Stephanie C.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Salads

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: Slow and steady

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

Upcoming Weigh-ins

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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-2% Since last weigh-in
-2% 1-Month Change
-2.7% Lifetime Change

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Vegan Dad

09/15/2021 9:05AM in Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!
This morning my scale gave me some positive feedback. My weight was 192.8 (exactly a BMI 25 for me). My subcutaneous fat was 16.7% (The upper limit of the standard range for me), My Visceral fat dropped to 7%, My Metabolic age dropped to 38 (younger than my actual age). Is this really happening?

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Alice B.

Excellent results!

Vegan Dad

Stephanie C its a Renpho smart scale. They are priced around the same as traditional scales, but yea they tell you all that, through a phone app

Jessica L.

07/23/2021 9:14AM in Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!
Shit! Can anyone help me out? I’m flying to Tenerife on the 14th….official weigh in day, so i’m unable to weigh in at the correct dat but I already reached goal. What to do know? 😩

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Stephanie C.

Can you take a scale or purchase one when you arrive? Otherwise maybe weigh in before you fly out?

Jessica L.

Can’t weigh in before I leave, because of the time different it will be too early

Megan L.

07/12/2021 5:57PM in Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!
Oh no!! My Fiancè is out of town so I will be taking my photo on my own. It's not that I can't do it.... I will have to move my scale from it's sacred space!!!! I know that I am .4 lb away from making goal in it's sacred spot where I am the lightest in the room, but who knows where I will be at in front of the mirror!! Eek!! This is the first weigh in that I am cutting it so close!!! Eek!!

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Keith A.

I thought I was the only one with a sweet spot for the scales! If we could lose weight stepping on and off the scales, I'd be at goal in a month!

Biking Syl

What Stephanie said: just use the timer of your camera app, maybe set up the phone on a chair. No mirror needed!