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Michelle O

about 5 hours ago in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • Post workout breakfast 😋

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My all time fave! I love putting Cayenne pepper and sprouts on too!

Jen W.

Love this meal!


01/24/2020 7:29AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • Another day another hill...
    Dont need a gym membership just mother nature.
    Also did a workout on fiton really good app - mirrors to smart tvs ! And today's workout done ✔

Lisa W. , GopherFan and like this photo.


01/23/2020 5:17AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Saw 169.8 on my scale this morning below 170 finally &!
1LB AWAY FROM GOAL holy moly.
That was the motivation I needed!

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Crystal C.

Ah, amazing!! I soooooo long for the 160s again (in the 170s atm)


01/22/2020 12:09PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
I need some KETO snack ideas!!!! I dont want to get off track but the temptation is soooo hard

Rachel R. , Mindalyn S. and like this comment.

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Randi N.

My go to's at the moment are bacon and havarti pepper cheese, cool whip and sugar free jello, Quest chile lime protein chips and Lilly's dark chocolate chips.


Jalepeno stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon


01/22/2020 9:17AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Went for a C25K run today, added 3 hills to it, wanted to do 5, however, death wasn't a dish on my fitness pal today haha! I felt so out of breath! I did it though & have stuck to my meal plan today. When I'm bored wanting to eat I read a chapter in my book and it has helped me forget I was hungry, water has too! I hope everyone's day is successful! (Ps. being on a graveyard schedule is rough nothing to do in the middle of the night while everyone sleeps)

Any tips that help you avoid boredom cravings?

Rachel R. , DoxieTyrion and like this comment.

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When I work the overnight shift and it's slow I either internet surf, read, or watch Netflix on my phone. It keeps me from thinking about food

Lexis S.

I use my Samsung watch app they have short workouts. Some only 4mins long. :relaxed:

Rosalba M.

01/22/2020 8:58AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Omg extremely sore from working out. Any recommendations?

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Epsom salt bath! I was a skeptic at first, but it really is amazing! I need to soak tonight!

Robin H.

All the above, bbca supplements help. A massage :wink:

MeredithGarrett M.

01/22/2020 8:27AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
My thighs no longer rub when I walk!! All the inseams of my jeans say: Praise. The. Lord.

Rachel R. , Erin J. and like this comment.

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Cannot wait for that! Congrats


Yes!!! Just tossed a pair of jeans where I got holes from thigh rubbing. Congrats! Can't wait til I get there!:thumbsup:


01/21/2020 10:56AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
11 days left to kick it into gear!
Dealt with sickness for most of the diet bet and that either goes A. I don't anything or B. I eat everything and I did both. However, I just went grocery shopping for meal preparation-- signed up for my works weight control program & invested into a fit bit! 11 days let's go!

Started at 175.8
Goal to win 168.8
Currently at 172.0

Almost there. Never give up!

Mindalyn S. , Darcie B. and like this comment.


You got this!!

Amelia M.

You can do it!!

Jaclyn Marie

01/08/2020 1:34PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • If you don’t have an air fryer, GO OUT AND BUY ONE NOW. I got one for a Christmas gift, and today was my first time using it... I am a changed woman!! Salmon with a pesto sauce on top, potatoes and broccoli seasoned with the pesto also, thrown into the air fryer on 400 degrees for 10 minutes. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. All for 560 calories. Yes please.

Katherine B. , Oli and like this photo.

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LeShea M.

You put everything in the air fryer at the same time? Amazing! Looks great


What air fryer do you recommend


01/05/2020 8:44PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • My biggest issue is PORTIONS. If it's there I eat it, plus my boyfriends.

    I was watching some dating show on TV & one lady ate her food, closed her eyes & MOANED! Yes, MOANED! I cracked up wondering what her date had going through her mind.. then she finished chewing after some time & said I like mindful eating, tasting, textures etc etc.. and it hit me...
    ****MINDFUL EATING****
    That is what I lack & need to focus on, I'm so busy devouring my food to enjoy it. To even recognize if I even like it.

    So, this week I plan to eat mindfully, put my fork down, close my eyes.. and moan HAHA JK but really make sure every bite is worth it. & even contemplating using chopsticks to slow my roll! (Not my photo but hilarious nun the less Haha!)

    Is there any tips or tricks you have came across to limit your portions?

Rachel R. , Darcie B. and like this photo.

Crystal C.

My mom once shared with me something she heard: when you take that deep breath during a meal, it’s your body telling you that it’s full.
Now I notice it ALL the time! And try to listen to my body


Portions are my problem, too. I’d never heard the “sigh” thing before that Crystal mentioned. I’m going to be aware of it now!
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