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trying to lose the baby weight and get healthy to leave a fit legacy for those babies ❤️

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Favorite Health Food: all the veggies

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My Approach to Weight Loss: slow and steady wins the race

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Elise J.

06/27/2022 7:09AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Almost time!!!!!!! How is everyone doing before the final day?! Good news: we ALL win by having made discoveries about ourselves, and curating new healthier habits!! PLEASE keep your meditations and great choices going beyond tomorrow! I am here for you!!

If you ARE betting on yourself, I am cheering you on!! Hopefully you will invest your winning $$ in yourself!! So thankful for each of you!! I am always on Instagram for you : @elisejoanfitness.

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Thank you so much Elise!

Andrea W.

Thank you Elise. Loving the daily meditation practice. New habit I have added into my daily routine!

Elise J.

06/08/2022 7:11AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Just bringing week 2 meal plan back to the top of the feed!! How is everyone doing week 2?! I love to see all your fire and flow progress!! Any eating challenges I can help with? Today I have. A long day on set (yay!) and have packed up my snacks to go! I just finished my morning I AM meditation so I’m feeling good! How are you?


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Ally L.

I was feeling so good after the first week, had lost a few pounds. My husbands birthday was on the weekend and I admittedly overindulged with a charcuterie board with him for dinner that night. So frustrating after one meal of indulging and I went up to higher then my weigh in weight and a week later it still hasn’t budged despite being on track all week! I feel like the only I can lose weight is to never allow myself a treat

Corinne G.

Ally, sometimes with salty foods our body holds on to the water weight. Don’t beat yourself up. I struggle the same way- doing okay and then have setbacks. We have time and we got this!

Elena E

06/07/2022 5:47PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Got Some real distressing news today and just want to comfort eat! Just telling you all to hold my self accountable not to self sabotage and fall into negative patterns.

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Jesalyn C.

Hope today is a better day! You can do hard things!!

Miranda R.

You got this! Looking beautiful!

Elena E

06/07/2022 11:28AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Been mixing this with water after workouts. Any other favorite ways or recipes anyone loves?? I’m just starting back to working out after my 4th baby was born last year and I’m SO sore. Definitely need this stuff! 🙈

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Jesalyn C.

I mix chocolate protein with pb powder, banana, spinach and a spoonful of instant coffee…blend with ice and breakfast is ready!

Nekeisha P.

I put this in my overnight oats this morning. I used Elise's recipe but had omitted maple syrup and the fruit. It was so delicious. I also make this sometimes with a half a cup of almond milk and a spoonful of PB powder. It makes it into a pudding. It's delicious too

Rebecca J.

06/07/2022 10:12AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Guys, I took leave of my senses last night. I think I let my hormones rule the roost. I ate so poorly, that it’s 16+ hours later, and I’m still not hungry. I chose badly (lots of dairy and carbs, and beer even!) I got no fullness cues, just later on, I felt yucky and over-full. It was a very disappointing morning for me. I was glad to have both of my daughters wake in good spirits, so we could enjoy the morning pioneer themed dress-up for school, and let yesterday go. Today is today! And it’s Fight Club with Jericho 💙

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Elena E

I’m sorry! I know the feeling. You got this. Today is a new day and all is not lost!

Melbi Wan Kenobi

I hear ya... Today was a crap day all around for me. I told a friend that I was gonna go home and either work out of drink a bottle of wine and eat a Family size bag of chips and dip.

I chose the workout. But other days I have most certainly cracked and done the latter. Glad you woke up in better frame of mind. Get back at er! :)

Elena E

06/01/2022 9:28PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
I’m just curious, how is everyone tracking or not tracking their food? Do you like to log calories and set macro goals? Or are you more of the 2B mindset person? I tend to lean more towards not tracking, but really want to see success at the end of this diet bet and am wondering if I should change my tactic! Thanks

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Monika H.

I just journal in Excel. I've tried various apps but find Excel faster plus I can write my thoughts as well. I sometimes count calories but usually not. I mainly just load up on low-carb vegetables and meat and avoid grains.

Cassandra R.

I write in a journal following the 2b framework. I write a plan before hand and then journal actual items at night or the next morning. It’s a great reflection tool.

Dawn H.

06/01/2022 5:32PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • What I call Veggies Most Chili. I had mine with Miracle Noodles “Rice”. Pretty good!

    Didn’t have a green bell pepper so used okra instead.

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Elena E

That looks delicious

Elise J.

06/01/2022 5:09PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Happy Day 2!!!!! How are we all doing so far!! I am loving everyone’s sweaty selfies!!! Sounds like we are all off to a powerful start!! I set an intention today if you want to join me: I am SLOWING down, to POWER UP!! I am really focusing on what I am doing… rather than trying to speed through things and do MORE. Is this hard for anyone else? I take a few deep breathes any time I feel anxious or rushed, and drop IN to what I am focusing on. What are your tips? Comment below!!

Week one content again :)

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Love reading all of these! :purple_heart: Body awareness and being mindful are what help me to focus on the action/feeling/need/etc of the moment. I take a cleansing breath - focusing on breathing into my heart space - and if that doesn't fully reset me, I remind myself that I am enough, and I get to try again tomorrow.

Corinne G.

Waking up early for morning runs and sticking to nutrition plan!


05/30/2022 8:46PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
My dietbet buddy just canceled on me!

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Elena E

I’m sorry! We’re all here for you and doing it together in this group!


We’re here for you! :heart:

Elise J.

05/28/2022 8:00AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
HELLO MY FRIENDS!!!! Here is ROUND 1 of content, to help you prep for our Tuesday Start!!!


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Thank you for this! I know how much you pit into your Dietbets!! It is much appreciated!

Elena E

Some of these recipes look so delicious & simple! Love the meat & quinoa stuffed bell pepper idea!