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12/27/2020 1:48PM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
To everyone who indulged for one or two days: Do Not Panic! That one day isn't going to make a difference, as long as you remain on track for the rest of the round.

I know I ate tons of food on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I am confident that any increase on the scale is the actual weight of the food itself (and water weight). As soon as it is out of my system (and as long as I stick to my regular healthy eating plan), I know the number on the scale will go back down. I have witnessed this many times with Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which are my scheduled "eat whatever I want days."

TL;DR: You did not gain tons of *fat* in one or two days, you just have extra food and water weight that will go away if you get back to healthy eating immediately. Don't be discouraged!

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I think the same way. Don't let it get you discouraged.

Spooky Electric

You are definitely right! I had a bad five days and gained 6.4 pounds in that time since my progress weigh-in last week, but as someone who tracks calories, I can see that I really only deserve about two pounds gain and, although not always accurate, my fat percentage on scale is only up around 1% which is in line with that, so once I get back in gear without way too much sodium and carbs 2/3 of the weight will fall off rapidly.

Jeanne C.

12/17/2020 4:02PM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I made it! It has been a tough two weeks with my father passing. He loved to Nordic ski so in his honor have taken a few laps each day!

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Eunice L.

Sorry for your loss!

Cara S.

Sorry for your loss.

taylor d.

12/13/2020 5:06PM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Feeling really bad today. I have been having a hard time saying no to things. I know it’s easy to think “I am going to be looking and feeling my best if I say no right now” but it’s more difficult than it seems. With the holidays and stress and stuff I have not been able to say no to bad foods and alcohol in abundance. How do y’all get through it? Here’s a picture of me right now, just because I want to document how I’m feeling and what I look like.

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Half of my comment just didn’t post. The last thing I wanted to share was something I learned last year doing Whole 30. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t have the cupcake, just tell yourself that you can have it later. Somehow that helps.


Also check out alternatives to alcohol. We have been drinking Kin Euphorics. Check them out online. I’ve been really pleased! It’s definitely a treat.

Maggie F.

12/13/2020 9:37AM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I’ve done 2 DietBets in the past (1 month games) and I’ve never managed to win. And today I just weighed in for this round and I did it! It feels really great because for a moment there I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it this round. It’s a really nice start for this 6 month game.
Y’all keep hustling!! We’ve got this! :D

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Literally same! I’ve always started and never finish. This is the first time I’ve actually hit my first goal! :D congrats, we’ve got this!

Caitlin B.

Yay! Way to go! The first victory is always the best

Lisa k.

12/12/2020 4:31AM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Hey all! I’ve been really interested in reading all of your stories but realised I never really shared my own. Strap in because this might be a long one! Two years ago I had the worst break up of my life when my partner of six years cheated three months before our wedding day. I lost A LOT of weight really quickly as I basically stopped eating, and then a few months later the emotional eating hit and I gained it all back plus more. I spent the year travelling a bit and working on myself, and was finally getting back to a better place when the pandemic hit! I contracted covid in April and was pretty unwell for a while after with extreme exhaustion and reduced lung capacity which made it really hard to do anything. I also work in mental health services for the national health service (NHS) in the uk, and was working flat out because people were (and still are) struggling so much, meaning we’ve seen a completely unprecedented surge in demand. The stress-related eating because of work and the lack of activity due to sheer exhaustion meant that I was the heaviest I had ever been with my own mental health suffering. For me, this diet bet is about getting back to the old me - both physically and mentally. I feel like I didn’t recognise myself anymore, and I knew something needed to change. It’s still really early days but I’m already feeling a bit better. I’m moving more, I’m journaling, and I’m trying to manage my stress and anxiety by lifting heavy things in the gym the way that I used to rather than with stress eating! So, here’s to five months of more progress and of re-discovering who I am..!

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Lisa k.

Thanks @Chrissa, that’s really nice of you! We all have our reasons for being here, I’m just really glad to be part of such a supportive community :-)


Lisa, thanks for sharing. I’m happy that you found DietBet; I think it’s been and will continue to be amazing and a lot of work, it will be totally worth it.


12/11/2020 4:34AM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Dieting should be forbidden on Holidays!
(at least that way, nobody would feel guilty
about indulging in the special, holiday treats)
My theory is that nobody has gotten FAT (let's call it what it is)
by eating various delicious, special holiday treats ON whatever
specific holiday it happens to be, throughout the year).
What makes us fat is indulging in these fattening, unhealthy treats
all the OTHER 300+ days of the year.
Happy Chanuka, everybody.

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Happy Chanukah! I agree and I have scheduled 3 holidays in the year where I can eat whatever I want. Just indulging for 1 day has never been a problem, even when I'm doing a dietbet.


A lot of truth there

Cara S.

12/10/2020 6:39PM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
.7 lbs to round 1 goal..... hoping I will make it. Also been 6 weeks since I quit drinking and smoking! My broken foot is on the mend and I have been able to work out every day this week with only slight modifications. Overall it has been a really successful month.

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Cara S.

Thanks everyone!


I'm super impressed with all your achievements! Congratulations on your 6 week mark!

Fawn L.

12/09/2020 4:44PM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • It was a beautiful day to be snowshoeing in the White Mountains in NH!! I always make a heart when I turn around, LOL!!
    Hiking and CrossFit are my exercise and it’s working! I already met my goal for the first month, yay!!

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April L.



I'm jealous that you have snow! I'm hoping to get the kids out for some snowshoeing this winter but there's no snow yet here in Michigan.

Sarah R.

12/08/2020 9:27PM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
It’s pretty easy to eat healthy all day, and then every evening all I can do is think about carbs....popcorn, chips, sugar...ugh. Fortunately I don’t have any of those things in the house. Do any of you have any tricks for curbing the evening munchies??

Chrissa , April L. and like this comment.

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Tisha A.

I have these cravings too. I usually have a sugar-free pudding or jello - something that is still sweet, but with fewer calories.


When I'm being really good I have a rule of not eating after dinner. But I can have a la croix or some herbal tea and that helps to stop the cravings.

Another idea is to brush your teeth early so that way you don't snack and have to brush them again.

April L.

12/08/2020 2:43PM in The Home Stretch Transformer - Double Your Winnings!

Chrissa , April L. and like this photo.

Cara S.

That looks amazing


Looks delicious! And so beautifully plated!