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02/04/2019 9:37AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff
GIVEAWAYS, WINNERS, & HEADS UP! To everyone that hit their goal weight for our game you are a winner of $10 LULA cash if you're interested! To claim your prize you must join the lulagems.com group page & send them a screenshot of your final weigh in! I'm also giving away a $100 wardrobe so let me know if you join the page below and ill randomly pick one lucky winner from the comments this email that will be sent an email that they're a winner!

Don't forget in 2019 when you join 4 games i'm giving away some huge prizes to the best transformations of 2019 at the end of the year! To win you must enter 4 games and at the end of the year we will vote for the best transformations! I'm giving away 3 grand prizes with comparisons from dietbet weigh ins!

1st place: $1500
2nd place: $1000
3rd place: $500

Hilton Head Trip: Tiff (https://www.dietbet.com/player-profile/1397843)
Airfryer: Lucia K, Jo D
Fedup clothing: Blair
Skype Sessions: Debby Z, Deanna E.

Congrats everyone! Be on the lookout for my email once I receive your information from dietbet (they are working to get us messages feature again)! If you didn't win please don't give up! COME CONTINUE WITH US IN OUR NEXT GAME!


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Lisa G.

A little late - but joined!


Lexi, I haven’t received an email yet and just wanted to be sure there’s nothing additional I need to do until the email comes? I’d hate to miss out on this trip of a lifetime!


02/11/2019 7:41PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via android
Really hoping to hit all of my goals this dietbet! If I lose my 4% I'll be .5lbs away from onederland! 😭

I was wondering if any of you have favorite at home workouts? Due to the snow my gym has been closed and I've been going stir crazy stuck in my house!

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Ruth B.

Check out love sweat fitness on YouTube. Katie dunlop has great workouts that are easy to do at home. And they really do work lol

Angela Giff

The 7 minute fitness! There is an app or you can look up the Routines.


01/17/2019 7:26PM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via iPhone
IT IS TIME FOR A MERCH GIVEAWAY! To enter, simply respond to this post and say THREE things you like about yourself. Let’s spread some self love and positivity.

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1. My resilience, 2. My determination, 3. My personality. I think I'm pretty great!


THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! The winners are onamission_tomake it and fatloss4lifegain!! I have messaged the winners.


01/01/2019 9:14AM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via android
I'm starting this game so weak lol I'm hella tired from staying out late, I ate a bunch of crap (I made it as healthy as possible but still crap lol) and I havent had sugar in like 2 months but my friend made me sugary mixed drinks so I'm feeling the sugar in the bad way now 😂😂😂 the only way to go from here is up though! Let's start kicking this new years ass though!

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Same :joy: so much eating and drinking last night but what can ya do? Just gotta keep pushing on for the rest of the month!

Kelsie A.

01/01/2019 9:12AM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via iPhone
Oof. Jan 1st. Got hit with a painful menstrual cycle and can already feel myself getting behind in the 8lb weightloss journey. 😭 what do you find is the most comfortable form of exercise that is not weightlifting 😂

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Dawn A.

I woke up feeling pretty crummy as well, so I settled for a nice long 1.5 hr walk at a 3- 4 mph pace. Not too strenuous, very relaxing, and gave me some time to reflect and recharge.

Kelsie A.

Yeah back pain was ridiculous so i downloaded a yoga app and that shit is the best. :weary: don’t know why i never did that before. Thank you!


12/21/2018 3:11PM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via android
Currently doing Jessica's (@getfitwjessica) dietbet and very excited to do this one as well! Also plan on signing up for Lexi's (@fatgirlfedup) January dietbet. Ready to make 2019 my year!!

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Me too


12/21/2018 3:09PM in Staying Determined In December With Jessica - via android
Loss has been slow but consistent this whole dietbet and I'm proud! I haven't done great at going to the gym but I've tried really hard to stay within my calories and hit my steps every day and that alone has had some payoff! Fingers crossed I can hit my goal on time 😊

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12/17/2018 8:35AM in Staying Determined In December With Jessica - via iPhone
Recommendations for a hot sauce for hard boiled eggs? Franks? Siracha? Something else? I don’t even have hot sauce in my house....but want something different on my eggs. Thanks!!

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Amanda E.

I love the cheapest Louisiana hot sauce from Wal-Mart. It's about $.77 and so good!

Today I mixed a hard boiled egg in with riced cauliflower and added Dijon mustard. That was good too.


  • Thanks guys! I had to run to the bank and there is a dollar general right beside it. They had these there so I got them both to try. I am sure I will find a use for them somewhere somehow.


12/06/2018 3:49PM in Staying Determined In December With Jessica - via android
Having a really rough time this week. It's shark week and my motivation to be active is low and my cravings for crappy food are high

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12/03/2018 9:43AM in Staying Determined In December With Jessica - via android
Haven't entered a dietbet in months but I figured there's no better time than the present! I've been flip flopping between the same 10lbs. Back and forth between my highest weight for a whole year now and I'm really ready to try and get back on track and feel better! My body just aches with the amount of weight it's carrying and I know it's not fair to it. Here's to hoping that I can keep myself motivated and get it done!

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