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Favorite Health Food: Strawberries and Cucumbers

Favorite Sinful Food: Nutella(!!!)

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking, hiking

My Weight Loss Program: Beachbody

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

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chelsea m.

06/13/2019 10:01AM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
  • Happy Thursday y’all!

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What does it say about me that I first read this as saying “you will never be successful”?

chelsea m.

06/12/2019 3:55PM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
  • Good workout! Arm and ab Day was a success ✅💪????

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chelsea m.

Thanks guys :heart::heart::muscle:

Natalie M.

Get it girl!!

Allegra K

06/12/2019 8:26AM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
Today’s workout complete!! It’s hard to workout when it’s so hot - all my clothes are too tight anyways so when i workout and it’s hot, my clothes are extra small feeling.

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I feel you; all of my shorts are too small so I’ve been wearing leggings when it’s 90 degrees :weary:

Bianka H.

06/11/2019 1:00PM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
Hi guys, does anyone have any good snack recommendations to satisfy a sweet tooth?

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Carrie S.

I like dates filled with almond butter!


I always want ice cream in the warm months so I make sure I always have oranges/halos/clementines/etc. in the fridge. When I eat them cold it helps satisfy that ice cream/sweet craving.


06/11/2019 2:42AM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
Does anyone else here happen to live in Japan and have suggestions for low-calorie コンビニ snacks to satisfy a sweet tooth? 😂 Every time I go to my local 7/11 it takes all of my will to not buy a creme puff....or three 🙈

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From Shots To Squats

It's hard to suggest low calorie options because the portion sizes in Japan are smaller and the calories are less, so as an American everything there looked low-calorie to me


I just commented on someone else’s post that I always try to keep oranges/clementines/etc. in the fridge because when I eat them cold it satisfies that ice cream/sugar craving I have all spring and summer!

_Chrissygetsfit_ W.

06/10/2019 2:23PM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
When is initial weigh-in due? I just joined today.

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There’s usually a countdown that tells how long you have to weigh in but I think you have to do it somewhere around 24 to 48 hours after joining?


06/08/2019 6:56AM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
Weight has been verified and I'm ready to go. I've done two Dietbets over a year ago and have never weighed in at the end but this one gets no excuses! Anyone else struggle with overthinking what to eat/buy at the grocery store?! I know they say never to go to the store when you're hungry but if I'm not hungry then NOTHING sounds good to me so I barely buy anything. It should be so simple but I make it complicated. Does anyone follow a plan they like?

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We have a fixed number of perishables to buy.. so, hungry or not, we know we have to buy 5 things for main meals. that helps. Then I add on snacks based on my mood haha.

Carrie S.

Meal planning helps! I try to do it on Saturday and go to the store Sunday after church (and stick to my list). I follow a whole foods plant based (vegan) diet. I like it because I don’t have to count calories and I just eat whenever I’m hungry.
Ren accepted the challenge.
05/27/2019 7:13PM in Dani’s Summertime DietBet
The pot is now $420

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