Lindsey H.

to get healthy so I can be active with my kids

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Favorite Health Food: fruit

Favorite Sinful Food: anything sweet

My Preferred Method of Exercise: beachbody

My Approach to Weight Loss: slow and steady

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Lindsey H.

06/12/2022 5:56PM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Fallen off the wagon this week! Ready to jump back on and get back in this!! Already did all my shopping, going to meal prep once I get my baby in bed!!

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Sandra E.

I fell off a bit too. Cake every day this weekend but I’m back at my regular meals tomorrow. We can do this :thumbsup:

Sarah S.

Fantastic that you caught up to the wagon so quickly! :wink:

Amanda S.

06/07/2022 7:01AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Anyone else feel stuck. I know healthy to have a steady slow weightloss. I lost 13 pounds last month on a game but this one it seems I'm in a rut. Oh and my legs are still killing from Saturday's leg day. Sitting down sucks lol

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Karissa C.

Drink more water? Get more sleep to let your body recover? Just remember not to give up. Even maintaining is better than gaining, and maybe your body will get a sudden drop one of these days.

Lindsay B.

Hi ladies, when I'm feeling like this I try to add as much walking to my day as possible. Nothing too heavy just take the stairs instead, maybe get off the bus a stop earlier or park the car further away. It really does add up and will really compliment your weight loss x

Sarah S.

06/06/2022 4:48PM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Monday update: I went over my weekly calorie goal last week by about 500 calories (I use a daily goal and a weekly "flex" amount that I can use in one go or spread around however). But 500 a week out of 10,000...I'm ok with it! The scale still moved in the right direction.

I started week 2 of the couch to 5k yesterday. I was surprised how easy it was to go from the 30 second runs to the 90 second runs. Until the 4th rep. The 4th rep was hard!! 5th and 6th too! Hopefully it gets easier for the next 2 workouts. I hope to get one in tomorrow morning if the rain holds off.

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chelsea c.

That’s suck a great program.

Lindsey H.

I’m on week 5 of C25K, I’m loving it!


06/05/2022 2:55PM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
On a positive note, I walked uphill 7 minutes.
I tried it 4 different times spread out over 2 days.
And on the 4th try, I wasn't huffing and puffing so much.
The first time, people were actually looking/staring at me
like maybe I needed a joke.
But the point is, that now I think I am improving.

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Lindsey H.


Karen M.

I’m so sorry people made you uncomfortable, we all have to start somewhere!

Vicky H.

06/02/2022 11:52PM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
I haven’t made my weight. I’m so disappointed as I had got into a really good eating/exercise pattern and was at 50% halfway through. I suppose the benefit of the transformer is that I won’t go and drown my sorrows in pizza (well maybe just a bit!) and remind myself I’m in it for the long haul… has any one else missed this round?

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Sarah S.

Keep going, everyone!! We all have hiccups (I am coming off a hiccup that lasted from Jan-to start of this transformer).


If we are here, that is already a win. When I've been away for months or a year, that is when I have gained a lot of weight, unfortunately.

Lacee G.

05/20/2022 2:35PM in #SummerShred Lacee Green - The Curvy Girl Trainer
  • DAY 18 FriYAY
    “We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.”
    ? Neal A. Maxwell

    We have been focusing a lot on change and goals and leveling up. However, TODAY, is allll about gratitude. If you are reading this with your 2 eyes, on your own device, in your home or office or at your job, that you got to after God opened your eyes this morning then YOU ARE BLESSED! Yep! YOU reading this.. YOU ARE BLESSED! Spend some time in gratitude today and see how it makes you feel. YES! We are chasing down those goals ...but OUR HEALTH is OUR GREATEST WEALTH. In an instant your life can change so be grateful for what you have RIGHT now! The body that you are able to MOVE RIGHT NOW!

    What does this look like in action ?
    Write down 10 things you are thankful for RIGHT NOW in the comments.
    1.My son. 2. My Mom 3. My Dad . 4 God 5 My family 6 My friends 7 Free Country 8 Being able to do what I love 9 My Health 10 My own place to live

    GIVEAWAY: FREE PAIR OF RYKA for one person that enters 10 things that they are grateful for in the comments . I will announce WINNER on SATURDAY! WOOT WOOT!

    ZOOM MEETING: FRIDAY 5/20 @ 5:30 pm LINK: (Topic) Your Health As Your Greatest Wealth ( and why that is significant to this photo)
    **NOTE : I am TOTALLY FINE! This photo is from 2017**

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 878 4668 1841
    Passcode: DIETBET

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Kelsey H.

Yay for Bianca!!! They are the BEST!

Everyone else - get you some!!

Abby C.

Grateful for:
1. Family
2. My faith
3. Friends
4. Transportation
5. A home to live in and a roof to sleep under
6. Being able to purchase food for myself
7. Technology and talking to friends who have moved away
8. My job and coworkers
9. My ability to workout and push myself physically
9. A grateful nanny mom who works with my summer schedule and allows me to rest, too!
10. Nature - sunrises, sunsets, open fields, flowing rivers…God’s masterpieces

chelsea c.

05/16/2022 9:55AM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Feeling down. I was making great progress and had motivation to work at it everyday. Then my husband did a very last min trip to Seattle and even tho I didn’t eat too much, I lost my peloton streak of like 3 weeks of cycling and strength classes and haven’t been at it for almost a week it feels like. So this week was a waste. I’m not up but I’m not down. I know I just need to get on the damn bike and ride but we also went to a wedding this weekend and it was exhausting with the kids: Here’s to a new week.. also any Peloton peeps want to add me? Chelsibear85 is my username. I’m currently looking at some fun wall quotes I can use to spruce up my workout space and get back at it. Im def an all or nothing kinda person when it comes to my health, so mentally it bothers me when I’m not focused on it.

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chelsea c.

Thanks. I didn’t want to but I just got on the bike at 930 pm after finally getting my toddler to bed! I did a ride. I even got a personal best on it! I feel so much better.

Kristen S.

I tend to struggle a bit when my husband goes away as well (luckily he doesn't travel often), but you got back on the bike - go you (and awesome job on your personal best)! I'm #kristen316 on Peloton - I loosely follow the hardCORE calendar (and often participate in PZ challenges)!

Lindsey H.

05/14/2022 3:44PM in #SummerShred Lacee Green - The Curvy Girl Trainer
Haven’t been doing good with nutrition today, and have family coming over for dinner with pizza-going ahead and eating Fixate Pozole Verde (one of my faves) before they get here!! Hoping I’ll be too full to want pizza 😂 #goals!

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Kelsey H.

Oh, that’s a tasty one! Good luck with the pizza!

Lacee G.

Remind yourself that there are NO bd foods ..just need them in correct portions. Focus on just creating a memory w FAMILY and not just FOOD. Keep up all the awesome!

Lacee G.

05/13/2022 11:07PM in #SummerShred Lacee Green - The Curvy Girl Trainer
  • ZOOM MEETING REPLAY! YOU GUYS DID AMAZING! I loved seeing all of you and I loved all the transparency and questions! THEEE BEST GROUP ! WOOT WOOT!
    Thank you for showing up tonight! LOVE YOU GUYS!
    For those that couldnt make it please check out the replay and keep pushing towards those goals.


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Tara M.

It's not letting me replay. Am I doing something wrong?


Thank you for posting this. I always thought BMI was a useless way to tell if I was healthy haha!

Kelsey H.

05/13/2022 3:06PM in #SummerShred Lacee Green - The Curvy Girl Trainer
  • Look what finally got here!

    I like to motivate myself with non-food/alcohol rewards for doing hard things and accomplishing my goals. I promised myself that if I did the 4 Week Got Protocol all out for all 4 weeks (with no cheats or slips), I would buy myself a pair of Rykas (yup, Lacee made me want them). And I did it!!

    Here’s how I’m looking at the Diet Bet: my entry fee was just that - money I spent to have access to this amazing group. If I win, that money is a reward and goes towards something fun for me.

    How do y’all celebrate your wins?

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Chelsey R.

You celebrate that! That is amazing! Congratulations on kicking r week gut protocols butt! So proud of you. But seriously I need to know how comfy those shoes are :joy: I need a new pair of sneaks!

Kelsey H.

The shoes are PERFECT. We have a rule in this house: we don’t do “cheap” shoes. Only high quality ones - we both work on our feet all day, and we have to protect our bodies. These are everything I want in a shoe.
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