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Autumn C.

07/11/2019 7:09AM in Fix Summer Slim Down with Autumn Calabrese
Today’s tip, it’s time to practice portion control! No more super sized, over sized or family sized portions. Portion control is not starvation it’s eating to fuel your body for your goals & to have energy.

Over eating at one meal can start a cycle of over eating. Put to much in and it stretches out your stomach so you need that same amount of food more and more to feel satiated.

Over eating & eating to fast doesn’t give your body a chance to recognize that it’s full. Slow down when you eat. Chew your food. Digestion starts in your mouth with your saliva breaking the food down.

Your body can only utilize so much of a nutrient at one time. So eating a large amount of protein, for example, won’t necessarily mean your body is using all of that protein. It will use what it can, store some as fat and or discard it as waste.

Start practicing portion control to help not only with weight loss but all of these other factors as well.

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I’m using 80 day obsession vegan plan A and I love it! The portion control in that plan helps me so much.

Devin K.

Tania, I am too but I think a lot of it is due to me overeating up until this point. I think my body needs to relearn how to have the correct portions. Drinking enough water definitely helps!


05/20/2019 1:03PM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down
Good afternoon tribe and happy weigh in day! Despite a number the most important thing is - WE'RE HEALTHY. This bet made me step my game up and thank you all for having my back. I try my best to be a good host & help everyone - but you guys have no idea how much you help me! Thank you for being the best tribe and for making it another great month everyone! I look forward to finishing 2019 strong with you all and setting a record for weight lost with dietbet this year!

A few things:
- You have until Tuesday May 21st @ 11:59PST to submit your final weight. If you have any problems finding the weigh in word or with your final weigh in please email support@dietbet.com and they can help you!
- If you accidentally submit your weigh in and need to resubmit they can also reset that for you or if you log into a desktop computer on dietbet you can delete the weigh in and start over!
- WIN OR LOSE - WE ARE ALL WINNERS HERE. Please never get discouraged or forget that.The fact that you made the initiative to be here and get healthy means you are ready to change your life! At the end of the day every single healthy decision you make adds up - AND THAT MAKES YOU A WINNER. You are not a number on the scale and just know that we're all proud of you!
- Don't give up! Our next dietbet starts 05/28 and you will be able to roll over your winnings to continue. Don't let the summer be an excuse and join us in continuing the fight! Whether you join with the tribe or you keep going on your own please never give up on your health and know you are worth it!
- Share your progress! I'd love to share your progress with the rest of the tribe and congratulate you on your success! Email me your progress stories/photos to fatgirlfedup1@gmail.com

Thank you all for another great 4 weeks! WEVE LOST OVER 30,000 LBS BUT GAINED A LIFE & also a million lbs with our games! So thankful for each and every one of you for being here. I will be posting the giveaway winners soon!

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Just Joelyn

I took my pictures this morning with the correct word but I guess it didn’t submit. I looked now and it’s asking again with a new word! Of course my weight will fluctuate during the day and my weight this morning was .1 less my 4% goal weight! :weary: is there any way to contact?

Elise O.

I'm not giving up have till midnight to lose .2 to my goal. Will have to go on another run. Ran 5 miles this morning.


07/14/2019 6:35AM in Fix Summer Slim Down with Autumn Calabrese
4lbs down... now to keep it off!! Close to my goal... still another 3 weeks! How is everyone doing??

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Christina O.

Wow amazing nice job!

Taylor E.

Keep Crushing it ladies! I’m down 8.6lbs and totally there with you just need to keep it off


07/14/2019 6:16AM in Fix Summer Slim Down with Autumn Calabrese
Just got back from vacation andnned to get back on track from a week long of bad food choices! I will do this!

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05/20/2019 4:15AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via android
Made it! Now just waiting to be approved. Good luck everyone!

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Joy L.

05/19/2019 5:51PM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down
Yes! I did it! (Barely!) But I met my goal!! Yea!!!

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Rebecca J.

I woke up this morning under my goal weight for the first time this game! Just beat the deadline! I had to work HARD this week to make it happen.

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it!? Well done.


Me too!

Nicole Shook

05/14/2019 4:37PM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via iPhone
I was 212 today and goal weight is 210.7 so close!!!

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You’ve got this!!


Me too! 1.3 #s away! Finish hard!