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Ines D.

01/31/2020 12:13PM in The 2020 Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus & Gift Card Giveaways!
3 diet bets.

Grand total around $10 winnings for 3 games!

If I has paid membership I’d be at a loss of $4 plus change for winning

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This is so crazy! I would have been beyond pissed if I paid for a membership and all I got was $5 bucks, and that’s after they gave us the adjustment.

Tracy D.

They don’t always turn out like this. Payouts are often $45-$50 on a $35 bet

Joseph E.

01/31/2020 11:59AM in The 2020 Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus & Gift Card Giveaways!
I don’t do DietBet to make money but the idea of winning $10-$20, as I have in years past, is a POSITIVE MOTIVATOR on top of trying to get your original bet back. Knowing now that fees are so high and we have 36¢ win, this has turned solely into a NEGATIVE MOTIVATOR kind of activity.

Negative motivators (“Don’t screw up, you loser!!”) are not healthy for me and don’t work so this is my last diet bet after many years :(

Thanks to everyone for your positive comments and motivation. I wish you well.

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M D.

I think this one is so low because it's a January bet and everyone is very motived 1st month of the year ... but maybe I'm wrong


Me too Ines! Our only hope is to win the transformer so we can get our original investment back

Caprice C.

01/31/2020 10:52AM in The 2020 Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus & Gift Card Giveaways!
they increased the payout, it was the right thing to do. I didn't expect a large sum, but I did expect more than $1 was plausible, if not $5. Congrats on everyone's weight loss and to the winners!

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Caitlin H.

It was good that DietBet added the $5 to our payouts. I didn’t sign up for the membership and still received the additional $5.

Kelsey E.

I didn’t get anything extra ☹️


01/05/2020 1:44AM in Autumn Calabrese's 2020 Resolution Solution
  • Where is everyone from? IOWA here

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Lori W.


Kylie G.



01/04/2020 10:52PM in Autumn Calabrese's 2020 Resolution Solution
Just joining. Excited.
My goals are:
1 find consistency
2 get moving daily, no excuses

We make time to brush our teeth, fitness should be no different. You don't do it because you FEEL like it, you do it because it's important for your body and mind.
My boyfriend tried to talk me out of going for a walk this evening when our schedule got busy and it was getting dark...walk tomorrow, he said.
So we had dinner, and I said, you know what I am going for my walk!
Yes in the dark
Yes now.
Tomorrow I can walk again.
And I feel so empowered making that decision and not giving up on my fitness goals!

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Great job! That’s the way to be committed

Kelsey E.

You are right!