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Haley S.

08/17/2019 6:19AM in Summer Shape Up with @haley_j_smith
Drankin. Everyone does it, but how to do it without weight gain? If you like beer, opt for low carb like Miller 64 or Michelob Ultra. If you like wine, pick dry wines. At your fave bar, do a one night google of their dry wines and pick the best then you never have to worry about it again. From one quick night of research You can always go in and order the best wine for your goals. If you like mixed drinks, order things with soda water and lemon/lime. My go to drink is vodka water and I bring a propel packet in my purse and add propel to help with taste. Plus it gives you electrolytes to help with headaches. OR you can just do shots if you are a real trooper haha! You don’t have to give up having fun to reach your goals. You just have to learn how to have fun and still make progress!

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Lemon lime chilton


64 for the win!

Haley S.

08/16/2019 6:37AM in Summer Shape Up with @haley_j_smith
Happy almost weekend! Do you fall off track on the weekend? So does everyone haha. So what can we do to prevent this? PREP! If you KNOW weekends are a struggle for you – plan! Commit to only eating out 1x or to only drink lite alcoholic drinks. Commit to a hike with friends to stay active. Pack lunches if you are going on a trip. There are so many things you can do. Look ahead at your plans and prepare to have fun BUT to also keep reaching for your goal. IF you do drop the ball at one meal or sleep in and skip the gym, do better at your next meal and walk your dog at lunch! Don’t let one mess up derail your whole weekend!

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Last weekend we cooked at home Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. That’s pretty much a miracle around here. This weekend...well we’re going to eat at home today. Better than normal though!


08/15/2019 10:09AM in Summer Shape Up with @haley_j_smith
Any suggestions on how to beat a plateau? I’ve been stuck at this weight for weeks now and weighing in yesterday I found I gained a pound. I’m running/walking 3x per week, I’m using MyFitnessPal to count my calories and I cut out alcohol but I cannot get past this weight. I’m not sure if I’m building muscle at this point from my runs and that’s the cause, whatever it may be I’m frustrated and could use any advice you guys might have!!

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Maureen S.

Try switching something up for a week. Try a new workout, eat more calories (you really could be eating too few), or more protein/fewer carbs for a few days. Your body may just be too comfy with what you're doing!


Are you taking body measurements? Sometimes that can be instructive feedback.

When is the last time you changed your calories or macros? It might be time for an adjustment based on your new weight. Best of luck!

Haley S.

08/07/2019 7:32PM in Summer Shape Up with @haley_j_smith
  • Hey I just posted a video on my Insta stories about a veggie spiralizer. A couple girls asked about how to get it. It’s freaking amazing!!!! All the pasta you want but lower carb! Here it is:)

    Shout out to my sister for gift it to me a couple years ago

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I love my Spiralizer! The inspiralizer cookbook is also amazing and less than $10 on Amazon!



Sarah S.

08/06/2019 4:43PM in Summer Shape Up with @haley_j_smith
What do you guys think of intermittent fasting? Do you do it? Find it to be successful? I’ve lost 30lbs so far and was following IF for awhile but find that I get great severe headaches on days I do IF. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts or experiences!

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IF is like a tool in your dietary toolbox. It is helpful to use when/if you need it, or if it fits your lifestyle. You may need to adjust your eating window to avoid headaches, or you may need to take a look at increasing your electrolytes.

Ashlynn W.

I’ve played around a little with IF. I’m not a big breakfast eater to begin with, so it’s been a pretty easy transition. I have tried 16:8 and 18:6 and I have only seen results with 18:6 and up. I like IF as a tool to help enforce eating boundaries - it’s just too easy to snack at night!