Cori K.

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Favorite Health Food: Edamame or hummus

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza

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Shelby S.

08/28/2022 10:57AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • I’m out of this bet. Good luck everyone! Broke my ankle in 3 places 😭

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So sad! But don't give up! I had to have surgery back when I was over 200lbs. I stuck to eating healthy and still lost weight! It wasn't a lot but it still was good!

Tanya O.

Hope you heal fast!

Cori K.

08/21/2022 7:15AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • Beautiful weather this morning, good book in my ears and my feet didn’t say done until I got 7 miles out of them! Self care Sunday ❤

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08/19/2022 8:36AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • Hello everyone and happy Friday! I hope everyone is having a great second week so far 😊. For this weekends challenge, I wanted to do something a little different.
    I know most of us have busy lives and are constantly on the go without having much time to ourselves. So for this weekend I’d like to challenge us to take time for ourselves with a little self care. It can be anything: taking 30 minutes to read part of your favorite book, going for a walk outside, treating yourself to a new outfit, getting your favorite coffee, anything that you want 😃. I personally plan to take a solo walk outside with just me, myself, and my headphones. And maybe stop at my favorite coffee shop 😉.

    Comment below your plan for some self care this weekend. You can share a picture or just simply comment in this thread ❤. I’ll announce x3 winners for a $5 Amazon or Starbucks gift card on Monday. Have a fantastic and relaxing weekend everyone! Cheers 👍.

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My self care plan for this weekend was to relax and catch up on my favorite series “Virgin River”….and I did just that! :blush:

Audra J.

Got to read my book this weekend! Was great to have quiet time the last couple days

Cori K.

08/12/2022 9:56AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • I crushed this week! I’m feeling so proud of myself! Happy Friday everyone!

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Wow awesome week Cori!


08/12/2022 8:11AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • Happy Friday DietBetters! I hope everyone is having a wonderful first week 😊. I’m so inspired and motivated by everyone’s workouts for the week. Thank you so much for sharing! I want to do a weekend giveaway for you all to show my appreciation 🎉. Please go ahead and comment your name and your favorite form of exercise below (walking, running, workout class, etc). I’ll go ahead and announce x3 winners on Monday for a Starbucks or Amazon gift card (winners choice). Let’s stay focused this weekend everyone! We got this!!

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Nicole S.

Nicole. I love my peloton!


Heather-HIT workouts


08/03/2022 8:11PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • Hello everyone and welcome to our summer DietBet game! My name is Sydney and I’ll be your host for this 4 week weight loss challenge ! I’m so excited to be here doing this with you all 😊. Get ready for lots of challenges, giveaways, chances to win gift cards, and more 🎉. My giveaways are worldwide so anyone has the chance to win! And if you don’t have access to gift cards then I’m more than happy to PayPal you cash instead 😊.

    To help kickstart our game, let’s go ahead and introduce ourselves in the comment section below! Your name, where you are from, and your reason for joining 🔥. I’ll go ahead and announce x4 winners for a $5 Amazon gift card on Monday ! Let’s get this party started 😎

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Tiffany from Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is my first DietBet game. I looking forward to playing and the success of losing much needed weight that I gained over the last two years.

Vianey M.

Hola! My name is Vianey from Fort Worth, Texas. I did dietbet before and enjoyed having a clear challenge for the month. I’m joining this game, hoping to start better habits again.