Beth R.

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Favorite Health Food: Steamed vegetables

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Swimming with fins on

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Gluten Free Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $1,870.19

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Beth R. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 1.8 pounds
about 2 hours ago in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!

Total weight lost is now 6,614 pounds! Average is 13.1 pounds.

Brittney K.

about 7 hours ago in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Hey everyone, y'all have been a great inspiration and I just wanted to say keep up the good work! I also needed advice. I'm going to Asheville for the weekend and wanted to know everyone's suggestions on traveling while vegan / dieting. I am focusing on clean eating to reach my weight loss goals ☺

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Brittney K.

Thanks you guys:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Elizabeth C.

Asheville is so great! Look at Nine Mile, Early Girl, Plant, Laughing Seed, Over Easy, Green Sage Cafe, Gan Shan West, White Duck Taco shop...

Kelly S.

01/20/2021 6:14PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • Guys- I need help!!! I bought this wedding dress a few months ago hoping to drop a bunch of inches in my front belly to lose that pouch before my wedding. I got this size since it zipped but was a bit tight.
    It is now 3 months later and that belly is going nowhere! I lost a few inches in my thighs and am down about 15 lbs.
    I am panicking that this is how I’ll look in 4 months for my wedding.. Like sheer PANIC and stress right now. 😥
    I know weight comes of where it wants to- but any tips for this stubborn belly?!?
    Should I buy a 2nd dress but a size bigger? Can I lose that front belly pouch? I was convinced buying the dress I did would be fine since I had 7 months and it zipped when buying.

    Ps the back can button but we just did a few of them since I was trying it on

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Ashley W.

I love honeylove shape wear. 100% would recommend for your bigday and everyday. Your plan to add more core to your everyday gym sessions sounds good. Rooting for you.

Katie S.

  • This is what I’m currently taking and got it off Amazon though I’ve also just bought some at Target that says for women. 😊 keep up the hard work!

Beth R.

01/07/2021 9:19AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
I did 150 squats a few days ago, totally didn’t think about Delayed onset muscle soreness... oooh I hope this means I’m building up muscles!! I don’t know how much muscle I can build in a calorie deficit

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01/06/2021 2:08AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Good morning everyone! I'm from Rochester NY and a veteran Diet-Better. I lost 46 pounds in 2019 and went from a size 1X to 10...bordering on an 8. I was SO happy. Then pandemic hit. Since March I've gained 35 pounds. I am now the opposite of SO happy. I'm back at it and I know this works for me. Good luck everyone!

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craig b.

You can do it! One day at a time.

Lisa R

You’ll do it again! We’re all rooting for you!!!

Jenny W.

01/04/2021 10:07AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Cleaning up the diet is feeling good!

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Beth R.

Quinoa and? Looks delicious

Beth R.

01/02/2021 12:57PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
I made it through the holidays great but all the extra food around is not going well with my willpower :( I am hoping to hop back on my diet after a few days but I’m still in shock after watching myself eat an entire bag of Carmel butter popcorn and somehow my dinner tonight is pizza. How to you refill an empty willpower? Signed up for another transformer, hope I’m not shooting myself in The foot

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Nicole H.

You got it! Hang in there! I gave myself some freedom over the holidays and I’m getting back with the program! You can do it!

Beth R.

Yeah, I’ve been Gluten free almost 100% for months and decided to make some homemade dinner rolls and cinnamon buns with some organic bread flour... I gained a lot of belly ache and over 10 lbs when I stepped on the scale last night. I know most of it is just bloat but I’m not sure why I keep thinking oh this time won’t be so bad... maybe it’s the 12-24 hour delay between eating something delicious and having intense gut pain that keeps me saying ohhh maybe it was just a coincidence let me try again. I’m gonna cry! I’m surrounded by Gluten eaters and my willpower is so low but one weekend cannot destroy or derail my goal!! 2021 healthy BMI

Beth R.

12/22/2020 6:58AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
I just started supplementing with protein powders, trying to build a little muscle or at least maintain what I have while I finish losing weight. Anybody have some definite favorites? It’s kinda pushing my budget but I like the flavors of the product my friend recommended while she lost weight. What have your thoughts or experiences been?

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Shea F.

I love PE can go directly to their website or buy through amazon. I also like the vanilla vegan Sunwarrior (in blue tub).


Costco sells combat protein in a few flavors. It’s the cheapest per gram of protein I’ve been able to find anywhere by a wide margin and I think it tastes good too.

Beth R.

12/20/2020 7:58AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Anybody have a strange reaction to losing a lot of weight? I have lost so much weight I almost don’t recognize my own photo or reflection. I feel naked like I need the fat to protect me somehow, and the wrinkles and sag in my skin make me feel like I am wearing some costume. More emotional and have to wear compression clothes all the time because anxiety. I don’t feel normal and the bones I can now feel are freaking me out a bit but I’m still obese and am getting more energy the less I weigh.

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That's great that you are trying to focus on the positive, like your energy levels going up and overall well-being. There is no greater feeling to have day-by-day.

I do have some experience with losing 85 lbs many many moons ago. I remember my hands having knuckles and an indentation between the thumb + index finger that was foreign to me.

My posture was also constantly on my mind. Before the weight-loss, I relied on the fat I carried around my mid-section to rest my body on in order to sit-up straight. But when I lost the weight, I had to be more mindful of my posture, something I had never really thought about before losing the weight.

I also remember seeing my collar bone, something that had been hidden under layers of fat for most of my adult life.

As for the sagging skin and wrinkles, yes, I had my fair share. I remember my inner thighs, under arms, and the fat apron around my lower abdomen standing out. But the skin situation took a back seat to how amazing it felt to go to the store and select a smaller sized top my arms could actually fit into. I would surprise myself everytime I slipped on a pair of jeans without engaging in a struggle. My shoe size also went down, which I thought was really weird. It didn't bother me tho, because I figured my skin needed more time to catch up to my smaller frame.

Keep in mind, at the time I wasn't dating or seeing anyone. But had I been, I probably would be more self-conscious about my skin and being touched, especially my boobs. lol

What I'll never forget from my weight-loss experience back then, was the amount of confidence I gained, despite still being considered "obese" by a few pounds according to my BMI. My energy levels were off the charts, and going for a jog (which was unimaginable before) was fun! I definitely walked away with more positives than negatives. Keep your chin-up. It gets better. Congratulations on your weight-loss!! :D

Hailee H.

OH MY GOD YES! It's really messes with me

Beth R.

11/26/2020 7:55PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Has anyone here ever used PayPal to cash out your points? Do you get the full amount in dollars or does PayPal charge a %. fee?

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That's right! No fees! :relaxed:

Nikki C

Are there fees when you transfer the money to a bank account?
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