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Laurie L.

05/21/2019 7:35AM in $610 in Prizes per Game! $12,000 Grand Prize! - via iPhone
Y’all. Ugh! I ballooned up (bloated? Mother Nature...?) right here at the end of this game, and now I’ve got more to lose than I thought I would. I need to start timing games and keeping my cycle in mind I guess. I’d signed up for one that starts one week, the next starts 7 days later, the next 7 days later for the max of 3 kickstarters, and DUH! It never crossed my mind to think about that bloat factor. GRRRR!!! So much easier on the transformers for me. This hasn’t come into play, but here I am. Doing a little fasting and drinking A TON of water. Fingers crossed! 40 hours and counting... Good luck to everyone else! 🍀

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Thea d.

Oh no, too bad!

Laurie L.

I MADE it with 0.7 room to spare. Thus the “whoop” hands in the air :blush:
Thea d. accepted the challenge.
05/20/2019 9:32PM in $600+ in Prizes per Game $12,000 Grand Prize*
The pot is now $960
Thea d. accepted the challenge.
05/20/2019 9:26PM in $600+ in Prizes per Game $12,000 Grand Prize*
The pot is now $1,280
Thea d. accepted the challenge.
05/20/2019 7:35AM in $600+ in Prizes per Game $12,000 Grand Prize*
The pot is now $2,400

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Thea d. accepted the challenge.
05/20/2019 7:33AM in Lasting Lifestyle Changes with Heidi
The pot is now $180

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Judith H.

Hi you guys. Let's all win this.


Welcome! Thanks for joining us :heart:


05/12/2019 12:03PM in $610 in Prizes per Game! $12,000 Grand Prize! - via android
  • My cute 9 year old gave this to me for Mother's Day...made me laugh!

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Jennifer C.

You’re setting a GREAT example! Good job mama:)

Thea d.

You run don't you? ;)


04/30/2019 11:07AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter
Hey Everyone! We're creating a new Kickstarter game with a focus on meal planning/prepping! We want to know what day(s) you usually do your weekly meal prep? Let us know in the comments below, thanks!

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Elsa S.

Friday or Sunday

Thea d.


Kelly M.

04/29/2019 1:52PM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via android
  • I'm limited on activity because I had foot surgery on both feet last week so I'm focusing on what I eat. It is so hard not being able to move but I'm focusing on what I can control right now.

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Michelle Q.

You’re amazing!!!! I hope you get well really soon and keep that great attitude! I would be crying. :joy:

Karen J.

You have my full sympathy! I’m 6 wks out from just one foot surgery and it’s tough! The swelling is no joke but you should see improvement daily. Good luck and stay the course!

Andy L.

04/26/2019 7:21AM in March Into Fitness Transformer—Fitness Giveaways - via android
  • Just over 9 months after I started my journey, I've finally hit the initial target I set for myself! I wish I started DietBet earlier but it's okay, the journey still continues!

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Thea d.



04/22/2019 8:32AM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer
  • Time for another challenge! This week I want to challenge you to try something new! This could be a certain workout, food, gym, workout class, or even just buying a new outfit out of your comfort zone! Let us know what you tried this week below!

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Thea d.

I tried a post pregnancy workout on YouTube.


  • Bathing suit and pool exercise
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