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Favorite Health Food: Bacon Wrapped Jalepenos

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking/Zumba

My Approach to Weight Loss: Keto

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

Fitness Devices: Apple watch

DietBet Winnings: $161.21

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06/05/2019 7:40PM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET - via iPhone
So I went a little hurry for most of this diet bet but got serious this week and have lost 7lbs that I went over my initial weigh in now I have to get the rest of my pounds off before weight out 😩 I’m confident I can do it but hope to encourage anyone else who’s struggling and still wants to win ! We can do this !

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Stevie D.

Good job for getting back on track!

Bethany M.

We can absolutely do this! I finally got serious this week and I'm glad that I did. I'm even thinking about signing up for another bet and have them overlap just to continue to keep me going.


05/21/2019 10:02AM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET - via iPhone
  • I didn’t start until near the end of janurary, Iv fallen off but never given up this time. It’s a true miracle for myself that I’m still here putting in the work. I never in my life thought I would be saying “Iv almost lost 50lbs” Iv said it many time but following Franny and seeing how she was once my size and battled through it all made this a reality. I have no doubt in my mind that by the new year I will be down 100lbs. Diet Bet was just what I needed to keep going and I hope everyone here stays motivated to win 💕 follow me on IG: BexIsLosingIt_

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That’s amazing! 50lbs is a huge deal, keep up the good work! You look great!

Kristen R.

05/16/2019 11:27PM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET - via iPhone
  • Happy Birthday to me! #32

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Happy birthday! You look great Kristen!

Kristen R.

Thank you! :relaxed:


05/16/2019 4:20PM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET - via iPhone
This week in between dietbets can be so difficult. On one hand I’m like “treat yo self” on the other I’m like I worked to hard to jack myself up. My goal this week is just to maintain what I was supposed to weigh out at (285.9) I weighed out at 283 but realistically I’m a little laxed this week. All I know is I turn 28 next week and I would really like to see 280 to put me at 50lbs down and it’s so crazy because I remember looking at so many weight loss instagrams and thinking “there is no way I’ll ever find that kind of motivation” yet here we are

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Jamie Lynn

I don’t trust myself, so I always play in overlapping games! :joy: I started my first game on January 14th and play 3 at a time. I’ll keep doing it until I feel I’ve got a better grasp on things.


Doing it!!


05/15/2019 3:10PM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET - via iPhone
Following Franny has Legit saved my life, I finally got Fed up and her instagram has been my motivation to get my butt into gear. This is my Third DietBet and I’m coming up on 50lbs lost! I have many more to go to get to my goal weight but I just want to say weather this is your first or your 6th weather you have won all of them or lost all of them your in the right place. Let’s motivate each other to get to our goals of healthier us 💪

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Yes girlfriend so happy for you!!!!!! Thank you for the kind words so glad you’re here with us.


Wow that’s amazing! 50lbs is such a great accomplishment! Yay to healthier living!

Christina S.

05/12/2019 10:19AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via android
  • One thing in the Diet Bet I regret is not being more active in the group. I'm a first timer, overweight and battled it my entire life. I am doing this with my cousin who is currently living in Seoul. A few days ago, I was 3.4 lbs from my goal and very realistic that I probably won't hit it. This morning I stepped on the scale not expecting to see much of a difference. 1.1! 1.1 lbs away! I want to win so badly! But, regardless of what happens tomorrow, I am sooo proud of myself. This is the lowest weight I've been at in about 2.5 years. We are already planning to sign up for the next game! Having the love and support from my cousin (who is like a sister) and being able to talk to her daily has been priceless. I can't wait to see our progress in person when she is home for my wedding in January! <3 My Matron of Honor

    Good luck everyone!

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How awesome !! Stick to it, if there is anything I regret it’s that I didn’t try at all to shed a few pounds before my wedding :weary:

Jestine L.

My heart is so happy right now reading this:purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart: I will ALWAYS have your back and will ALWAYS push you and believe in you! No matter how far away I'm here for you ALWAYS AND FOREVER! You have done great regardless and Im beyond proud of you! I love you huggabear:blush:


05/08/2019 3:13PM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
4.9 by Monday 😩😰 I can do this right? Hope everyone is plugging away at their goals 💪

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Jamie L.

I am with you. I have 5.8 to lose. Keep at it!!


Drink lots of water! You can do it!


05/07/2019 11:47AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
Aunt Flo jacked me up this week but off to Disney to get these last few pounds off 🙌

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Crystal G.

I was at Disneyland yesterday too! Managed to only buy a cup of watermelon while I was there I packed plenty of my own snacks.


I went to the new black tap and got a shake lol don’t follow my example over all I lost a pound but I did not eat well yesterday :weary:


05/03/2019 8:54PM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
I was mad at myself because I went off the wagon more than I should have, then I stayed off for two days but today I finally got it together. Now the problem is keeping it together through the weekend 😩

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Jessica P.

You've got this. You've gotten yourself back on track and now you can move forward!


I held it together for Saturday but Aunt Flo came an entire week early this is an uphill battle this week lol

Cherice H.

05/03/2019 10:00AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • I can’t contain my excitement! I’ve been waiting for the day that my scale started with a 2 instead of a 3 and today is the day!!!!!!! Started my journey at 356 and currently at 298.8.😆😆

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Lori F.

That is a huge milestone! Great job, be proud!!

Cherice H.

Thank you everyone!
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