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mols inspire


    Here is my new podcast recommendation for the week!

    Dr. Jolene Brighten - Beyond the Pill
    By Mind Pump

    This one was a very interesting topic! It talks about the effects of birth control on womens health (and men) as well as its impact on the bodies ability to lose weight. It also touches on the topic of how negative self-talk impacts your health.

    I currently am not on birth control and haven't been for a while. I found it really effected me on a mental and physical level in ways that were far from positive. My energy was down, I gained weight, and found I had very low libido.

    I'm curious to know what everyone else experience with birth control is like in regards to their health?

Veronica T. , Melissa W. and like this photo.

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Emily V.

Same!!! But I just had a baby 11 weeks ago and I refuse to get pregnant any time soon so I’m on BC. Low libido. Blah moods. Hard to lose weight.


Listening to this podcast was an amazing suggestion, I’m going to buy her book. I recently stopped taking hormonal birth control after 8 years of use because I found out I had lesions in my liver, which through scans they said are benign. I’m 99% sure they are from taking hormonal BC. Thank you for posting this, I think reading her book is going to make a huge impact on my life.


06/01/2019 8:28AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
  • Trying to kickstart this month on the right foot and challenge myself. I did a 90 minute Orangetheory class this morning. It was really hard but I feel so accomplished and I’m encouraged to try it again sometime (regular classes are 60 mins). Happy Saturday friends!

Brooke Y. , Valerie G. and like this photo.

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THATS right girl get after it!!!

Valerie G.

Oooof 90 minutes sounds tough af! Killin it!


05/19/2019 7:33AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
  • Enjoying some rice cakes with pb & banana and a coconut milk latte on this Sunday morning. For those of you with a long weekend, make sure you take advantage and get an extra great workout in! It will make you feel on top of the world.

mols inspire , Hannah T. and like this photo.

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I love rice cakes as an alternative for everything!

mols inspire

omg I need to make this!!