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Vita A.

08/06/2020 11:43AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Hi there,

I have been doing Keto for 5 days now, but I don't see any progress at all and I don't know if I am in the stage of ketosis. I know it takes time and that I have to be patient- I heard that you should be in ketosis in 1-3 days of keto.
I should also say that I am a very picky eater, but I have been keeping my carbs under 16g.

Thank you for any tip! :) :)

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Lisa Rush

It can take women up to 30 days depending on age to get into and see results of ketosis. I can no longer do Keto dr says I have to have 20-25g of fiber a day.


To become fat adapted takes about a month


07/29/2020 1:26PM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
I am so mad at myself I weighed in right when I woke up this morning my lightest weight for the day just made it did not get approved because my feet are not showing in my full body picture ,I was in such a hurry this morning I did not notice that. So I’m thinking to myself OK I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning we have 48 hours NO! I looked at the rules I only have 12 hours from the time I weighed in I’m not gonna make it this round

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Shirley T.

Oh no!

Simone S.

Thank you for sharing. Might save other people from making the same mistake. I also thought I could just send a new weigh-in the next morning. NOW I truly understand why everybody is waiting for their weigh-ins to be verified before eating. ;-)

Kasha Y.

07/24/2020 8:09AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
  • I’ve had a smoothie for breakfast every day since June 1st with raw baby spinach. Yesterday I was on the phone with my mom while I was making my smoothie and she told me I shouldn’t have raw spinach every day because the acid in the spinach can cause kidney stones! Googling says this is true...spinach has a lot of oxalate in it, which can form stones. Coincidentally, one of my friends just had surgery (two days ago) to remove a huge stone that she couldn’t pass after days of trying! I’ll be stepping away from the spinach for a while

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Kasha Y.

I won’t be cutting it, I just won’t be eating it raw every single day.


Try kale in your shake instead, it has much less oxalate.


07/24/2020 7:45AM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
  • Found this helpful

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I just finished a book called the obesity code. It’s a great read. Bought on amazon.

Marie E.

I live by The Obesity Code! Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos rock! Gin Stephens loosely follows them, but she puts a real life spin on it that lots of people can relate to. The Obesity Code has lots of science in it and Gin’s book is how to walk the talk!!

Amanda B

07/23/2020 6:44AM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
For the last month, I have plateaued and struggled hard to lose 2 pounds and was so stressed from trying so hard and seeing such small results. I took last weekend to just relax and not stress about diet and ate what I wanted but as mindfully as possible. I was scared to step on the scale but was surprised to see I only gained half a pound. Since Monday, I have dropped 4 pounds! I don't know how I broke this plateau but I'm so thankful! It gives me a whole new motivation!

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I bet the rest is a big factor! Amazing how our bodies respond to stress. Happy for you!


I recently read a book about intermittent fasting that really promotes the concept of one day up in feeding followed by one day down. It keeps your body guessing. When I do eat a little more I certainly don’t go overboard but often I am rewarded in the next few days with a significant decrease. Job well done


07/21/2020 8:30PM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
Is anyone else having a tough time in the second round? I keep gaining and losing the same 1-2 lbs. I need to lose 3! So frustrated!

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Thanks for all of the responses! Still “stuck” needing to lose 2 pounds today. Yesterday was 1. It’s difficult not to give up sometimes. It makes me tired thinking about it. :cry:

Margaret D.

Me too! I'm working SO HARD to get there for weigh-in next week... I think my body is having a hard time letting go haha

Loni M

07/18/2020 6:07AM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
  • Hey y’all! Hope you are doing good. I was doing ok and made round 1. I had to take some hormones due to a medical condition and I gained, all the way to the beginning weigh in weight. Trying to have a healthy mind set, but struggling. Please give me a mental push! I am staying on keto and it’s not going back down. I don’t want to give up, but not making round 2 is real.

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Kelly W.

Try not to let setbacks discourage you too much. We all have them, but the most important part is not to give up! You can do this!

Loni M

Thanks all! I am focused and feeling good. This is a bigger journey than one month. I am adding Goals to push myself.

Steven S.

07/16/2020 8:28PM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
I'm having a good week so far. I'vr brrn eating extra light dinners and exercising late at night. The problem is I'm having trouble sleeping, but the weight seems to be coming off this week.

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Sominex is an otc antihistamine that makes you drowsy. I take half each night for sleep and works great


07/11/2020 5:37AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Thoughts on bulletproof coffee??? I’m not on a Keto Diet, I’m eating clean Whole Foods, focused on limited starches, but not no starches. I do however intermitten fast 16/18 hours and thought bulletproof coffee would be a good option for me to start my fasting break. However, I’ve don’t it three mornings in a row and I’ve actually put on a pound and a half😞

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I actually don’t have any trouble extending my fast on my own, I keep reading that it’s supposed to extend my fast time... but it makes me more hungry. I’ve cut it down to 1 teaspoon of grass fed unsalted butter, a tablespoon of MCT oil, two scoops of my collagen powder and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon


I’m going to give it a couple more days and see how it goes. I’m doing very well with my calorie intake even with the added calories of the bulletproof coffee. We’ll see how it goes


07/07/2020 3:19PM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
  • Going up and down like a yo-yo even though I’m sticking to 20 carbs or less per day. Im in light nutritional ketosis. (.8) Recently purchased a ketone blood reader. Any suggestions on best time of day to get reading? I also use carb manager to track everything! I’m assuming I need to increase fat and lower protein. I’ve been a little high on Protein the last two weeks. :/ My calories top out at 1500 per day and I work out at least 4 times per week burning average of 500 calories per session. Anyone else struggling with the same issues?

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Check dr berry on YouTube


Thank you, Farmgirl! I will try it. :hearts:
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