Donna D.

Because I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

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Favorite Health Food: Protein shakes

Favorite Sinful Food: Ice Cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Bootcamp or soccer

My Approach to Weight Loss: Low Calories!

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

DietBet Winnings: $383.37

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-7.2% Lifetime Change-18.4 lbs

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Donna D.

11/21/2020 6:22AM in Spooky Season Transformer - $1,000 in Healthy Baking Giveaways!
I just hit my round 2 goal! I've been somewhat slacking on staying in my calorie deficit, but yesterday I got an amazing workout in (52% cardio and 48% fat burn), so I was able to lose half a pound.

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Rebecca S.

That’s great!! Good job sticking with it!!!


That's terrific!! :D


11/20/2020 2:24PM in Spooky Season Transformer - $1,000 in Healthy Baking Giveaways!
Well round 1 was a bust for me. How do you all hold yourself accountable and stay on track?

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I also track my food in mfp. I try not to consider it restrictive, but more about I can eat what I want in this budget. I allow for “overage” twice a week, but once I get in a groove I don’t need that as much. I bought a food scale for the first time but I have only used it once so far...not sure that’s was worth it.


I use the Lose It! app, it’s pretty much the same idea as MFP. And I work out each day. I created a dedicated Instagram account for that a while back, it helps me stay accountable and there’s so many cool & inspirational accounts to follow.
If you’re on IG, feel free to follow me —> @happy.healthy.renske

Donna D.

11/19/2020 5:26AM in Spooky Season Transformer - $1,000 in Healthy Baking Giveaways!
I am 97% to round 2 already! Hopefully I can keep this up even though the weather is getting pretty cold outside!

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Denise H.

Way to go Donna!! I'm at 92% and super excited! Honestly, while covid impacts to Thanksgiving are frustrating (we canceled hosting for the first time in 15yrs), it's not such a bad thing to have A LOT fewer dietary challenges getting through this holiday season! Happy for the chance to continue the momentum rather than having to exercise self control repeatedly through the next 6 weeks. Keep up the great work!!


Wow! Keep it up!


11/18/2020 7:54AM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S Fall Fight Back Dietbet
Happy I lost some weight but the payout was terrible!

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Donna D.

I choose to look at it like this: the less money we got back means less people failed! I actually joined two kickstarters and 1 transformer at the same time. Maybe next time sign up for multiple bets? I'm happy a lot of other people hit their goals!

Daphne F.

Looks like close to 50 percent of participants didn't make weight. I thought for that reason it would be a higher payout. Well I have a way of looking at this; I earned a little extra just for making my weight. I'm betting on myself to get this weight off and that in in itself makes me happy.

Donna D.

11/17/2020 11:08AM in Spooky Season Transformer - $1,000 in Healthy Baking Giveaways!
I got my measurements today and I'm down 11.25inches this month! I didn't do as well as last month, but it's still something!

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Wow! Great job!

Holly W.

Wow! That is amazing! Good for you!!!

Donna D.

11/16/2020 9:51AM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S Fall Fight Back Dietbet

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Congrats :)

Brittany S.

11/16/2020 6:52AM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S Fall Fight Back Dietbet
Final weigh in approved!!! When do we find out what we won?

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last game I paid 25 and won 108

Donna D.

Last game I paid $30 and win $49

Amanda W.

11/14/2020 7:13PM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S Fall Fight Back Dietbet
  • Check it. I’m totally pushing my comfort level right now. I went in a hike and had my sister take this picture of me on a bridge. I’ve never felt comfortable in crop tops, yet here I am! 245.7 and in a crop top. Crazy! I probably won’t win this bet, but it’s definitely full of wins and firsts anyways!

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Daphne F.

You look great. I'm similar to you; where the scale says one thing and I look less than what the scale says. Keep on keeping on!

Mother Russia

I still feel semi comfortable in one and I’m at my lowest weight in years. Well done!


11/14/2020 6:28PM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S Fall Fight Back Dietbet
  • Giveaway for a $50 Dicks Sporting Goods giftcard! To enter to win leave below your favorite fitness item to buy before Sunday November 15th at 3pm eastern! All winners chosen at the end of our game, good luck!

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sara c.


Charlie Crumble

Definitely over shoulder boulder holders (sports bras) :grimacing:


11/13/2020 3:42PM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S Fall Fight Back Dietbet
  • 30th birthday today and so grateful to be here to spend it with all of you! Had a cake that was decorated fitness style to celebrate, a small slice, remembered my goals & got right back on track! Sometimes it's the small victories that count and remembering to keep going. Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday! <3

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Happy belated birthday


Happy birthday
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