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Favorite Health Food: Bacon Wrapped Jalepenos

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking/Zumba

My Approach to Weight Loss: Keto

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

Fitness Devices: Apple watch

DietBet Winnings: $113.56

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04/15/2019 11:36AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Everyone feel free to drop your IG names below in this thread so we can follow and encourage each other there as well!
    My IG accounts are @isfrannyfityet and @isfrannyfityetdietbet

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Green Eyes





04/20/2019 1:40AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Let me just say it’s been a rough week ! It humbled me though. I truly thought I was on my A game but I wasn’t, I’m far from it. Good thing every day doesn’t have to be perfect to lose weight but I definitely need less bad days and all this Easter candy needs to get out of my house ! Stay motivated through the weekend my friends! A solid weekend on track is a real game changer sometime. We got this ! Keep plugging forward !

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AGREE so much, it somehow seems like a weekend on track is more impactful on the scale than a whole workweek on track

Most of my plateau breakthroughs have happened after a super disciplined weekend

I kinda think its cause I get more sleep....and then my body can really go full speed on burning fat

Katie C.

04/20/2019 1:10AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Rings closed!!

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Way to go girlfriend !! This has totally been the key for me to get my butt moving every day .


04/15/2019 8:43AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Hey everyone ! I’m so pumped for this DietBet ! I was just in the march one and it kept me super motivated I finally saw my goal of 299 and beyond ! In this week off I was super relaxed about it but generally stuck to my regular routine with a few cheats so I gained 2lbs back but that’s far better than normal for me. I’m still below what myblast DietBet goal was thankfully. I’m about to be 28 at the end of May so I’m looking forward to seeing 280 before that happens ???? wishing the best of luck to everyone here ! Let’s lose this weight !!

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Can you tell me if my initial weigh in was accepted? My page says I haven't weighed in this week.

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Hi Julie you will get an email directly from dietbet.


It has been a long time. I did get an email to confirm. Thank you for the reminder.


04/09/2019 2:34PM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Hello everyone that is already here I wanted to introduce myself for those of you who may not be familiar with me or my story. My name is Franny, I'm 30 & live in sunny SoCal! I have naturally lost 137 lbs. over about a 2 year time period. I started my weightloss in 2016 weighing in at 331 lbs. I was clueless to say the least. I began doing my own research on weightloss & of course was overwhelmed so I just decided to take my own approach. I began following a low carb/high protein diet & worked in cardio sessions about 6 days a week. I have always had a hate HATE relationship with the scale but I have also learned it is a NEEDED tool. Yes, I agree that at times it can be wrong due to the natural tendencies of our own bodies BUT it still indicates when we are gaining in ways that are not so natural if you will, AKA over eating. The first 3 months of my weightloss I lost about 34 lbs., & this was exactly what I needed to see in order to keep myself motivated. I will never forget seeing 296 lbs on the scale & remembering how happy & relieved I was because I actually felt like I had a chance at what I had set out to do. For the first 6 months I focused on cardio only, going before & after work. I would switch between the treadmill & the starimaster. Shorty into my 7th month of my journey I walked into a Crossfit gym & was hooked. This is how I learned to incorporate weight training into my new lifestyle. Over the next few months I continued to lose my weight & finished out 2017 strong with my lowest weight of 198. Then 2018 came I maintained but toward the end I began to slowly gain some weight back, I closed out 2018 at 221lbs which I was super disappointed in myself for! It's 2019 I am currently 194lbs I lost 27lbs through my last 3 dietbets & am fighting to stay where I am & of course continue lose more. Dietbet has helped me get back on track tremendously, I love hosting these games for you guys! Cant wait to fight through the next 4 weeks with you all!


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Emily B.

I’m in sunny socal, too! Let me know if you want to do a walk or race together or something.

Chriscilla M.

Hello :) I am happy and excited to join. I am tired of crying and making up excuses. I am ready now more than ever!