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Favorite Health Food: Apples and Strawberries

Favorite Sinful Food: Mac'n'Cheese and Sweet Ice Tea

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: Burn more calories than I eat; reduce don't restrict.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Map My Fitness, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $188.69

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Dawn S.

05/18/2021 7:21AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
How long did it take y’all to get your photos verified as winner?? I’m afraid to eat lol

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Mine took about 3hours to get approved

Ashley L.

When do we win payout


05/18/2021 6:37AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
I've been bloated the past few days and didn't think I would make it. But lots of water, 30min in the sauna, and lots of sleep later I made my goal! I actually passed my goal by a full pound!! So close to onederland!!!

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Julie H.

Way to go!!

I'm close to onederland, too! I scraped in on this weigh in .1 lb under goal. Stressful!

Stephanie T.

05/17/2021 2:10PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
So I have until midnight (EST) tomorrow to weigh in? I am still a pound over (birthday was yesterday 😬😂) so I’m hoping tomorrow’s weigh in will be less, but want to make certain to weigh in on time. This is the first bet I haven’t met the goal as soon as it was available for weigh in.

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Dawn S.

Me too. Well 1.7 lbs over which I hop just falls off by tomorrow lol


It should say how many hours until the deadline. Mine says 28hrs right now. I'm waiting til morning because just under a half pound away. Getting in a sauna and drinking lots of water to make sure I hit it!


05/16/2021 3:42PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • Giveaway for a $25 Dicks Sporting Goods gift card! To win leave below your favorite workout gear to buy below by Monday May 17th at 2pm eastern. All winners announced at the end of our game- good luck!

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Sarah W.

Old navy leggings!

Karen Z.

My Fitbit!


05/15/2021 12:01AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
Does anyone want to connect on Instagram? I love following like-minded people to keep me on track 😁 leave usernames in the comments!

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Just let me know your from here so I will follow you back it’s not a private page but I’m not following a lot of people because I want my feed to be things I can use and people I want to see changing their lives like me! Or giving inspiration because they already changed

Emilie T.

Yay! fromfoodtofit is mine!

Nataly B.

05/13/2021 9:33AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • Anyone here on ig? Im always looking for low carb inspiration!!!!

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Gabby S.

Angelica has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 2.3 pounds
05/09/2021 6:05PM in Boocrew Spring Fling DietBet

Total weight lost is now 768 pounds! Average is 2.2 pounds.


05/09/2021 12:19PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
I'm so close to being under 200 but of course I've hit a plateau at the moment. I'm still happy with my progress. Even though the scales not moving at the moment (hasn't moved in about a week) I'm noticing that my once favorite clothes are getting to be a little bit big on me

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sharon b.

Huge NSV!

Courtenay A.

Are you maintaining a modest calorie deficit? If so, you’re doing just fine and the weight will “come off” eventually (usually after a few days of drinking lots of water and limiting salty foods). If you’re on Instagram, check out SyattFitness—he does “mini cuts” now and then and has them saved to his Stories. Watching him calmly navigate plateaus (and spikes!) has helped me get over my own plateau anxiety. Either way, focusing on how your clothes feel is a much more reliable metric! Great work!

Christine F.

05/09/2021 8:58AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
I am 3.5 pounds away from my goal weight and 2 pounds away from from winning this diet bet and I’ve been at a plateau for the last 2 weeks. What have you all done to break through your plateaus?

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Ashlei B.

Water, good cardio workout (even a brisk walk counts). I usually try eating more one day, eating less another...anything to shake it up!

Kelli M.

Intermittent fasting is a game changer for me. Good luck!


05/06/2021 4:54PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
Non scale victory.... I put on an outfit this morning. I usually look in the mirror and find everything wrong with how I look. But instead today I looked in the mirror and was like "damn I look good today!" I can't remember ever having a thought like that about myself 🙊 I feel like my brain is finally registering my progress of how far I've come. I'm down 40lbs since last summer and I'm feeling pretty awesome 😊

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Sara S.

Nice! Get it girl!!

Jennifer B.

Nice job!
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