Well I lost so you ladies enjoy my $35 :joy: I was so close and didn’t make weight until this morning, missed it by .5 yesterday!!

Alicia F.

10/07/2019 8:02AM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
I won the DietBet. Now how do I keep it off??

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Leila A.

Establish healthy parameters in your day to day life, no binging on food, keep an active lifestyle, and like Alyson and Denise mentioned, be part of another DietBet. Continue to participate until you reach your weight goal! And congrats on winning!

Alicia F.

Thank you ladies!

Megan Rae

09/27/2019 5:40PM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
Feeling discouraged. I started my cycle and now I’m worried it’s gonna make weighing in more daunting

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Leila A.

You can do it! Lots of water is what helps me

Mia Marajuana

Water water water!! Also try any anti bloat or pms meds as a worst case
Leila A. accepted the challenge.
09/19/2019 9:07PM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
The pot is now $69,840

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Jessica K.

09/19/2019 5:04PM in Fall back into weight loss mode with Ilana
So, I’ve managed to gain 3lbs so far. So, I guess that’s good for you all. I didn’t take into account how much my birthday week would affect me! 🙈🙉🙊 Anyways, I’m pretty sure I can’t do 10lbs in 2.5 weeks...

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Don’t give up. That could be a lot of water weight. Focus on your next few days and see what happens. I bet those extra pounds and some are gone by Monday.

Kimberly S.

Happy birthday to you on the bright side. No way I will get my weight loss in either. Sigh. I super tried

Michelle E.

Kind of disappointed in myself and my friends. Went to them on saterday for a "braai" (braai is the afrikaans word for BBQ) and they al pressured me into drinking some alcoholic drinks which were full of carbs, calories and so on. Angry at myself for giving in and angry at them for not just respecting my decision. Next time i will make sure i have some dieting friendly alcohol. How do you handle it when you go out and your friends push you to eat and drink whatever?
The thing they kept on saying was "come on you deserve one cheating day you have been working so hard" but what they don't get is for me if i have one cheat meal it turns into one more and one more and so on

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I say “no thank you”. Repeatedly if necessary. And if they are particularly heavy handed I ask if they are still in high school, because peer pressure went out of style ages ago.


I say, “ Thank you, that doesn’t support my goals”. Then I will make myself a very large glass of ice water. Being the sober one always leads to opportunities to take the best photos and videos :-)

Don’t beat yourself up too hard. We have all been there. Just use it as a learning opportunity and keep moving forward.

Andrea T.

As long as I don’t go over 12% on this game I’m fine right?

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Leila A.

Yep! :D 4%-12% weight loss, you win!

Andrea T.

Thank you

Karen A.

My mom passed away 1 week ago today. I'm numb. I've been trying to eat right, but for the past few days, all I want is cookies and candy and pizza.

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So sorry for your loss. :purple_heart:

Lori H.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Grace N.

I am loving this intermittent fasting. It’s working for me so far. Thanks for suggesting using the app Zero. I am also watching what I eat and walking twice a week and one day in the gym. My challenge is drinking enough water. I only drink 32 oz/day most days. When I am focused, I drink 64 oz. Any suggestions how to drink more water?

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I purchased a water bottle that had time markings on the side which actually helped. It is a reminder to drink when I look at it.

Grace N.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I will try your tricks to drink more water and see what works for me.

Meranda G.

I'm at 71% and so excited. I'm going on my 3rd month post baby and down 54 pounds. I have a long way to go, but I'm off to a great start.

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Heather A.

That's amazing progress!

Leila A.

Thats awesome!!! Your hard work is paying off!
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