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Krystal K

09/25/2019 5:56AM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
  • The last few days have been a really hard battle in regards to my feelings of my weight loss and why I use weight to protect myself. I have had zero motivation And lost integrity with myself in not keeping my initial promise and goal of writing down my food. I haven’t been eating much and drinking only about 75% of water in the last few days.

    Today, I just want to stay in bed with my dog by my side. Safe. Quiet. Out of contact. My son left for work and I was watching YouTube of people painting gorgeous sceneries. Then stopped. Came in here to see what everyone else was doing and started to feel encouraged.

    Then I read my Why... My Why...
    ‘I am a strong, confident woman who is respected for my personal and professional integrity, values and knowledge. I am a warrior and a champion!

    I am active, healthy and fit! I go on all kinds of fun adventures together with my son, service dog, and friends in any venue.

    I am rich with my relationships and have friends and loved ones who surround me. I am open to meet man of my dreams who honours my strength, courage and determination while loving God.

    I manage my schedule and time efficiently and I am a valuable asset to the organizations I work and volunteer with. With personal and profession education and experience in trauma and emergency management, I have developed a vast tool box of skills to assist others in disaster and emergency preparedness.’

    I will not allow past abuse to influence my future. Going out for a walk and to train with my dog and then going to take some Autumn photos. My favourite season!!

Susan , LaToya Y. and like this photo.

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Heidi n Chris Powell

Love, love, love your post! You can totally do this!

Krystal K

  • Went out today and did training with my dog. Went for a nice walk and took lots of photos and met up with friends today. I felt safe and realized that I need to make the picture I posted with this post needs to be my screen saver on my phone so I can see it throughout the day :)

Emma H.

09/24/2019 8:04PM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
Something I’ve been thinking about during this challenge - it’s not really about the weight of fat/matter. It’s not that at all.

It’s really about shedding those underlying negative thoughts and emotions. For some they might be “triggers,” others “trauma,” or maybe even anger/fear/apathy.

Short term success might come from some good old self-will; but if those poor thoughts aren’t shifted, the foundation is still rocky.

I’m focusing on building a firmer foundation — catching the negative habits of thought first and saying “nope, not today” before the thought has a chance to become an action. Replacing anger with love, fear with faith, apathy with spirit, and anxiety with calm trust. Once those shift, the weight will take care of itself. ❤

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Cheryl L.

Love this so much! And something I needed to be reminded of. Thanks for the inspiration!

Heidi n Chris Powell

You've hit the nail right on the head!!!!


09/24/2019 2:12PM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
Everyday is a struggle, everyday is a new opportunity to make the right choices. 125 lbs over weight, not wanting to go places because not a piece of clothing fits the way I want it to. Not enough energy through the day without taking a nap. Maybe this time?

LaToya Y. , AJJumpingbean and like this comment.

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You are going to kill it! Keep the end picture in focus and you will push through everyday!


Thank you for all the positive comments, believe or not it does help.


09/24/2019 11:51AM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
  • Working at being 100% transparent right now because the way through healing is admitting that there is something to heal from.... this may get a bit long but I need to open my heart to the support a group like this offers!!
    August 18 I attempted suicide... I took a bunch of pills and prayed for my life to just be over.... thankfully the end result was not death and instead I was given a second chance at life and I am forever blessed for that opportunity...which is what led me here... finding ways to stay accountable to myself. Finding a why that really matters to me...and that why is ME and the value I have to offer to the world.
    I am a personal trainer that is 100 pounds overweight and then some... I want to change lives but I can’t do that if I can’t change my own first!!! So this challenge is me accepting where I’m at and putting in the work to change into the person I so desperately want to be and who I am supposed to be!!!
    I love creating my own programs but this time around I’m following the transform app workouts and taking the stress out of the plan....letting someone else guide me is just what I need right now and I am so thankful for the opportunity and the knowledge!!! Today was my first workout from the app and man did it feel so good!!!!
    99 days left in 2019 and I plan to take full advantage of every single one of them!!!

LaToya Y. , AJJumpingbean and like this photo.

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You are so strong! It’s awesome to hear that you’re enjoying creating the programs. Tap into that and harness that passion and enjoyment! Remind yourself why you pursued a personal training career to begin with! Remind yourself of other passions and find new passions. I am proud of you and I’m in your corner!


Thank you all!!!! I look forward to this journey with you all!!


09/19/2019 8:20PM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
  • I've been improving on my macros lately and really on my game with cico. Did some lower body (lunges, squats and calf lifts) along with a 30 minute walk with one of my dogs (Penny, pictured on the left). My portion control monitors are here to help with the cause. 😂

Mariana V. , LaToya Y. and like this photo.

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I can tell Penny takes her job very seriously! :relaxed:


yes, they are both professionals. Jasmine is on the right and they love it when I don't eat at the dinner table. unfortunately, that's been happening a little too much lately.

Vanessa T.

09/17/2019 6:59PM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
  • So I've been on my journey for some time now, however I gotten more strict on myself. I've changed some of the stuff I eat, traded my dr.pepper for diet, drink so much more water. I've gotten more compliments recently and, honestly this is my first time that I've actually posted one of these. I am damn proud of myself and the changes I am doing for myself. Here's to hoping I can knock this goal out, and have this be my first win of the 3 dietbets I have done.

Tamara P. , Laura M and like this photo.

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Kristi W.

You look great and believing in yourself is half the battle. You’ve got this!!


You’re killing it!!!! Congratulations on your progress so far! You got this.


09/17/2019 5:32AM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
  • My reminder of my blessings easily taken for granted. This graces my workout room wall. I'm definitely thinking about adding "Integrity" somewhere in my room as well. I thought about what that meant to me all day yesterday. Happy Tuesday!

Tamara P. , Leslie and like this photo.

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So true, right on. I love how you have reminders like that on that on the wall




09/16/2019 9:09AM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
I'm Leslie and I live in Dallas Tx. I have fallen off the wagon the last year and a half and gained back all the weight I lost + 5. I know I can do it, I just dont know why I don't! There are so many promises I could make to myself, but the first is going to be exercise 5 times this week (whether it is walking or program on BOD).

Tamara P. , Sue C. and like this comment.

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Samantha, no I haven't tried MM100 yet. I pulled a groin muscle a few months back and it still doesnt feel 100, so I am going to start with something easy.

Sue C.

Perfect! Keep your integrity by keeping your promise small.

Amy H.

09/16/2019 8:38AM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
  • Hello Everyone my name is Amy I'm from Lancaster Pennsylvania, I'm 27 years old this is my second dietbet first one lost 12lbs and I'm here for another weight loss goal I love to run, i run 3× a week and also have Beachbody On Demand which I love doing Morning Meltdown 100 super good workout. Good Luck to everyone

Tamara P. , rachel p. and like this photo.


Here’s to another 12 lbs this time around! Good luck.

Amy H.

Thank you

The Jane

09/16/2019 4:51AM in Back to School, Back to You w/ Chris & Heidi
Hey ya’ll, what’s your favorite “diet-y” food/meal to have?

As a new(ish) vegetarian, focusing on protein can be a challenge while trying to avoid carbs. My favorite is making egg salad woth as little mayo as possibly needed to be tasty and throwing it on some spinach and arugula. It makes such a yummy after gym snack and gets me that urgent protein post-workout. :)

Tamara P. , Samantha M. and like this comment.

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Jamie B.

I love having a "breakfast taco salad". Its just lettuce, bell peppers, onion, jalapenos, eggs and salsa. Really so good and filling.

The Jane

Dang, ya’ll!! I’m going to make all of these!! Thank you!!